03/03/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Protestors have been out in force tonight in Holsworthy after utter


disbelief in the town that the community hospital has shut


It's described as a temporary move, but campaigners don't


believe Holsworthy Hospital will ever be re-opened.


For Jenny and Andrew Smith, Holsworthy Hospital


The news of the closure has come as another major


I'm just devastated, not just for me personally


but for all the patients in there now, but also the patients


that could have been treated there and helped and given care


The news that inpatient services at the hospital being temporarily


closed has led to fears about the future of the hospital


This is Holsworthy, the community beds in Biddesford have shut,


Torrington's beds have shut, Okehampton's beds are shutting.


The only remaining community beds in this area of Devon are Holsworthy's.


Well, I think temporary closure will very quickly become a permanent


closure and that will see the end of Holsworthy hospital


Only built in the early 1990s, campaigners say that the hospital


is being run down on purpose with shocking claims about equipment


Staff have shown me where they have actually gone out and bought


doorbells, domestic doorbells, and cellotaped them to the tables


in front of beds because the proper help pushes have failed


The trust managing the hospital says it is being maintained properly


but that the temporary closure of beds is unavoidable due


This protest has been organised with just a few hours notice.


It shows how strongly people feel about their Community Hospital


A Flybe plane had to land in Exeter this afternoon


The flight from Cardiff to Jersey landed safely and none


The completion of a ?13 million road project in Exeter which has


been causing disruption for drivers for a year will be a delayed


Bridge Road at Countess Wear carries 30 thousand vehicles a day


and includes bridges that cross the Exeter Canal and the River Exe.


The morning commute, queueing at roadworks on a busy route into


Exeter. It is hoped the pain of the last year will be replaced by an


easier commute in the years to come. There are two lanes inbound and one


lane outbound. When it merges into one, you get queueing. The widening


work will provide two continuous outbound lanes, a bridge for


cyclists and pedestrians over the railway line is in place and another


will be added to the bridge. It is complicated project, the bridge


crossing the Exeter Canal has two open to allow vessels passage to and


from the key. Delays caused by issues with the bridges flooding


mean the scheme will not be completed until the end of June, a


month late. For the public we want to thank them for their patients.


And there was another closure this weekend to allow the roads to be


resurfaced. The hope is anyone stuck in rush hour queues knows the end is


in sight. A project in Devon could help lead


to wolves being re-introduced Six European wolf cubs have come


to Wildwood Escott near Honiton. Researchers from Sweden have reared


them for the last ten months. These ten-month-old European wolf


cubs will be monitored in their new surroundings


by experts from Sweden. The wolf is a really under-studied


species because it's a very elusive and very fearful species,


so it's very hard to conduct So having them like this is a great


opportunity to get to know Christine and her colleagues have


helped the wolves settle in as they want to work out how


they compare to domestic dogs. We are very interested how


behaviour has changed from when we domesticated the dog


from the grey wolf at least 15,000 This was the animals


at seven weeks old. They had been reared alongside


puppies and it's not hard They haven't been wild in Britain


for hundreds of years. These wolves will remain


in quarantine for four months then visitors will get a chance


to see them. And as for getting them


into the wild in time, northern Scotland is


the most likely location. Exeter Chiefs tamed


the Leicester Tigers winning 34-15 at Welford Road


to strengthen their grip on second The Chiefs made the most


of a Tom Youngs yellow card - scoring 14 points to go in 27-8 up


at half time. Scrum Half Stu Townsend crossing


in the corner for the third They weathered a second half storm


after Jeff Parling was sin binned and managed to secure the bonus


point try from Mitch Lees. Now, the weather. Good evening.


There is no better way to describe this weather than unsettled but


there is some bright weather in between the rain and showers,


limited and it is quite windy. A brisk wind swirling around


low-pressure and feeding in showers overnight. More persistent rain at


times. This is Saturday, this weather front gives persistent rain


early on Sunday and is replaced by showers and more low-pressure into


Monday. Unsettled, quite windy, largely dry overnight tonight, a few


showers but clear skies developing through the night. Temperature is


not falling too low. A brisk breeze. Tomorrow morning, some sunshine,


showers arrived, some are quite heavy moving through steadily but in


between the showers a bit of sunshine and temperatures climbing


up to eight and 10 degrees. A windy day. Gale force for a time. Some


quite wet weather on Sunday morning, that will clear, bright and more


showers and a blustery feeling day on Sunday. The rain continues into


next week. I am back with a Saturday bulletin at 5:50pm. Bye-bye.


Good evening, mixed fortunes this weekend. Today we saw a fair share


of rain. This is the view one of our weather watchers in Doncaster. Not


particularly inspiring. This weekend there will be some rain, but some of


us will get away with a dry start. This is the satellite and a lovely


day in northern Scotland. But cloud and rain and thunder and lightning


in this area. Our main area of rain is stuck across Northern Ireland and


Scotland. Some snow over higher ground. And windy. Four or


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