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A Plymouth Argyle footballer's been branded a rapist and ordered


to pay his victim a hundred thousand pounds in damages.


David Goodwillie hasn't been convicted in a criminal court,


but in a civil case, the judge said he accepted evidence


that the woman in question had been too drunk to give consent.


Preparations at home Park for tomorrow's FA Cup


But this player will not be starting.


David Goodwillie, who began his career at Dundee United.


It was there that Denise Clegg claimed he and his team-mate


They were sued and this morning a judge at the Court of Session


in Edinburgh ruled in her favour and order the footballers to pay


It raises questions about why there was no criminal prosecution.


If the Crown are going to take a criminal case forward they must


ask, have we have evidence it approved to a jury beyond reasonable


It is not the same question being asked in the two cases.


Experts say it could lead to far more victims of rape coming forward.


Most rapes reported to the police never make it to court.


That can be devastating to the person who was


It is the first civil case in living memory and people will see this case


I think there another way I can try and get justice and validation


that what happened to me was raped and it was wrong.


In a statement, Plymouth Argyle said it noted the judgment and added


that they are way to the full report which they said they will consider


Until such time, David Goodwillie will not be selected to play


A celebrity taxidermist from Devon who sold pickled lizards


and the heads of endangered monkeys online has been jailed.


42-year-old Daniel Stocks from Kingskerswell was discovered


when customs intercepted a package from America.


This industrial building in Newton Abbot is where


Daniel Stocks ran his business using monkey skulls to create


The National Crime Agency investigation revealed he had been


making up to ?20,000 a month trading in leopard cats, languor and green


He even persuaded Paignton Zoo to give him specimens of animals


which had died and been kept for research.


The zoo says it did it in good faith but realised now it was naive.


The court also heard he had tried to buy bat penises


Stocks' work includes props for films and television.


The 42-year-old from Kingskerswell has been jailed for six months


More than five thousand operations in the south west were cancelled


on the day they were due to be carried out last year.


NHS England says the numbers are relatively low, but a BBC


investigation as part of 'Inside the NHS' coverage,


found the cancellations had risen by a third over five years.


Here's our health correspondent, Jenny Walrond.


For Barry Neil, just getting around is a daily struggle.


He was born with a rare debilitating condition.


The pain in his leg was so bad, he decided to have it amputated.


His operation was cancelled three times.


It was painful, obviously I wanted to get rid of the pain.


I just take it as it comes, you know?


I just sit back and think, just get on with it.


Plymouth Hospital's NHS Trust said it is a difficult decision to cancel


any patient's operation and that it recognises the inconvenience


It said the hospital had faced unprecedented and sustained


And Barry's experience is not unique.


Last year, more than 5,000 operations were cancelled


And that figure has risen by around 30%.


And all of those cancellations were for non-clinical reasons.


Things like they lack of beds, of staff, admin error


When we have a population increasing in number whose conditions


are increasing in complexity, and we have more treatments we can


offer those patients, there does need to be more money put


into the health service so that we can deliver that.


NHS England says the level of cancellations remains low at just


1% out of the millions of operations performed each year.


While the experience can be frustrating and upsetting,


There's no two ways about it, they just cannot manage


with the influx of people that are wanting beds or whatever.


And throughout this week we'll look at the pressures on other parts


of the health services here in the South West.


On Thursday some of the region's key NHS decision


If you have a question or comment for them,


you can send them in to us, via email, Facebook and Twitter.


A 46-year-old man has appeared at Exeter Magistrates Court charged


It follows a stabbing in Exeter on Sunday,


in which a 30-year-old man suffered non-life-threatening


The accused has been remanded in custody to appear at Crown Court


A dead dolphin that washed up on a beach near Newquay had injuries


that could have been caused by a shark according to marine


A spokesman for the UK Cetacean Strandings Investigation Programme


said "the damage is potentially consistent with shark bite".


There's growing pressure on the Government to pick up


the full bill for a counter terrorism operation in Devon


More than one million pounds was spent on searches of woodland,


and guarding the area, near Exeter, last year.


The amount is the equivalent to two thousand eight


hundred days of policing, but the local force has been left


The Princess Royal has been visiting Devon today.


Princess Anne opened a 50 metre Olympic legacy swimming pool


Earlier she visited the Plymouth Highbury Trust,


which helps people with learning disabilities, to mark


A Dorset charity which provides support for very young children


with special needs is facing closure after twenty-five years.


The Dorchester Opportunity Group helps toddlers who've been referred


Sunny will have to go to a mainstream preschool.


We would be really worried about sending him off into the big


wide world without the support and care of the group.


Sunny loves coming here and playing with his friends.


Doctors think he has autism but because of his age cannot be sure.


He has also been diagnosed with communication problems.


He gets speech and language therapy here, he gets monitored every week,


we can work with him and make sure he progresses in the correct way


But the future of the group is in question after a national


The group here has got over ?280,000 from the National Lottery's big


lottery fund but the national lottery says demand is high


and those grants cannot be relied on as a continuous source of income


The group is not solely dependent on its lottery grant.


It also receives ?70,000 which comes from the county council


Losing ?40,000 a year could be catastrophic.


The worst case is we will close because it is hard to find ?40,000


from small charitable fetes, car-boot sales.


That does not generate enough to bridge that gap.


The group here has been rated outstanding by Ofsted


and with many of the children referred by the NHS,


the charity applied to the health service for extra funding


You know, it is tough on them as well and we understand that


but we do not want to stop what we're doing.


If the charity does not get the funds it needs,


it could close within the year, meaning this would be the last


Time now for a look at the weather. David has the forecast. This week we


have moved into a quiet spell of weather, an area of high pressure in


charge, brighter tomorrow, a better chance of sunshine. Still quite cold


because the air is coming from the east and we have high pressure


moving across southern parts over the next two days keeping us


settled. And also keeping the easterly winds going which have


formed frost across the south-east. Some clear sky will move along the


English Channel coast tonight so the most likely place for frost will be


the far south-east of Devon and the southern half of Dorset where skies


are clearing. A fair cover of cloud, temperatures not falling below three


or 5 degrees. Tomorrow, more sunshine, particularly for Cornwall


and South Devon and Dorset. Seven, eight or 9 degrees and the wind


comes from the east. Thursday, similar, Misty in places, the cloud


comes and goes but the chance for breaks in the cloud allowing


sunshine to come through but it stays cold and including the start


of the weekend but mainly dry. That's all the Spotlight news


and weather for now - from all of us here


- good night. from time to time. Staying settled


still. Nick has the national forecast this evening.


Hello. If you are watching the football earlier it turned out to be


an evening for football fans in Lincolnshire. This is how it looked


at the start of the day. No idea whether this weather watcher is a


football fan, it's a fan of weather that matters here. All sorts of


weather, from 13 in Aberdeenshire to two, despite the sunshine in Kent. I


wonder if this six in the cloud across the Midlands into northern


England and parts of Wales felt colder, particularly in these misty


and foggy conditions in this weather watcher view. Some drizzly rain


around at times still from the thicker cloud into parts of England


and Wales overnight, hill fog too. Cloud for Scotland and Northern


Ireland, although a few breaks in eastern Scotland and close to


freezing, but


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