13/01/2017 Spotlight


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The NHS in Devon is facing the biggest budget


deficit in England - more than ?550 million by 2020.


Tonight hundreds of people attended a meeting in North Devon


to voice their fears over possible cuts to local health services,


the Save Our Hospitals Services group.


Meanwhile, the government insists the NHS is adequately funded.


Alongside the enthusiasm, there are other emotions, too,


including concern and fear about the potential changes


to services at North Devon District Hospital.


How dare they contemplate cutting services.


The risk is that we'll lose consultant led maternity,


paediatrics, neonatal, that they go not to Exeter but to Plymouth.


I was born in 1944 and I felt safe, I've always felt safe,


and I think from now on people are not going to feel safe.


My children or grandchildren are not going to be safe.


If we are ill, we are not sure we are going to be looked


The financial pressures facing the NHS were highlighted


at this latest meeting at the Save Our Hospital Services


campaign, but the government insists the NHS is adequately funded.


Our health and social care system is in meltdown and once again this


week we had the spectacle of the Prime Minister


and the government in total denial about the scale of the problem


and in an open war with the head of the NHS, Simon Stephens,


who challenged the government's claim to put more money in.


NHS organisations in Devon say they are reviewing


services to make them safe, sustainable and affordable,


and insist no decisions have yet been made.


More meetings are planned like this across North Devon


A look now at some of the other stories in the South West tonight.


Three men have appeared in court charged with the murder


The body of 31-year-old Stephen Bull, who was living


at a shelter for the homeless, was found in a park


The three made no plea and will appear before


A Devon man who was shot in the head during an armed robbery


Chris Tester intervened when his parents were being threatened


with a gun at their cafe in Antigua on Christmas Day.


He's currently being treated at Plymouth's Derriford Hospital.


The family of Josh Clayton are writing to the Chief Constable


of Devon and Cornwall Police to request that another


force carries out a fresh investigation into his death.


The 23-year-old from Taunton was found dead on Tresco in 2015.


The inquest into his death collapsed earlier this week.


Two sisters have just watched a film of themselves for the first


time more than 60 years after it was made.


Back in the 1950s they took part in a production


All these years later they have finally seen it and,


as Clare Woodling reports, it was an emotional moment.


Great words are shouted here, lines from the greatest


of the rock is one of Europe's loveliest theatres,


the Minack Open Air Theatre on the cliffs of Porthcurno.


1955, and preparations are underway for Macbeth.


Among the cast, 24-year-old Philippa Kendall Carpenter.


Here's her younger sister Vivian, who also has a role.


60 years on, and memories have come alive as the pair


in a newly discovered film for the first time.


I think that's Don McLeod, who was so good looking.


He's putting blood on his sword, bless him.


Oh, he did have a terrible time with the girls.


Oh, I went out with him a couple of times!


They had Macbeth's head wrapped up in a cloth and they dropped it


on the stage with a dreadful thud, and it was the biggest turnip


This huge turnip, every night, kerthump!


Reminiscing on that summer's production, secrets surface.


Yes, somebody came and followed me, evidently.


I was swimming and paddling away and suddenly I was aware


She doesn't know who followed me.


A teenager from Cornwall is preparing to take on an incredible


Next month 13-year-old Siam Juntakeret from Bodmin


is planning to cycle 3,000 miles across Australia.


He's hoping to do it in just 30 days and beat


Siam will be raising money for two local charities and says


apart from the heat, he thinks it will be fine.


Ice is our main problem overnight tonight.


We have a widespread frost and tomorrow is not a bad day.


After that frosty start we will see some sunshine.


More cloud later in the day, also the risk of showers.


The biggest problem will be low temperatures tonight and,


certainly on untreated roads and pavements, the risk of ice,


with temperatures down as low as -1 to -3.


Overnight there is a chance of a shower.


A few more to come, I think, later in the night,


Lengthy clear skies in between these showers means a fairly low


Brisk north-west winds so perhaps the coast not faring


too badly but inland, particularly parts of


Dorset and Somerset, here we are going to see


temperatures at or a couple of degrees below freezing.


So it is cold to start with tomorrow.


Hopefully we'll get some sunshine and slightly higher temperatures


Winds still from the north-west and still the risk of showers.


Those showers perhaps more frequent through the afternoon.


Temperatures getting up to about 9 degrees


On Sunday, generally a lot of cloud around,


and it's capable of producing a few spots of light rain or drizzle.


But the big story on Sunday is temperatures are finally back


into double figures, at 10-11 degrees.


Next week, more cloud around again on Monday,


Tuesday, though, it starts to cool down again and Tuesday night


That's all from the late Kim. Goodbye. -- team.


5-6 is the best we will have. It stays cold into the beginning of


next week as well stop Good evening, a cold, icy


night, but some others have other concerns. This was the scene earlier


today, huge waves crashing on to the shoreline at Whitley Bay. We still


have the peak of the high tide to come in other parts. This is the


flood line number. It's if you have any concerns. The worst of the wind


slowly comes -- subsiding. Wintry showers across the North of Scotland


and some filtering well inland across the Midlands, giving a light


dusting in some places. An icy night, temperatures widely close to


or below freezing, particularly where you


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