23/02/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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There are mixed fortunes across the region as the Government


has unveiled its latest round of Growth Funding to boost


Devon and Somerset came out winners receiving more than twice as much


But there was shock and disappointment west


of the Tamar at the amount designated for Cornwall.


Tamsin Melville has this report from Plymouth train station,


where the money will help fund major redevelopment.


When you arrive, that is my biggest beef, really. It is tired, it is


dilapidated. dilapidated.


If it is true first impressions count, today, Plymouth had reasons


to celebrate. Sprucing up the area outside the station is on a list of


ten projects across Devon and Somerset in line for some government


cash. This is an ideal way to spend


government money, because it will leveraged huge amount of private


sector investment. Universities are keen to get involved in the project.


They are keen to locate a new faculty, so we're talking about


winning in 40- ?50 million of private sector investment, and it


would transform the entire site. The money coming down the tracks to


hear is bid for by business leaders, and is for projects to boost the


economy and create jobs. Six local enterprise partnership areas across


the wider South West are sharing ?191 million.


In our area, this is how it breaks down. Dorset is in line for 19.5


million. Devon and Somerset will million. Devon and Somerset will


pocket 43.6 million, and Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are getting


18 million. But Cornwall actually bid for 127 million, so there are


some tough decisions on what project will now get the cash.


We are disappointed that it is not more. Clearly, in terms of Cornwall


and the Isles of Scilly economy, we absolutely need further investment,


whether that be in infrastructure, direct into business, skills and


other things. We still need that investment. One thing I would say is


that on a per capita basis, we are about on a par with many other LEP


areas. In Devon and Somerset, funds for ten


projects instead of the hoped-for 27, but some are happy it is more


than expected. Some disappointment but Cornwall. I


think it is very important to look at again the quality of the bid. The


more tangible the better, and in relation to some bids in Devon and


Somerset, lots of joint ventures, people working together, and


government likes to see that, and that is perhaps a lesson that could


Work continuing on these Work continuing on these


improvements near Saltash, funded by money from one of two previous


growth funding rounds. But the council to night branded the


settlement as shockingly small and disappointing.


Our political editor Martyn Oates has been following the story. A huge


discrepancy between the money awarded either side of the tame our?


Yes, Cornwall council eventually today admitted that they were


shocked and disappointed by the amount of money they had got. They


say in future, they would encourage the government to base this on need,


because this is not, they say, reflect lower earnings in the


county, poverty and rural areas. But as the South West Devon MP hinted


there in the report, that is not how this particular scheme is set up. It


is basically competitive, so the government gives money to the


proposals it thinks are the strongest. So it is quite unlike,


for instance, the European funding that Cornwall has been receiving and


is continuing to receive, which is basically awarded according to need.


The background to all this is quite interesting as well. A few months


ago, Devon and Somerset were told they should expect as little as


Cornwall, if not an even smaller sum of money. In the meantime, there has


been some quite ferocious lobbying by MPs from the two counties, both


in parliament and administers' offices in Whitehall, and that seems


to have paid off. Briefly, how important is this


investment overall? Well, even in Devon and Somerset,


the money they have got is less than half the amount they bid for, so


there, as in Cornwall, number of projects will not now go ahead. I


spoke to one senior figure in the business community this evening who


said that frankly, ?43 million for Devon and Somerset is a derisory sum


for an economy the size of those counties.


Thank you very much. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency


is tonight insisting that people calling 999 in south Devon


will still get help, despite a dispute with


the Dartmouth Coastguard Two senior members have quit


and the other ten will resign if a resolution with the MCA


cannot be found. They're unhappy about changes


to their procedures. Other emergency services,


such as the RNLI Lifeboats, are still operational.


From Dartmouth, John Ayres reports. Tonight, the Dartmouth coastguard


rescue team are off-line, meaning they will not be answering their


pagers are going on any shouts. Ordinarily, it would take 7-10


minutes for them to get to an incident, but it would have to be a


neighbouring team now, which could take anything between 40-50 minutes.


