12/01/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Snow and ice are affecting parts of the South West tonight.


The Met Office has issued a yellow warning that


Gritting lorries are out on the major routes


and some drivers have reported difficult conditions on high ground.


Spotlight's John Henderson is live for us tonight


Andy, yes, slap bang in the middle of Dartmoor, 344 metres high, the


highest pub in the whole of southern England. You would expect snow here,


so it is the case. The big question is, what is it going to be like for


the commute tomorrow morning? A white out on Dartmoor,


if the first snow of the winter giving drivers something to think


about near Princetown. The same road, flashing red


at the highways operations control centre in Exeter,


a place where the weather picture We have 58 gritting lorries out


at the moment around the county's network


and secondary routes, so we are doing additional salting


at the moment. You will have seen some


of them out in the rain. And that has to be done until we get


some salt down and then we will load They will be going out again this


evening and also, tomorrow morning. Because our biggest risk overnight,


is ice. Some of those 58 gritting lorries restocking at a depot into


the none. In Devon, 2000 miles of road will get the treatment, and in


Cornwall, 31 machines will be out all night, covering 25 kilos. The


advice is not to travel unless necessary. But with more sleet and


snow expected in the South West tomorrow, a little advice on how to


have fun in the big freeze. We like people to come out and enjoy the


snow, but remember it is icy, so park sensibly on one side of the


Rose of the emergency services can get through. Stick to the moorland,


not in people's field because pregnant ewes at this time of year,


and that will be appreciated. But that will be to come, Afterburn an


icy night with temperatures as low as minus three Celsius expected. It


has stopped snowing for the moment. The wind has died off but it is


still originally called up here. The big question again, what are the


roads and cars going to be like tomorrow morning? You expect those


freezing cold temperatures at about 1am. So far, the South West has got


away with it OK, the gritting lorries have been out, not too many


problems on the railways, the airport is not having many problems,


a couple of flights cancelled at Newquay airport, and the gritting


lorries have been busy. The big question is, how they succeeded in


making sure that the roads in the region are OK for the commute to


work tomorrow morning? Don't forget you can keep up-to-date on the snow


and any travel disruption on your BBC local radio station.


Three men have been charged with murder after a man's body


31-year-old Stephen Bull was discovered with knife wounds


in a park in Truro Road yesterday morning.


Three local men, all aged in their 20s,


will appear at Bodmin Magistrates Court tomorrow.


A court has ordered a psychiatric assessment on a man charged


with possessing an explosive substance for an unlawful purpose.


Timothy Holman, who's 41 and from Ilfracombe,


was arrested after a major police operation in the town last month.


Plymouth City Council has suspended work on its road improvement scheme


at Derriford in Plymouth after more white phosphorus grenades were found


Ten World War Two grenades were found and detonated on Tuesday


An extra 14 grenades were found and removed today.


People living near a quarry in Cornwall are worried


about the fresh support today for a ?1 billion tidal lagoon


It's likely Dean Quarry on the Lizard would provide


And they believe the quarry workings could threaten the local environment


The undersea habitat at the Manacles around the Lizard are some


of the richest in UK waters, but according


to some local people, news that a 21st-century tidal


lagoon could now go ahead off Swansea is very bad news indeed


for waters close to Dean Quarry on the Lizard.


There are things that are protected like the spiny lobster, and enemies,


stalker jellyfish. All sorts of stuff is under there,


which is protected. The waters off the manacles


are protected by a Marine Conservation Zone and are popular


with divers from across the world But some divers now


worry about the scale My business will be affected,


because the reason people come here, because not only is it deep water,


it is very clear and beautiful water, and there's a lot


of diversity and a lot of wildlife. And all of that will suffer


if this is to go ahead. Local people have told


us they are concerned about the resumption of blasting


at the quarry. They are also concerned


about the size of the roads And they have issues around


the amount of material that is going to be taken from this


part of the world all the way around According to experts tourism


in the South West is growing more strongly than at any time


since the year 2000. And as our business correspondent


Neil Gallacher reports, one of the reasons prompting more


people to holiday here is fear about terrorism in the Mediterranean


and in cities like London. Midwinter murk at Newquay Airport,


but behind the scenes, Flybe have just announced


an expansion of summer routes, including the return of


Stansted-Newquay. Ryanair will have some new routes,


too, because people increasingly Certainly, a staycation,


over the last few years and going into the future, will continue.


The Poldark effect as it is called. Manchester will grow to over 80,000


passengers this year, that is 10,000 more passengers


they had at the height In Torquay, a slick new development


on the site of the derelict former Palm Court Hotel is a good example


of the strong current People are very happy to say,


"I am taking my holidays in England and the UK," whereas previously,


what was fashionable was always Research shows it is not


the case any more. There is a sense of pride


and I think that pride Something else up influences people


now is the weak pound, although that was not mentioned by as many people.


For whatever reason, bookings or on the up and hospitality businesses


are investing to take advantage. Mark and flava have put ?100,000


into their new cocktail bar in Torquay. -- Matt and Claudia.


How much money did you sink into this place?


Up the coast in Dorset, it is a similar picture.


Bookings are 11% up on last year, and last year was good. And now the


weather forecast. More snow on the way? Good evening. Not everyone is


going to wake up to a scene like this with snow on the rooftops and


trees. But there will be showers coming and going through the night.


It is a bitterly cold day tomorrow, probably the coldest feeling day so


far this winter and there will also be further wintry showers. That


leaves us with a problem with ice. We have heard what it is like over


the moors, what even low down, there's a good chance of seeing ice


tonight and tomorrow, especially after the recent rain and the


showers were seen tonight. And there is a mixture in these showers


drifting out of Ireland and heading towards us. Some are falling as


rain, some as sleet, hail, and even snow. Not many affecting Dorset but


even here later in the night there was a chance of some wintry showers


toning up. All brought in by that Arctic air, and at the moment we


have a stark weather pattern with the pressure over Scandinavia, cold


winds from the north and a big area of high pressure in the middle of


the Atlantic. Showers the com overnight tonight, some of which


will be wintry. More snow over Exmoor and Dartmoor. For the rest of


us, link the clear skies despite the breeze and that means low


temperatures from between -2 up to three Celsius. Tomorrow, lots of


sunshine but every now and then the day will be spoiled by some sharp


showers, a blustery north-west wind and you will have to wrap up warm


because it will be a bitterly cold day. Not too bad on Saturday, milder


and less windy on Sunday. We will have the latest on the weather and


travel on our breakfast bulletins on BBC One tomorrow. From the late


team, good


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