23/01/2017 Spotlight


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Two theatres are closed tonight after the company running them went


into administration, putting 30 jobs at


Shows planned at the Queen's Theatre in Barnstaple and the Landmark


Theatre in Illfracombe have been cancelled.


Our tickets are being held in there, because we haven't picked


the tickets up, so I haven't got any proof, have I?


They are not reading about the details of the latest


hit show, but about how to get their money back on theatre


We're very upset because we would have hoped there was somebody


here who answered questions on how we're going to get our money back


Here at the Landmark Theatre in Ilfracombe the locks


were changed, the box office closed as the North Devon Theatres' Trust


It's a wonderful asset for the town, used by all sorts of different


My own niece works in here in marketing, so she will be


affected and her colleagues will be affected.


The North Devon Theatres' Trust runs the Landmark theatre


and the Queen's Theatre in Barnstaple.


In a statement, the chair of Trustees told us:


All performances have been cancelled.


The North Devon Gang Show was due to go on at the Queen's


We have been doing it for 38 years, this is our 38th


It's given thousands of youngsters the opportunity to perform on stage,


to develop their confidence and their skills and to move


on in life and suddenly we are left in a vacuum.


It is unclear what this means for the employees of the trust.


Many are hoping that the theatres do manage to stage a comeback.


There are calls tonight for changes to the way private parking firms


are operating as motorists across the region say


Kevin Foster, the MP for Torbay, says he's been inundated


with complaints about one car park in particular.


Crossways in Paignton is run by Premier Parking Solutions


Our south Devon reporter John Ayres has more.


Run by Premier Parking Solutions, better known as PPS,


As you go in your number plate is recorded on camera and you have


Cherry and Donald Smith paid 80p for an hour.


But Cherry had added an extra digit by mistake


On appeal, the adjudicator said he was satisfied no payment


was made for the vehicle with their registration.


We very carefully paid the right money, we were back within 50


This sign covers every mistake you could make


Basically, if you make a mistake, you have agreed


?60 if you pay up quickly without any fuss.


The local MP has been inundated with complaints.


Very minor infractions are resulting in large invoices being set that


actually do frighten people when they arrive.


For me, it may just be on the side of the line legally,


but I think morally there are some real questions to be


Having problems with the machine, Julie attempted to put her


The final time she got it wrong and overpaid.


The threat of court action grew, the charges and fees rose to ?231.


After she appeared on BBC Radio Devon, the case was dropped.


It came to the point where I decided, you know what?


Even if I lose, I don't care, I'm going to fight this to the very end.


PPS told the BBC that it complies with all approved parking service


standards and has been working with trading standards


The company has made changes to the use of technology,


the processes for issuing tickets and the appeals process


to ensure genuine mistakes are recognised as such.


Since we contacted PPS, the company has dropped the ?100


charge against the Smiths, although just days before,


they had issued a letter threatening court action.


Janine Jansen has been looking at this for us and many


people getting in touch with similar concerns.


As you can imagine, it's a very emotive subject.


Sue Puddock: "The machine is situated against the light


Many saying how difficult the machine is to operate and people


saying how stressful it is to be fined.


We spoke to a lawyer who represents Car Park Operators and he said


there is an appeal process and it seems things are now looking a bit


Small mistakes can be made and we have implemented internal


appeals systems for the operators and external appeals systems for


They incentivise operators spotting genuine errors and dealing


with them appropriately, and I'm glad to say that


in the scenario of PPS, it seems that hopefully moving


forward, those matters will be dealt with much more leniently.


With regard to putting in the registration numbers incorrectly, he


says the technology will not recognise it if it is inaccurate.


Angela says she has sparked in that car park once, she was fined ?60 and


says she will never part in there again.


A mother from Somerset is continuing her campaign to find


out what happened to her son on the Isles of Scilly.


Tracey Clayton is convinced someone else was responsible for the death


of her son Josh on Tresco 16 months ago.


Last week, a coroner ordered Devon and Cornwall Police to investigate


Mrs Clayton has now had a private meeting


Before I take my last breath, we will know


Without a shadow of a doubt, we will find out and we will


The final resting place of Josh Clayton, aged 23,


but was his death just a terrible accident or was he murdered?


I believe it was done through third-party involvement.


His family have now spent the best part of ?70,000


They are convinced the police got it wrong.


a senior police officer from Devon and Cornwall Police,


who has assured me he will be reviewing and hopefully look for any


gaps that happened throughout the investigation.


I have thought it from day one, I still believe it now.


When Isles of Scilly police found the body


of Josh Clayton 16 months ago, they put it down


He had been attending a private party on Tresco where he had been


His body was discovered ten days later.


But last week, an inquest into his death was dramatically


This man, Leroy Thomas, told the hearing that he witnessed


Josh arguing with a group of men after leaving the party.


The coroner said the police needed to reinvestigate, which has given


Up until now, they have been asking for a new force to take


As far as they were concerned, he was a drugged up drunk that had


been washed out to sea and didn't think anything else.


The police force has issued a short statement saying: The family say


they simply want the truth and they will not stop


There's a broken arm of our family and we need to know the reasons why.


The frost is already reforming. For some it never lifted and there is


more to come through the night. This week we start relatively quiet. We


will see some frost and some fog. Increasingly windy later on this


week, particularly on Thursday and it will be a cold wind so you need


to wrap up warmly. Temperatures recover towards the weekend.


Overnight might along with the frost is the fog. It will be freezing fog


in places, particularly across parts of Dorset and Somerset. The high


pressure is still with us now. It does weaken over the next two days.


By the time we get to Wednesday and Thursday, it is beginning to leave


us and it allows the southerly or south-easterly winds to develop.


They will draw in slightly higher temperatures but not before we have


quite a raw feel, especially on Thursday. By Friday, we have a new


area of low pressure coming in. That may well produce some outbreaks of


rain. Here is the mist and fog already forming and becoming quite


thick. A pretty cold night for all of us. Nowhere is skipping the frost


and the lowest temperature between -2 and minus four. A cold start


tomorrow but more sunshine once that fog has lifted. More cloud floating


by from time to time and temperatures are getting higher than


they have been, nine, ten, possibly 11 degrees. On Wednesday we start


with some frost, mist and fog, sunny spells but increasingly windy and


the wind a real feature of the weather by the time we get to


Thursday. Just before we go, a look ahead


to tomorrow's Spotlight. We're investigating why people


are commuting further and further. We'd like to hear about


your journey to work - You can get in touch via Facebook,


Twitter and email, and compare your That's it from the late team. Have a


very good night. Goodbye. For the weekend we will have dry


weather with sunny spells and it will be a little bit milder.


Good evening. We are continuing to see huge righty in the weather.


Getting the detail right is proving to be a challenge. This was in


Pembrokeshire and other parts of the UK were gloomy throughout the day.


The fog is thickening up right


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