30/12/2016 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Good evening from the late team in the South West.


Business leaders have called for our region to get a bigger share


Fares will rise next week and will hit all parts


of the country equally, campaigners say that's unfair


The rail industry says billions of pounds is being spent


More from our business correspondent Neil Gallacher.


Rail fares will go up by an average of 2.3% from January 2nd.


That rise is being applied uniformly across the country.


On the face of it, that treats all regions equally.


Well, this is an inherently unfair system.


The price increase applies right across the country,


regardless of how much the cost is going back into the network.


The reality is we get about a tenth of the spend that the rest


And that is the reason why we have got such a fragile rail network.


The vulnerability of the rail link into Devon and Cornwall was keenly


felt at the start of December because of flooding at Cowley Bridge


outside Exeter, lending urgency to calls for more spending here.


But the picture is not all bad, according to the joint rail campaign


That is real investment in the south-west.


Every part of the country wants money.


We have just got to shout very, very loudly and make sure we are heard,


so that the investment comes to the south-west.


We really feel we are the forgotten south-west and that's why


we are saying to government, don't forget about us, we need


Record amounts are being spent upgrading Britain's railway


Some of that spending undeniably has knock-on


benefits back down the line, but it will soon be three years


since the collapse of the main route at Dawlish reminded everyone how


this region does not enjoy the sort of robust rail links that many other


parts of the country take for granted.


And now a round up of some of the other stories


Police are warning that dangerous drugs which were stolen from three


vets practices in Cornwall in the last week could prove


The drugs including Ketamine and Apomorphine were taken


from practices in Trelay, Redruth and Truro.


The family of a Devon man murdered in Tamerton Foliot on New Year's Day


in 2015 want answers from the probation service about how


It's emerged that Donald Pemberton - who stabbed Tanis Bhandari to death


- was out on licence from prison when he was seen wielding meat


cleavers a fortnight before the murder.


The Community Rehabilitation Company involved said his behaviour


The public are being asked to have their say about plans


for the reform of the NHS and social care system in Cornwall


The five year plan could include the loss of hospital beds in favour


A series of public meetings will be held throughout January.


Dartmoor National Park is one of many losing millions of pounds


in Government funding, according to figures


The Campaign for National Parks said staff numbers on Dartmoor had


The government had promised to protect funding, but figures show


parks will be receiving much less by 2020 than a decade earlier.


It's a common complaint that there's not enough for young teenagers


Well, now in Dawlish, they have a youth club


Local church groups have got together to provide an inflatable


pop-up dome where young people can go on a Friday night.


This storm is being run by church groups. This area has had problems


with drugs. We have been doing work in the town for years and the use


groups were not working so we looked at something that was more Ballard


would draw the young people in and we just happen to stumble across a


pop-up dome and we thought, "Why not?" And we realised it was not too


expensive. It is very much in its infancy, but it is somewhere to go


that is warm with the tea and coffee beyond the local sports centre. If


you are a sporty person, there is definitely a lot to do. But there is


not a lot of things like this. I guess it is to somewhere for them to


go and it is not out on these treat this mixing with random people. It


is a bit safer. It is warm in here, I guess. And the outside is called.


There are activities. Playing games. Other this is operated by church


groups, it is not here to preach or convert. It is currently running


Friday night, and in the summer, they hope to hold outdoor activities


as well. Onto tonight's football


and in League 2 Yeovil Town held promotion chasing Portsmouth


to a goalless draw at Huish Park. The results leaves


the Glovers in 12th place. Of course it's New Year's Eve


tomorrow and if you're off out you'll need to know what the weather


will be like. Thank you. Good evening. Well,


foremost, it is dry but rather cloudy. And then start 2017 with


some rain. This evening, it is dry foremost. That's a bit of fog and


the greatest chance of some frost further to the east and for the


Channel islands. But foremost, frost free overnight. 4-5 C. But rather a


lowering so we have some fog as lowering so we have some fog as


well. A cloudy start to the day tomorrow. Some breaks possible at


times, allowing some brightness times, allowing some brightness


through, equally we could see some rain over the hills. Foremost, debit


is just about creeping into double figures. So we end the year rather


cloudy but dry for your celebrations. And then the rain


comes through during the early hours of the 1st of January, claiming to


brighter weather. Happy New Year. Our next news is at


7.35am tomorrow evening. Have a lovely weekend


and thanks for your company. Good evening. Looking ahead to 2017


it looks like we will start off on a cold note. This weather front will


move south in the next day or so bringing rain with it, but also much


colder air following a lull behind. It will sweep the fog away. It's


grey for some places this afternoon. You could hardly see across the


river in the Greater London area. Met Office warnings are in


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