29/12/2016 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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An investigation is under way in Cornwall after the bodies of two


men were found at a property in St Austell.


Their deaths are being treated as unexplained.


Spotlight's Eleanor Parkinson has spent the day at the scene.


The bodies of the two men were found in a rented flat in this building


The police have not revealed how they died but say


Officers from Plymouth have been drafted in,


along with a forensic team and a number of fire officers.


This block of flats has been sealed off all day while officers


search around the building and inside the property.


The police say that the two men who died are a 31-year-old local man


and a 22-year-old man originally from Plymouth.


They say that another man arrested at the scene on suspicion


of burglary is not thought to have anything to do with the deaths.


Obviously, I do not know exactly what has happened, but, no,


it is appalling that something like this can happen.


The results of postmortem examinations are expected tomorrow


but the fire brigade have already ruled out the possibility


There are hopes that a man from Torquay shot in the head


during an attempted robbery in Antigua could be flown back


Chris Tester was attacked at his parents' restaurant


The 37-year-old was due to have an operation today.


An appeal to fly him home has raised almost ?70,000.


An investigation has been launched after a pilot briefly lost control


Ice built up on an Aurigny flight from Guernsey to Manchester causing


It happened on the 21st of December as the aircraft was climbing.


The flight returned safely to Guernsey.


The RSCPA has been called in after undercover filming


at a farm in Somerset showed animals being punched and kicked.


The farm owner says he was appalled when he saw the film and has sacked


Some viewers may find scenes upsetting in this


He has just kicked that cow square in the face.


She gave birth 1.5 hours before this footage was taken.


And the animal rights group which secretly filmed the farm


on the edge of Taunton has described it as shocking.


I really don't know what I was expecting to see as far


as the handling of the animals, but to see tiny calves and cows


who had just given birth being punched and kicked and sworn


at in such an aggressive manner, I found really shocking.


The charity says that it chose to hide a camera at Pyrland Farm


in Taunton after a tip-off from someone living nearby


When we visited the farm today, a local vet was there as well.


He said he was as surprised as anyone when he saw the film


I just can't understand his behaviour, because...


The farmer himself said he had now sacked the labourer seen


to have kicked and punched the cows and calves.


But he denied any welfare issues on the farm.


We were really appalled by the behaviour of


We take great pride in our dairy herd and we all work very


And we are very proud of the way the cows are on this farm.


The footage has now been passed to the RSPCA.


They say that they are investigating, adding


that they are concerned by what they see.


The Devon dog charity K9 Focus wants people to stop bringing rescue dogs


back from Europe while so many dogs here are put down.


One couple have defended their decision, saying conditions


If you look at the pictures of foreign dogs, I mean,


But I think what people don't realise is that in this country,


we are putting a dog to sleep every two hours and we just don't


So for every dog that comes in, one of our dogs here


A surfer from Cornwall has been describing how he was crushed under


tonnes of water at a big wave competition in Portugal.


Tom Butler was in a World Surf League event when he


He was taken to hospital where he was treated


for a split ear, bruised ribs and a suspected lung injury.


As I landed and fell, I slapped the water really hard.


I had an outstretched arm, so then that left all my rib cage


exposed to the water and I just slapped really hard and hit


basically my ribs and lungs and that knocked all the wind out of me.


It's turning cloudier to end the year.


The high pressure we have seen keeping things settled for the last


Those isobars are tightening a bit, becoming breezier, and then this


weather front coming through during New Year's Day


turning it rather cloudy and damp for a time before colder,


Tonight, we are seeing the return of some mist patches,


Some fog here, perhaps, for a time, but the wind does pick up a little,


But cloud further to the west is lowering so we could see


Temperatures holding out further to the west.


Could just be cold enough for a touch of frost


But, equally, I think we could see some spits and spots of light rain


Temperatures up a bit on today but certainly not feeling it


with the lack of sunshine and a bit more breeze.


It stays cloudy to end the year as well.


The next update from the Spotlight newsroom will be just


From everyone here, thank you for your company and enjoy what is left


of your night. Goodbye. Hello. Fold and frost has been a


feature of the weather in recent mornings in England and Wales,


producing a wintry scene with Frost in Oxfordshire this morning. In


Highland Scotland, a completely different story. Thank you to our


weather watchers for the photos. Snow on the hills but temperatures


reaching double figures as the


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