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Four hospitals in South Devon are likely to be closed


as the organisation that runs them says it makes more sense


The final decision has yet to be made but health bosses say


the units at Dartmouth, Paignton, Ashburton and Bovey Tracey


Meetings during the consultation period were so well attended that


The minor injuries unit here in Paignton and the hospital


I just cannot understand, with the pressure on Torbay Hospital,


Dartmouth and Ashburton will close following Bovey Tracey,


which has been mothballed for a year.


In total, around 60 beds will be affected.


The body which decides on levels of care says people will get


There's a significant number of people currently in hospital who,


actually, if there were services again available in their community


at home, would be able to get home much quicker.


So the idea is that these proposals, by putting the investment


in services that will help those people, will enable people to stay


out of hospital and also to get home much quicker,


which is what they've told us they want.


Some communities feel replacement provision won't work


and fear being further from hospital services.


It's our hospital and I refuse to let them take it off


I'm going to ask the people of Bovey Tracey, when it comes


to it, that we will fundraise again, and we will keep that building


for the people of Bovey Tracey for the good of the people of Bovey


A final decision on these recommendations will be


taken next Thursday but, already tonight, protest groups


A march is already being planned for Ashburton tomorrow.


Hamish Marshall, BBC Spotlight, Paignton Hospital.


The woman who oversees policing in Devon and Cornwall says that


being investigating over election expenses has not hampered her


Speaking on this week's Sunday Politics programme,


Alison Hernandez said she had been interviewed by West Mercia Police.


I therefore give notice that Hernandez Alison...


Last May, Alison Hernandez was elected as the Police


and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall.


Just before Christmas, she took part in what she described


as a managed interview by West Mercia Police.


That force is investigating election expenses from the general


election of 2015 on the half of the Independent Police


Speaking on this weekend's Sunday Politics show, Miss Hernandez


said the investigation had not hampered her work.


Interestingly, the bit that's been so positive


about it is the publicity that I've received because of it.


I can walk down Newquay high street and I'll get stopped


There have been persistent calls for Miss Hernandez to step aside.


I really would urge you to seriously consider standing aside to enable


And you can see more on that story on Sunday from 11am.


Young people in Cornwall are being failed when it


comes to preparing them for the world of work.


Schools took on responsibility for offering their own careers


guidance in recent years but that's been rated as the worst


in the country at providing links with businesses.


What do you want to be when you grow up?


For teenagers these days, it might not always be straightforward.


Research suggests that today's youngsters will have six careers


and 17 jobs in the course of their lifetime.


Have you guys got any idea on how you'd need to be for an interview?


These 14- and 15-year-olds at a Truro secondary school


are preparing presentations under the watchful eye of Paul


from Cornish cream company Rodda's - the school's link with


Why is it important to learn about business?


The idea's for the students to talk to a conference of business people


and get more companies signed up to working with schools.


It's not actually part of the national curriculum,


So I think it is important to have opportunities like this for children


The more access they can have to people who are in business


and the more knowledge they can get from those people, the easier


it is for them going into the workplace because it can be


Having someone like Paul partnered with the school is just part


of a much wider push to improve the quality of careers


As government-backed analysis reveals, it's the worst


in the country at linking schools with local businesses.


40% of employers said 16-18-year-olds were poorly


or very poorly prepared for the world of work.


But only 30% of employers offered work experience.


Having employer engagement, having businesses available


so all teachers can embed it in their lessons, is important.


The hope is, by making sure there's a proper career


strategy across Cornwall, more aspirations will come true.


Time for the weekend weather forecast now.


And although it is mainly dry, there is also a chance of a few


showers, so not quite as clear and fine as it has been.


We've still effectively got high pressure in charge and south-east


winds are still bringing in the cold air but approaching from the west


are thicker bands of cloud capable of producing a few showers.


But certainly, another cold night for all of us overnight tonight


with a widespread overnight frost and temperatures as low as -2,


Through the night, though, more cloud will drift


in to the far west and, as the winds start to change


direction, less frost along the south coast.


But, I think, for all of us tomorrow, we will have a slightly


There is still going to be quite a lot of cold air around but more


cloud than we've been used to and, later in the day, coming


in from the west, will be a few showers getting into the far


Slightly less cold air as the winds finally start to change direction


and come in from the south or the south-west.


But on the whole, Devon and Cornwall rather cloudy,


Dorset and Somerset sunny spells for much of the day.


And the forecast, as we move into next week, is for that fine


weather to return but it does stay generally quite chilly with 7-9


feel cooler. Can we keep it going until the start of the new week? I


suspect we can. Unconfirmed about -- concerned about the fog around. Here


is Helen with the national picture. Good evening. The weather is upon


us. The cloud has made all the difference this week in


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