11/01/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Three people have been arrested, after the body of a man was found


A murder investigation was launched after the discovery in the early


This tent marks the spot where the body of a man was found


Dozens of police officers arrived at the park just after five


Turo Road, Bridge Road and Edgecombe Road were


Teams of specialist police have spent the day carrying out


Including here, at nearby Cosgarne Hall, which


The Major Crime Unit are currently at the scene and I've spoken to


Detective Inspector Ben Beckerleg, who is part of that team, who has


confirmed that a 24-year-old man, a 22-year-old man and a 21-year-old


man have been arrested on suspicion of murder and are in custody.


People living in the nearby block of flats say they're


The lights woke me up, the flashing lights,


So we didn't know what was going on until we heard it on the radio


I thought St Austell was a pretty safe area,


Last week as well, because there was a death up the road.


I didn't think it was this rough, to be honest, but, yeah,


I woke up and I was like, oh my God.


Very few details about the man have been released.


Police say a forensic postmortem examination is being carried out


on his body to try to establish how he died.


They say next of kin are being informed and then


it is expected that the police will release the age and name


The inquest into the death of a man in the Isles


of Scilly has been halted, after new evidence came to light.


23-year-old Josh Clayton went missing after a party in 2015.


The coroner today halted proceedings, calling


Josh Clayton's family turned up for day three of this inquest,


not sure which direction it would take.


Yesterday, Leroy Thomas, who worked as a painter and decorator


on the Isle of Tresco, who had been at that party that


Josh was last seen at, told the court that he saw Josh


in an argument with a group of foreign men.


Up until this point, Devon and Cornwall Police


have treated the case as a missing-person enquiries.


Josh's body was found ten days later, washed up


A postmortem found no drugs in his system and alcohol


times the driving limit, but cause of death could not be confirmed.


The barrister representing the family said right


from the outset they had voiced their concerns about


We heard how a potentially key piece of evidence,


a bloodstained shirt found on Josh's body, had not been retained


Today the barrister called for the case to be


referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions and said


the family had no confidence in Devon and Cornwall Police


to conduct an effective investigation.


The barrister representing Devon and Cornwall Police said that


everybody who attended the party that night had been spoken to,


and nobody had mentioned this altercation involving Josh before.


He said they'd also spoken to Mr Thomas on two previous


occasions, and this new account would now need to be corroborated.


The inquest has been adjourned and suspended


The isolation faced by farming families dealing with dementia has


been highlighted in a study by Plymouth University.


Researchers say rural communities are disadvantaged when it comes


to caring for people with the condition.


They hope the study will lead to greater community help.


Here's our environment correspondent, Adrian Campbell.


Sitting around the dining-room table, this South Devon farming


family are looking back to happy times.


Eric Smerdon farmed near Rattery in South Devon


and was a keen contributor to community life.


His family recall him coming to see how construction


was going when the village hall was built 20 years ago.


Eric's family say that in his later years he struggled


Regardless of the time of year he could always see snow outside,


you know, he'd look out the window and he'd say that there's


That appeared to be something, you know, which sort


Eric didn't sleep well and I used to say, I think you need to get


up and see the sheep, if they're lambing and things,


and they weren't, but he would wake up in the night, thinking things


Luckily I forget a lot of it and I'm glad I do.


The study by Plymouth University highlights the risks in isolated


places, with many dangers, including heavy machinery


Relatives do most of the caring but others in the wider


There are people who come to the farm regularly who can


also help, actually, as part of that informal network


of support, so people like vets, people like feed merchants,


tanker drivers, who often come to the farm on a regular basis,


can actually help to spot when things are not quite right,


help to raise a concern with the key people who need to know.


The study says families are reluctant to ask for support


but all of us need to be aware of dementia and how to help.


Well, I'm joined now by Ian Sheriff from the University of Plymouth,


and chair of the Prime Minister's rural dementia group.


Ian, we have heard about the problems there.


The solution, and I think we were discussing this with Richard


and Claire only the other day, that we've now got to sort


of energise rural communities to get behind some of the isolation factors


You know as well as I do some of these farms


that we're talking about were deep in the heart of Dartmoor,


I've had phone calls from around the country from hill


farmers who have said, thank goodness you've got


And one tragic sort of story I heard from one farmer was that


because his wife had dementia he had nobody else around at the time


so he had to take his wife in the tractor with him


And we all know how dangerous or at risk you are on a farm


environment, so a lot of things about risk as far as I was


Traditionally farming has always been a family business.


I suppose we've got fewer younger people going into farming.


Having fewer younger people around, is that a problem for the older


Well, I think what it means is that you haven't got anybody to hand down


or help with some of the tasks around the farm, and you've only got


to look at the paperwork that farmers have to complete,


and if you think about if somebody's in the early stage of dementia,


this can become very, very complicated, and I've heard


stories from my colleague Joe Jones from Community Farming


where they have gone in and helped the farm or the farmer


So it isn't just a simple, you know, my goodness me, we must get some


Because they're in a single, sometimes single-person


environment business, if that person is in the early


stages of dementia we've got some major problems on that farm.


You've got the research, what happens now?


I'm in the Prime Minister's group and our task is to find the issues


We've got five dementia-friendly parishes on our border


here and currently five parishes working together are


supporting 64 families where a person has dementia.


If I could energise every parish council in the country,


and there's 700 parish councils in Devon and Cornwall, that's


an army, and if they could just think about what they could do


for their rural communities as far as dementia goes, we've cracked it.


OK, Ian Sheriff, thank you very much for joining us.


Time for the weather. Is it going to snow?


Just a little bit. Most of us will see some rain, we could have sleep


mixed in as well. Tomorrow, wet and windy. As the rain clears eastwards


we could see it turning to snow on the back edge. Largely on the high


ground but some flurries on lower ground. Will bring the rain, through


the morning it will be wet and windy. As it clears eastwards we


have much colder air behind so we could well see sleet and snow.


Pretty wet from the word go, rain pushing and, fairly strong blustery


winds. The focus on the snow parts of Dorset and Somerset, maybe --


mainly over high areas. We could see one to wintry showers behind that.


Tonight into Friday -- Thursday night into Friday we have the risk


of wintry flurries and ice on the roads first thing on Friday. It will


be a cold start on Friday, those westerly winds but more sunshine


than tomorrow. Temperatures, we struggle, and towards the end of the


day we could get showers feeding in from the Northwest so we could see


another spell of sleet and over high ground will stop a lot of weather


over the next few days, it is worthwhile keeping an eye on the


forecast. Tomorrow we start off with rain but it could turn to sleet and


snow on the back edge. Friday, much colder, but it turns that bit milder


as we head towards the colder, but it turns that bit milder


as we head towards the end of the weekend.


The breakfast bulletins start at 6:25am but from the late team have a


peaceful night. Goodbye. potentially leading us into a chilly


start to the weekend. Time for the national weather prospects if you


are on the move. Good evening, a lot going on with


the weather in the next few days, numerous weather warnings in for so


buried in mind if you have travel plans. Lots of isobars on the chart


overnight which means it will be windy for all. The strongest winds


in Scotland, lots of wintry showers with snow getting down to


increasingly low levels and some wintry showers in Northern Ireland


and northern England. A cold night for Northern England, particularly


in more rural spots, frosty and I see for some and some of the snow


really blowing around over higher ground in Scotland. Strong wind and


further snow to take us into tomorrow. It may well make for some


tricky travelling conditions. The forecast for tomorrow in the


southern half of the UK's quite tricky. We have got mild air bumping


into colder


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