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A verdict of unlawful killing has been recorded into the death


of a wealthy Devon businessman whose family are convinced


Barry Pring was killed by a speeding vehicle in Ukraine.


From the inquest in Exeter, Anna Varle reports.


It has been a nine-year battle for the Pring family to find out


But does today's verdict give them any comfort?


The conclusion today was what we expected.


However, that conclusion still isn't going to get justice for Barry,


because the person that murdered him is still a free person.


The 47-year-old had been celebrating his first wedding anniversary


He was with his wife and former stripper, Ganna Ziuzina.


The inquest heard how the couple had left


the restaurant and the couple were trying to hail a cab.


Ganna Ziuzina turned back to try and fetch


a glove, and then Barry was hit by a car travelling at speed,


The coroner said Barry Pring had been tricked into


standing on a westbound carriageway, which was the wrong


Despite the verdict of unlawful killing, Devon and Cornwall Police


have no jurisdiction to take it further.


As far as Devon and Cornwall Police is concerned,


it has always been a Ukrainian-led investigation.


We have no jurisdiction, we can't get any jurisdiction


We are just hopeful that the Ukrainian authorities


will pick up the verdict from the coroner and can


take further action back in the Ukraine.


The family, however, vowed to continue the fight.


Does this give you any closure at all?


And we will keep fighting until we get justice.


That report from Anna Varle in Exeter.


Campaigners in North Devon fighting to save two theatres are calling


on the local council to step in and help.


The trust which ran the Queen's Theatre in Barnstaple


and the Landmark in Ilfracombe went into administration yesterday.


They received nearly ?300,000 in council money


The doors are closed now but these campaigners want them


This singer performed at the theatre in Barnstaple last week.


It is so sad that it is all going to be gone and this makes people


like me inspired and able to dream big and I don't want it to


This and the Landmark Theatre in Ilfracombe have gone


There are calls for the local council to step in.


They don't have endless money, we understand that, but we believe


there is a viable future for these theatres and as North Devon Council


own the theatre buildings, we hope we can come to a solution.


We are pleading with the council to work with us and the administrator


to find a way to get doors open again.


The North Devon Theatres Trust blamed falling sales


and a cut in public subsidy from the local council


These closures leave the Plough arts Centre in Great Torrington


as the last art centre for miles around.


It survives on just ?9,000 a year in public funding.


Many organisations have been on a journey of weaning themselves


off public funding out of necessity and it is a journey that some have


If you have got two big theatres with big overheads it is difficult


to say that you will cover that from the box office.


It was always going to need some sort of support.


As a society we should be supporting the arts.


If you go to other countries, they support the arts, phenomenally.


The subsidy to support the theatres from the council was over ?300,000.


The council says that it is facing financial pressure


It would not comment further whilst the administration process


is ongoing, leaving campaigners waiting for a verdict


Well, North Devon MP Peter Heaton Jones has said throwing


more public money at the theatres isn't the solution.


Speaking earlier he called for the council, community


and the theatres to come together to turn the situation around.


Yes, it's got to be turned around, as one of the campaigners


Both theatres are viable, firstly, but secondly,


North Devon District Council doesn't have a bottomless pit of money.


The council, by which we mean local taxpayers, have subsidised theatres


to the tune of about ?3 million in the last six years.


It's a lot of money, but in return, the theatre has to get


people into the seats, they have to bring in productions


Sadly, we have seen audiences reduced by about 20%,


by about one fifth, recently, so the sums don't add


We've got to try and work to make this deal happen.


We had calls tonight for North Devon Council to be


putting more money in. Do you think that's a viable option?


North Devon Council doesn't have any money.


And for that reason it has to watch every pound


As I've said, the council has put in more than ?3 million


That's a lot of money for a small local authority.


But on the other side of the equation, theatres do have


to be putting on performances that people want to come and see.


And the days, I'm afraid, have gone where the solutions


to these problems is to throw more public money at it.


What I am urging everyone to do is get together round the table


Should they be staging different shows?


Is that one of the answers to getting people to go to the theatre?


I couldn't answer that, but what I do know is that


both theatres are viable. They are vital for the community.


I've been to a number of events, not only performances and shows


but also community meetings in both Ilfracombe and Barnstaple,


and they are a vital part of the community and


of the arts scene in North Devon. We have to save them both.


I am urging everyone to get round the table


to come up with a deal and if I, as the MP,


can help in any way, my door open.


People in Somerset may have to fork out more than ?10 million


scheme which is more than two years behind schedule.


No-one will even say when Taunton's new road will open.


Clinton Rogers has this exclusive report.


It remains the road to nowhere, already two years behind schedule,


I think people are getting a bit fed up with it,


That would sort them out, wouldn't it?


The mile-long road on the northern side of Taunton is designed to ease


congestion in a rapidly expanding town with its fair


But this project has been beset by technical difficulties, not least


over the construction of a new bridge.


I'm telling them to get workers out here and get


And this week for the first time the county council,


which has already paid more than ?11 million


We employed what we thought was a competent contractor to do this


project a number of years ago and here we are in January 2017 and the


road still is not open. Whenever this road finally


does open, the question is - who is responsible


for all the technical problems, all the delays and who is going


to pick up the bill which The fact is, both sides


are blaming one another, the council and the contractor,


and it is a row that has become now a formal legal dispute and the loser


could be faced with a very big bill indeed - I am told in


excess of ?10 million. The contractor, Carillion,


is refusing interviews The council is adamant -


we're not paying a penny piece more. They want extra money -


I'm not a charitable person, So now lawyers are involved


in a dispute which could yet go to the courts and of course push up


the final bill even higher Keepers at Paignton Zoo are helping


the animals stay warm during the frosty nights by adding


a mealtime favourite to their menu. The western lowland


gorillas from Africa The zoo says it's one of the few


things which will tempt them out Well time now to take a look


at the weather and David has


the forecast for us. Hello, good evening. After some


quiet but cold weather over the last few days, it is beginning to change


now with slightly more robberies developing tomorrow. Still a cold


start some post and some sunshine to enjoy but more of a breeze and it


will be a cold wind, too, with areas of low pressure out of the west


squeezing those Acer bars. The winds will increase tomorrow afternoon,


tomorrow night and into Thursday. Light winds overnight allow that


mist and fog to reform other parts of eastern Somerset with the lowest


temperatures SmackDown 2-1 and a fast possible elsewhere. Generally


more of a breeze so less post than last night, and a better chance to


see more sunshine on and off through the day. We should start to see


temperatures recover up to maybe nine Celsius, the maximum. Quite a


cool breeze developing along the South West coast of Cornwall. It is


the South West wind we get on Thursday that brings across the


channels on cold air. So quite a cold fuel to the day on Thursday.


Daytime temperatures of five Celsius but given the wind chill it will


feel more like -2, or minus three. Things to warm up towards the


weekend but not without seeing some patchy rain on the way on Friday.


Have a good night. That's all from the late team. Sleep well, and we


will see you soon.


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