24/02/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Good evening. for the news where you are.


The family of a Cornish teenager with mental health problems have


been told she may have to be treated outside England, as there are no


Recently, the Prime Minister pledged to bring an end to young people


being sent out of their local area for treatment.


It is a picture of youthful exuberance, but it does not


The 17-year-old is currently staying at an NHS unit in Somerset.


To visit her daughter, mother Marie must make a 300 mile


return trip from their home in St Ives.


That journey could become greater still.


I have been told by CAMHS that they have tried


to contact everyone in England and there is nowhere


for her in England, and that they are looking


to take her out of the country, basically, to either


But even then, they haven't said there is a unit there or any help


there that will be any different to what is offered where she is now.


Over the years, we have heard from several families whose children


have been sent for treatment hundreds of miles away,


whether to Norfolk, Buckinghamshire or Kent.


Nearly two years ago, the Government acknowledged


the system was totally dysfunctional and pledged more than ?1


The Prime Minister has pledged to stop the practice of sending


young people out of the local area for treatment.


Later this year, we will bring forward a new green paper


on children and young people's mental health transform services


These measures will build on the work we are already doing


to put a stop to the untold misery of hundreds of children being sent


halfway across the country to access mental health services.


The Prime Minister has promised that by 2021,


no child will be sent away from their local area to be


treated for a general mental health condition.


But that is little comfort now for Sasha and Marie.


NHS England said it was reviewing its children and adolescent


mental health services, or CAMHS, to secure a more


balanced distribution of beds across the country.


The spokesperson said it plans to


eliminate inappropriate out of area placements.


Derriford Hospital in Plymouth has confirmed this evening


that it is on the highest level of alert.


The escalation to level four status this morning means


that services are unable to cope with demand.


There is also increased potential for patient care


Cars have been impounded and drivers arrested in a major operation


against illegal motoring in the south west.


Devon and Cornwall, and Dorset police are running an operation,


named Allied Wolf, to try and combat dangerous driving.


Here's our home affairs correspondent Simon Hall.


Using computerised registration plate monitoring linked to a series


of databases, operation Allied Wolf scoured Exeter with its


When was the insurance due? Have you got your driving licence with you?


The result, a ?300 fine and six penalty points.


It is very serious, uninsured drivers are something like 10-12


times more likely to be involved in a serious or fatal collision. So it


saw was driving without insurance, with a series of cars seized.


There have been concerns that the well-publicised cut in the number of


traffic officers could have encouraged some motorists to flout


the law. This operation is partly designed to reverse that impression.


The police say operation Allied Wolf will be regularly repeated in other


A teenager from Dartmoor, who died while serving


as a volunteer in Army canteens in France during the First World


War, has finally had her name added to her village war memorial.


John Danks has Kitty Trevelyan's story.


It is 1916, and on the battlefields of Europe, history is being written.


But only recently are we discovering the stories of people


like Kate Trevelyan, who left Dartmoor


She joined the Voluntary Detachment Service,


I think she would be working in the mobile canteens,


serving tea and buns and that sort of thing.


They were on top of cliffs, and massive gales of wind coming in.


The tented hospitals were blown down on a regular


basis, and I should think it was fairly uncomfortable.


She caught measles, and then she got pneumonia,


Sue's campaign has led to Kitty's name being added to the war memorial


The house she lived in was just up the road, and you can


It is about writing a wrong, really, honouring someone whose name should


have been on that memorial many years ago.


She was such a mighty girl, you know, and she should not be


forgotten, and well, none of them should.


A memorial service for Kitty will be held on the green


After that stormy seas of yesterday After that stormy seas of yesterday


today has been more pleasant. A good deal of sunshine. It is only for one


cloudy, becoming quite windy again. cloudy, becoming quite windy again.


It will be mild but that is also patchy rain in the forecast. The


area of high pressure has moved out of the way for Saturday and Sunday.


A couple of France on Saturday will bring widespread as persistent rain.


We are between whether France on Sunday. By the time we get to Monday


and Tuesday it is cold here, right conditions, a mix of sunshine and


showers. The fair cover of cloud tonight. By the end of the night it


will be rather cloudy and temperatures starting today at 5


degrees as the minimum. For most of us tomorrow is quite a legally day.


Patchy drizzle as possible. More persistent and widespread rain later


in the day. Some bright weather around first thing on Sunday


morning, then again more cloud arriving later in the day. As we


move into next week it is cooler with a mix of sunshine and showers.


There is more news and weather at 20 past five tomorrow on BBC One. Good


night. few days it is that the stay miles.


Outbreaks of rain at times particularly as we head into Monday.


A much calmer day today after the nasty storm yesterday. Let's look at


your pictures, tranquil from Hampshire, on the edge of the new


Forest. Nice cumulus clouds from Hartlepool. Still a bit stormy, that


sea. We are starting to get more pictures of bass coming


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