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An inquest was told today how a man sacrificed his own


It happened when a gunman opened fire on a Tunisian beach.


described her husband Stephen as her "hero".


Spotlight's Hamish Marshall was at the inquest


Cheryl Mellor and her family relived the moment


a loving son, husband and father lost his life.


The couple had been married for ten years.


They were having a morning of the beach, they'd been doing


a crossword and were looking forward to lunch, but then they were alerted


by a booming sound and a gunman came closer to them.


Stephen Mellor said this is real, get down, if either of us survives


Mrs Miller said that she saw an orange flame coming from the gun.


She said the gunman was looking straight at them and seem to enjoy


watching them squirm. The husband who try to get on top of her was hit


and died. She pretended to be dead in case the gunman came back to kill


her. Cheryl Melo believed she was coming in and out of consciousness.


She spoke of the horrendous pain she felt in her left arm and left leg. I


believe the gunman wanted to kill me, she said, but he didn't succeed.


I'm only here today because of the bravery of my husband. He sacrificed


himself. Steve is a hero to me. Stephen Miller's mum Dorothy Ingram


told the court that he was a loving, caring, wonderful son. This is the


second of seven weeks of hearings. The union, Unison, is taking action


over workers who lost their jobs when the NHS 111 service in Devon


was transferred from In October, the company, Vocare,


was subcontracted by Devon doctors Unison says their terms


and condition should have been protected and has issued legal


proceedings against Our health correspondent


Jenny Walrond joins me Jenny, what can you tell


us in this situation? Unison says 142 people


lost their jobs when the NHS 111 Devon service transferred


to a new provider Some of those people got new jobs


with the new provider, Vocare. But under what Unison


describes as less favourable Some people were employed


by South Western Ambulance but, again, the union says that some


of them had different And Unison says that they should


have been protected under employment There were talks through


the arbitration service, ACAS, in the run-up to Christmas


but they failed to And so, Unison has now


issued legal proceedings In a statement, they say that


workers have suffered Now this case is ongoing,


and Vocare, Devon Doctors and South Western Ambulance have yet


to respond to Unison's claims. A look at some of the other


stories making the news An investigation is underway


after a Flybe plane from Exeter reported a technical fault


en route to Edinburgh. In a statement, the company said


the aircraft landed safely and all 62 passengers


disembarked as normal. A Plymouth Argyle footballer


who was declared a rapist following a civil action in Scotland


has left the club. David Goodwillie and a former


Dundee United team mate, David Robertson, were ordered to pay


damages to the woman. The striker has now left Argyle


after asking to be released from his contract to focus


on a potential appeal Truro is aiming to become a European


Capital of Culture for 2023. Cornwall Council will spend


?500,000 on the bid. it could bring ?100 million to the


county. Critics say it's too costly


at a time of cuts to services. A court has been told the former


boss of the NHS trust that runs Torbay Hospital committed


"an extreme breach of trust" for giving work to her


husband without declaring


a personal interest. Paula Vasco Knight denies two counts


of fraud while chief executive


of the South Devon NHS Trust. Paula Vasco Knight with her husband


Stephen, wearing a green He denies one count of fraud,


she denies two counts of fraud while she was the boss of NHS


services in South Devon, including Torbay Hospital


where she was based up to May 2014. The prosecution alleged the frauds


total about ?20,000 and centre on two contracts authorised


by Paula Vasco Knight for a firm run


by her husband, a graphic designer. One was for newsletters


for ?9,000, and others The court heard Paula Vasco Knight


was also the national lead for Habib Natalie denies two counts


of assisting an offence. Gareth Evans told the court


that the prosecution's case is that Paula Vasco Knight


with the assistance of Nakhli avoided any declaration of interest


when her husband was contracted to carry out the production of


newsletters for the equality's team. The court was told that the work


on the document was never completed, even though Paula Vasco Knight


authorised a payment Mr Evans described that work


as "a complete sham" and he told the court that when a MacBook Pro


was returned by Knight, all the graphic design software


she had asked for had been deleted and the computer had been reset


to its factory settings. after a coach carrying school


children crashed in Cornwall. The coach left the A30 near Penzance


as Eleanor Parkinson reports. The coach was carrying 28 children


and a teacher from St Ives School and was just a few miles from


the town when the accident happened. Eyewitnesses say the vehicle crossed


over the opposite lane It's clear from the tracks


that the coach came over the grass verge, over this public footpath


and then came to rest, destroying fencing here


at the entrance to this field. The children were described as upset


and shocked but unhurt. The driver was taken


to the Royal Cornwall Hospital No-one would be interviewed


from the school but in a statement it said none of the children


were injured and they were brought back to school


on a replacement vehicle. It also said the coach


was travelling at a low speed The coach is owned


by Williams Travel. They haven't as yet


commented on the accident. The coach was towed away and will be


tested and examined to find out Volunteers and staff at a heritage


railway have been left shocked and upset after vandals broke


in and damaged The charity which runs


the South Devon Railway says the cost of repairing smashed


windows to its coaches will run


into several thousand pounds. We've had to replace


five train windows. That's 350 quid a pop


for the glass alone. They stole a pair of two-way radios,


that's about ?700 worth They can't use those


either because they're They even stole a bar


of chocolate which belonged It was a big trail of damage


and it's about ?5,000 all in. Hello, good evening. We're going to


need everything tomorrow, gloves, hats and a windproof because it's


going to be a busy and cold day. The winds increased today blowing the


tops of the waves here in Newquay, one of our weather Watch is taking


some fantastic pictures. It is going to be much colder than it felt


today. A very brisk wind from the South East, mainly dry and cold


enough to produce a few wintry showers. This layer cloud and rain


doesn't really get to us, but it squeezes those isobars, making it a


very cold wind. It is drawing in some low temperatures from parts of


France, Belgium and western Germany. Even though the mild air is trying


to get towards us, it's still going to be quite a cold night, another


frosty night and a bitterly cold feeling day tomorrow. More cloud


coming from the south overnight and eventually that cloud is just about


thick enough the Ord wintry flurry but nothing that the children are


going to appreciate. It is going to be a cold, dry and cloudy start


tomorrow. It will brighten up the sunshine coming through, but we


won't see temperatures much above seven Celsius and with the strength


of the wind, it will feel much colder than that. You do really need


to wrap op warmly. Friday, milder air starts to arrive, producing some


showers as that weather front comes in with a top temperature of 10


Celsius. And less overnight frost heading into the weekend, with a


chance of a few showers and the winds eventually coming in from the


South West. Have a good night. Just before we go, we're looking ahead to


tomorrow when we will be marking the 100th anniversary of the destruction


of a Devon village that was washed into the sea. Holmes had been left


vulnerable after Shingle was dredged from the area to use in the docks in


Plymouth. A high spring tide destroyed almost the entire village.


Tomorrow, we will find out more about the history and the concerns


of modern-day villages. That's all from the late team. The breakfast


team will be back with you from 6:25am tomorrow. But from David


Anae, good night. take a look at the Outlook towards


the weekend. Good evening. If you think it was


cold today, for many it will be colder still tomorrow. Cold even


when we have the sunshine today. This was one of the wonderful


weather watcher pictures we had sent in from Cornwall. It contrasts with


a cloudy and foggy eastern half of the country, and a bank of cloud.


Still foggy, but it is starting to lift. It is being pushed north and


west, this bank of cloud. That will continue through the night. We will


still have some fog sitting on the hills. Even with the cloud, it will


be a cold night, with temperatures away from the far north


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