27/02/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Good evening. for the news where you are.


Torbay's planners have tonight agreed a controversial plan


for a hotel, flats and a car park on one of Torquay's


The scheme will include an 11-storey building and the regeneration


But objectors say it will ruin the site and are already


Well, Spotlight's John Ayres was there tonight


This decision is hugely controversial. Such was the passion


behind this that almost 200 people turned up to watch. The planning


officer described this as one of the most difficult decisions she has


been involved in. Why is it so controversial? The plan is to put an


11 story building right on the side of Torquay harbour for a hotel and


flats and a car park and it will see the rejuvenation of the Edwardian


pavilion which currently is closed. The default position for this


because it's in a conservation area would be to say no, but you can


approve an application like this when it is for the greater public


good and that being jobs and a boost to the economy. The developers have


been involved in this process with the planners for a very long time


and so there was great relief from them when it was approved this


evening. I think it was a very


thorough process. I have been to a lot of planning


meetings in my lifetime and I have not seen one like that before


with so many people. With half and half in the room,


you're never going to please everybody in this process


and I think the important thing now is to try and deliver


what we have said we would do. The protesters are very unhappy


about this. They turned up in force tonight and had a little


demonstration ahead of the meeting outside here. The reason they are so


unhappy is they do not believe the benefits are there, they do not


believe the jobs will be of value but in the end the plan was voted


6-4 so it did go through this evening.


A Labour city councillor from Plymouth says he apologises


unreservedly for making a Nazi salute during a council


Councillor Johnny Morris made the gesture during a debate


He told Spotlight that he'd been angry about the debate being closed


down and let that anger get the better of him


with an "inappropriate and offensive gesture".


The motion to raise council tax by almost 4.5% was later passed.


Cornwall is to push ahead with a controversial bid


for European Capital of Culture in 2023, despite critics branding


Senior councillors were voting for the second time today


after calls for further scrutiny of the proposals.


Cornwall's likely to be competing alongside Leeds,


Dundee and Milton Keynes for the title at a cost


The Liverpudlians launched in style when they won it


Now Cornwall is eyeing up this price.


With Truro at the heart of it, there will be a Cornwall-wide bid


to become the European Capital of Culture 2023.


We are coming out of the EU, but all but one senior counsellor


today gave the nod for the bid to go ahead at a cost of up to ?336,000


Given that we have just voted to come out of Europe to now


want to be European Capital of Culture seems,


Yes, it would be a lovely idea, but I think it's an awful lot


of money and we really need to think, do we need to spend


I think there is enough in Cornwall of different types of culture


Supporters point to the success of cultural projects like last


summer's Man Engine and say if this bid goes all the way,


the Cornish economy could get a boost of up to ?100 million.


The creative industries are one of our fastest growing sectors,


so supporting this is supporting that sector and supporting growth


The competition for the crown is likely to include Leeds,


Critics are branding it a waste of money when budgets are so tight


and question whether post-Brexit the UK will even get its turn.


Conservative opposition to the idea is coming from both


Had we stayed in the European Union we would be in a completely


different position, but this is part of our renegotiation


as we leave the European Union, we don't know if it's


going to survive, the government has made that clear.


And we could possibly create another competition


post-Brexit into which Cornwall could contribute, it's just


that this competition we're too late, we're not organised


When Liverpool's year ended, organisers insisted there


Those behind Cornwall's ambitions argue even taking part in this first


Fredrik Lindegren put the successful bid together for Umea, in Sweden,


which was the European Capital of Culture in 2014.


If you look at it from a cultural, political point of view,


I would say it is definitely worth it if you have an united agenda


There is always a possibility not to do it, but if you do it,


then do it together and do it with your own city and region


as the grounds for what you are trying to accomplish.


What sort of benefits have you experienced as a result


If you look at it from a tourist perspective, you can see a high


increase in overnight stays at hotels, you can see


an increase of investments, private investments in the city,


but for me, working as head of the culture department,


I would say that the most important is the awareness of how


investments in culture actually can make a difference


What do you make of a British county bidding for the title


of European Capital of Culture when we are working to leave the EU?


Well, of course it's a little bit puzzling,


but I think that the strongest connections we have in Europe


is within the culture field, so your decision,


despite your decisions, I think it's very wise to continue


to cooperate on a cultural level that will help us to unite further


A man has appeared at Plymouth Magistrates Court


in connection with an alleged attack on a special police constable


at the city's railway station on Saturday.


23-year-old Jonathan Feasey from East Taphouse, near Liskeard,


has been charged with causing actual bodily harm.


He was granted unconditional bail and ordered to appear


before magistrates again on the 20th of March.


Doctors in Cornwall are launching a new scheme to stop people


with long-term medical conditions becoming addicted


Contracts between the GPs and their patients will be drawn up


It comes after clinicians noticed a rise in patients being admitted


to the Royal Cornwall Hospital after overuse of painkillers.


What we began to notice was that many of the patients with long-term


painful conditions were displaying the same kind of features in how


they presented and how their lives were as I had seen when working


in a drug addiction service and that was a real concern.


The work of a forgotten poet from Devon, born


nearly 200 years ago, is being revived


Edward Capern was a postman and he won plaudits


from the Prime Minister and all the big literary


Liz Shakespeare is now publishing two new books about him -


a novel about his life and a selection of his poems.


Winter is not quite finished with us yet. There is more forced to come.


Certainly quite a cold night tonight and shower was around which gives us


the risk of ice and some frost first thing tomorrow. The week ahead is a


real mishmash. Lots happening, lots of changeable weather. It will


remain windy and cold. Showers and some sunshine but also the risk of


some frost around, certainly overnight tonight. One line of


showers clears southwards, another one approaches. Once that goes


through, some perhaps more persistent rain along the south


coast on Wednesday and then after that we get slightly less cold air


for a time, but once we get rid of the first batch of wet weather,


cooler conditions arrive from the north-west. Just about everything


over the next 24 hours. Wintry showers through the night to come.


The chance of some ice forming on untreated roads and pavements even


though temperatures may be a couple of degrees above freezing. Tomorrow


morning some sunshine, isolated showers then a line of perhaps more


frequent showers, some more persistent rain. That will please


past replaced by sunshine. Briscoe winds and eight or 9 degrees will be


the maximum. Thursday may well start of bright and drive but later on


that day we will see a range settling in. Thursday probably the


driest, more much whether on Friday. Temperatures up into double figures


them they start to lower. Next weekend it will be quite cold,


showers around and the continued risk of seeing some overnight frost.


Stay warm. Have a good night. More news and weather from the spot 19


tomorrow morning. Have a good evening.


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