They have had a vote of no-confidence the management, the


MCA. They are unhappy two senior members have quit. The remaining


members say they will resign if they cannot come to a solution. The


Maritime and Coastguard Agency said, we are aware of an issue with the


Dartmouth coastguard rescue team. We will be working with those involved


to bring about a swift resolution. Coastguard rescue team is a much


valued part of our search and rescue capability, which also includes


helicopters and lifeboats, so anyone who finds themselves in difficulty


should be assured that they will always get help if they call 999 and


ask for a coastguard. There will be a meeting tomorrow, and hopefully,


they can find a resolution. An independent investigation


into a former Avon and Somerset police doctor has found he fell


woefully or grossly below common and acceptable standards during 10


medical examinations. The report also found


there were several missed opportunities to act upon concerns


about Dr Reginald Bunting, Victims complained about being made


to strip naked unnecessarily and being touched inappropriately.


The force has apologised. Experts are warning that terror


groups are using gaming forums They say the problem isn't just


confined to urban areas, but also affects teenagers


in Devon and Cornwall. Terror groups are creating their own


games mimicking the style of popular games to draw people in.


Eleanor Parkinson has more details. It is a seductive world for


teenagers, the world of fantasy and often violence, and many young


people are linking up with others around the world on gaming forums.


But experts say often, they have no idea of who they are talking to.


Terror groups are now using gaming forums to radicalise and recruit. As


a potential radicalise, you are looking for vulnerabilities in an


individual, and if those are identified, that is where they start


to signpost them to alternative sites, alternative chat rooms, and


start to communicate with them outside of the normal media


channels. In 2008, Nicky Reilly, young man with learning


difficulties, try to set off a home-made nail bomb in Exeter. It


emerged he had been encouraged by two men he had been speaking to an


online chat room. All schools in Cornwall have no train their staff


to look up on my medicalisation. At this college, they have had to refer


two pupils because of low level concerns about their behaviour, and


he's are not isolated cases. -- these are not. At this college,


students can now use an app to talk to a teacher if they have concerns


about a friend. If I were to see one of my close


friends who were starting to act differently, perhaps not so social,


or spending more time inside by themselves, I would just go and


question them, CF anything was happening to them, such as the


radicalisation. It might be a student who changes


their friendship group, becomes more isolated. Their parents may report


that they spend more time alone in their bedroom, more time alone


online. It might be that they have particular searches that flag up on


our filtering system in the school that might be a concern, or in some


cases, students who might respond to national or international incidents


in a way that worry you. Terror groups have even designed


their own games to mimic the plots of the game is being sold in shops.


Parents are advised to move console into a shared living space so they


can look out for anything suspicious.


Exmoor explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes is back striving to become the first


person to cross both ice caps and climb the highest peak


The challenge was in doubt last month when he suffered severe back


But he's been given the all clear to tackle Indonesia's


He's been talking about how he had to be airlifted to safety


when he was just hours from the peak, and how


Thank you. Hello, good evening. Doris has blown through, and left


behind some pretty lively gusts of wind. These are the strongest gusts


of wind from earlier today. Top of the league was bliss, 67 mph. The


winds are much lighter now, and will continue to drop overnight tonight.


For the next hour and a half to two hours, Stills and very strong gust


of wind, but as I mentioned, they will ease through the night, and a


much quieter day to come tomorrow. A week weather front may drift in late


in the day, but for many of us, a quiet, dry, bright day, more wind


and rain on Saturday, but not as windy as it has been today. By


Sunday, we are into blustery westerly winds again. So overnight,


a chance of a shower, but they are fleeting for most of us. Dry, clear


night. The winds continuing to drop through the night, and also falling


down to just 2-3 in places. A touch of frost is certainly possible first


thing tomorrow. Tomorrow, a bright dry day. There may be a few showers


around, but they will be isolated. Not overly warm, 8-10 is the


maximum. More cloud around on Saturday. Eventually, that will


produce outbreaks of rain. Breezy and mildly 10-11 the top


temperature, and it stays mild into Sunday as well.


Have a good night. That it from the late team.


Thank you for your company. Good night.


be much milder. I will leave you with Thomas Shelter.


Good evening. It was quite a day for some of us. We get these sort of


storms every couple of years also. Difficult to give an exact number,


but it was certainly a nasty one. It's now moving into Holland,


Germany, south of Denmark, and it continues to blow itself out. The


winds around coasts were not particularly spectacular, but the


inland winds were unusual, 62 mph in London. A trail of damage across the


UK with trees falling down, mainly trees, but also other spectacular


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