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Plymouth Argyle's hopes of progressing further in the FA Cup


were dashed tonight - as they were beaten by five times


European Champions Liverpool, in their biggest match in years.


More than 17 thousand fans were at Home Park hoping Argyle


could pull off an FA Cup shock - but it wasn't to be.


Live to the ground now and Andy Birkett.


Disappointment here tonight but also a huge sense of pride at how the


League 2 side acquitted itself against Premier League opposition.


Ten days ago, 9000 pilgrims went to Liverpool more in hope than


expectation. Having got the result at Anfield, expectations were


considerably higher. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be.


David against Goliath, but football fans are eternal optimists.


Plymouth need to score a couple of goals.


Liverpool are coming out with a strong team tonight.


1962 was the last time a Liverpool side ran out at Home Park.


Like in the first game, the Premier League side


dominated and, after 19 minutes, they lead.


The question was, would Plymouth respond?


Graham Carey, the Liverpool fan playing in green forced a good save.


Even on nights like this, some things are more important.


Applause all round in the 25th minute paying tribute to Daniel May


who died as the teams met ten days ago.


That came during Argyle's best spell.


A run by Oscar Threlkeld almost found Garita.


But the defender in red beaten to it.


Captain Luke McCormick kept Argyle in it, denying Daniel Sturridge.


Jake Jervis's acrobatic effort skimming the post.


A foul by Songo'o conceded a penalty but McCormick


However, they couldn't find an equaliser.


And, as expected, the Premier League side went through,


It's been a fantastic atmosphere here with around 15,000 Argyle fans


cheering their side on. They came to witness a giant-killing and sadly


the team came up short but the manager was still very proud. I


thought in the first half we created a number of chances and took the


game to Liverpool at times. We lost a poor goal but in the second half


we hit the post through Janis and were unfortunate not to have scored.


Of course, this competition has a rich tradition of upsets and no


manager wants to be on the end of a cup shock. Jurgen Klopp was full of


praise for the Argyle side but thought it was a fair result. 1-0, I


am fine with it. We didn't want extra time, we didn't want to go to


penalties. Leaving Plymouth, nice as it is, early is good for us.


Plymouth have earned around ?1 million from this competition. We


will see how they spend that money, maybe to bolster their squad. There


are ambitious dreams, that is to leave division two.


Police are tonight hunting arsonists who set fire to a property


Five adults and two children were forced


to leave their flats in St Thomas Road, after a fire had


been lit against the front door in the early hours of this morning.


The police say if the flames hadn't been spotted by a neighbour,


the consequences could have been far worse.


These came to the front door and there was a fireman standing


there with their suits, and the gas masks and helmets on.


And they came through the house and they were saying we had to get


out and get our stuff and if there was


MPs from across Devon are warning they'll vote


against the government's education plans unless more funding is


Devon has always received one of the lowest amounts of cash


per pupil, and schools had hoped things would improve under changes


But instead, Devon schools may actually lose out.


Our correspondent Simon Hall reports.


When the government announced a new funding formula to tackle


the historic bias against rural areas, there were smiles


But they've turned to France, in Devon at least, now


So, how many of you are taking history as an option for GCSE?


Okehampton Community College is one to lose out,


facing an annual budget cut of ?100,000.


Potentially, class sizes will be affected.


Potentially, staffing allocations will be affected.


Under the old formula, each pupil in Devon was funded almost ?300


The new formula brings an improvement on that,


according to an analysis by the county council, although


And the study concludes more than a third of Devon's schools


will actually lose money under the new system.


And the warning is it could lead to larger class sizes


Today, MPs from across Devon and cross party


If this education funding settlement does not change,


in relation to Devon schools, if there is no significant uplift,


whatever format it will come in, whether in six months,


nine months, 12 months' time, I will vote against it.


Because the settlement that's been proposed for Devon schools is simply


In a statement, the Department for Education told us that, overall,


Devon would gain half a percent in their total education budget


"We're helping to create a system that funds schools


Devon County Council say they will lobby the government again


There's been a sharp rise in the number of dolphins washing up


27 cases were reported to Cornwall Wildlife Trust


during the first two weeks of January, compared with just four


Marine experts say it's not clear how they died.


Exmoor explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes is on his way home tonight


after being forced to abandon his attempt to climb one of the highest


He had to be airlifted from Mount Acon-CAG-U-WAH suffering


The climb was part of his charity challenge to climb the highest


The moment the latest challenge ended in painful failure.


A helicopter had to be called to evacuate the 72-year-old


The whole challenge has plainly been a struggle.


But this is not a man who quits easily.


The 72-year-old, who has battled cancer and heart attacks was raising


money for Marie Curie, attempting a global challenge


to become the first man to climb the highest peaks on each continent.


He was in sight of the summit when he was forced to stop.


He said he was disappointed. That his back started hurting.


He was only six hours away from the summit so it was


quite frustrating but he needed to get down and get to a point


where helicopter could get him and bring him back to the mainland.


It's an injury that he's had before with his back.


So, he is keen to get home, get it seems to and just make sure


Sir Ranulph has already crossed both polar ice caps and reached


the summit of four mountains, the last, Mount Vinson in December.


Aconcagua was to be number five and there were two more to go.


Well, Sir Ranulph says everything goes on hold until he's had his back


problem properly examined here in the UK and only then


"I've learned that at my age you can't ignore the pain."


Time for the weather foreccast now - here's David.


Good evening. Cold and dry is the main story for ours. Frost already


forming over a good part of the south-west. High pressure is here to


stay. It's going to be around into the weekend. Six o'clock tomorrow


morning. By the middle of the day on Friday, although it has moved, it is


still dominant and keeps as largely drive. Also drawing in some pretty


cold air. So for southern England, a widespread frost. We could see


temperatures as low as minus three. Plenty of sunshine to enjoy. Just


patchy cloud floating by. Keen winds. If you are in the far


south-west, but for the rest relatively quiet though not overly


warm. Temperatures up to 8 degrees at best. By Friday, a similar


picture. Frost to start the day. A fine and try start. We may see more


cloud coming in from the east. It should remain dry and temperatures


the same sort of figures. Fine weather continues into the weekend.


More cloud coming in for Sunday. The LB more news and weather from ours


just before 6:30am tomorrow morning. From ours, good night.


next few days, no great changes over the next few days, more sunshine on


the way. Despite high-pressure sitting across


the country so


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