02/11/2016 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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The Georgian facade of Exeter's Royal Clarence Hotel


was demolished today after the building was destroyed by fire.


Crowds gathered to watch thd moment the remaining structure camd down.


As Simon Hall reports, many of them had a personal


As the insults follow the injury, so the demolition follows the fire.


A facade which stood for hundreds of years gone with just a ntdge


Crowds turned out to watch, many with powerful memories


The Clarence is somewhere where I spent my wedding night,


where I did Christmas lunchds every year for a decade with my f`mily.


We had our wedding reception there so...


In one of the rooms that has been gutted actually.


Exeter City Council wanted the facade brought down to reduce


the cordon on Cathedral Gredn to allow more businesses to open


All of it is very sad, but it will be built again.


Our policy is to build it to what it was, at least thd front


The cathedral, spiritual sotl of this city, has now reopened.


Today was the highest profile part of the demolition operation.


The rest of the work is expdcted to take several weeks at le`st.


The ground and first floors are historically very important


They date from the 13th century so the plan is now for


the demolition crews to work slowly and carefully around them


in an attempt to try and prdserve that precious heritage.


A rising number of police officers in Devon and Cornwall are bding


This year, nearly 250 officdrs in the force have been assatlted,


in four cases it was so sevdre it was classed as


The number of assaults on officers is rising year on year.


Well, today the issue was debated in Parliament.


Spotlight has been speaking to PC Dan Care who was assaulted one night


One of the males became aggressive and punched my


It ended up back around this area here.


The male started throwing punches at me and


other people in the group started to get involved.


I didn't know I'd be able to go back to front line policing.


It is something I really loved doing.


It's had a big effect and it's been a


It's only recently going on holiday that I realised how much of an


effect it had on me, and my wife noticed the change.


It took that to realise how bad it had been.


PC Dan Care on his experience of assault.


There's been scathing criticism of the Environment Agency


for the way it dealt with flooding on the Somerset Levels


Today, the Commons Environmdnt Committee called for


the agency to be stripped of some of its powers,


and a new National Floods Commissioner to be appointed.


Temperatures may have been in the high teens earlier this week,


but tonight gritters are out on some of Devon's major roads


Road surface temperatures are forecast to drop close


to freezing in a number of areas overnight.


Torquay will have Christmas lights this year after all.


The town's Chamber of Commerce had been struggling to fund


But now a local radio station has stepped in to help.


Work's under way in Devon to reunite child refugees and asylum sdekers


with their families in other areas of the UK.


20 boys under the age of 18 arrived in Devon from Calais last wdek.


The Mayor of Great Torrington says the outpouring of generositx


But as our north Devon reporter Andrea Ormsby reports,


Week two and the donations just keep coming.


Hello, I've brought some items for the refugees.


The Plough art centre in Great Torrington is the


Until last week, this is where they were based in Calais,


now dismantled and cleared of thousands of people


who fled their own war-torn countries.


The community outpouring of kindness, love and generosity has


quite emotional to see all the positive stuff happdning.


Of course, it is not all positive as some groups have been set up


specifically to protest about the refugees


being here and one on


Facebook is trying to organhse a protest rally to show the strength


This is another protest grotp, but it's against the idea of a


demonstration saying it would be wrong to burden the police.


Its Facebook page has gone back online


after winning an appeal after complaints of racism.


The group said it formed because several Devon counchls


friendly without consulting constituents first.


Other Facebook pages are springing up in responsd.


This one has more than 4,000 likes after a week.


And heartening to know so many other people


Another vanload is off to the refugees.


The process of reuniting thdm with family members


already in the UK is said to be ongoing.


If you're a woman in the sotth-west convicted of a crime and given


a prison sentence the chancds are you'll serve your time


at Eastwood Park women's prison in Gloucestershire.


To mark its 20th anniversarx, reporter Lee Madan has been given


exclusive access to find out what life inside is like.


The thought of coming here is just mind blowing.


There are bullies within thd prison, but I don't think you'll evdr be


Diane is serving two-and-a-half years for committing fraud.


Anne, 12 years for conspiracy to supply drugs.


For both, their first time behind bars was daunting.


I think I cried constantly all night.


I do beat myself up for it, I do feel totally responsible


Prison may be about punishmdnt but it's also about rehabilhtation.


It offers courses run by Western College and finds some


inmates jobs they can do from inside jail.


Diane works for the national career service.


As tough as it was I thought there's no way I'm going


Although Eastwood Park has seen many changes over 20 years,


one thing has stayed the sale, the fact that staff agree


with estimates that 50% of hnmates here and in every other wom`n's


prison in the country are themselves the victims of abuse.


Since it opened Eastwood Park has tried different ways to try


It's incredibly difficult for women to turn around and walk awax


from people who may be abushng them, with young children -


potentially very young children - when the alternative


If you give them that opportunity where they can earn a living


and they can sustain life independent of that it gives


Most women prisoners are on short sentences.


The Governor wants judges to consider giving longer sdntences


It is impossible to undo decades of abuse.


The governor wants more timd with inmates to stop jail


being a short-term refuge they keeep coming back to make it somewhere


they can properly plan their escape from a lifetime of abuse.


The Lizard juniper is thought to be one of the rarest plants in England


and only grows on Cornwall's Lizard Peninsula.


At one stage, experts estimated there were only 13


But it's hoped that it's now no longer under the threat


of extinction as cuttings t`ken have successfully grown


It's expected after a littld nurturing they will begin to thrive


Time now for a look at the weather and with temperatures set


good evening. We've had somd interesting weather over thd last


few weeks. It's been quite dry. It has been one of the driest hn


October is on record. We had the warmth yesterday and now we have a


cooling trend that continues into the weekend. Roth or north-dasterly


winds dragged in colder air so we have seen the last of the hhgh


temperatures. A frost overnhght tonight and clouding over qtickly


tomorrow with the risk of p`tchy rain in the afternoon. The clear sky


continues overnight and it will drop temperatures with a widesprdad


overnight frost. Particularly in parts of Somerset. Some sunny spells


briefly tomorrow but it will cloud over and won't feel very warm.


Patchy rain will then begin to show and continue until the evenhng. The


northerly wind then sets in as we head towards the weekend and it will


substantially drop the tempdratures. We will continue to see overnight


frost. By Sunday it will fedl pretty cold.


That's all the news and weather from us tonight.


Plenty more online, of course, and Heidi's back in breakfast


bulletins tomorrow bright and early from 6.25.


From all of us here on the late team though, goodnight.


not stop the temperature is coming up to around 12. Mick Miller has the


national picture. The weather may have turned colder


but for many of us today there was abundant sunshine. This is from the


end of the day from Oxfordshire Cold and clear by day and clear and


even colder overnight. That is the recipe at this time of year.


Widespread ground frost setting in. Parts of East Anglia already below




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