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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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A staggering series of lies. for the news where you are.


That's how a judge described the actions of a former chairman of


the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust, who was jailed today


Jon Andrews from Totnes earned over ?1 million from his deception,


Jon Andrews had the right background and qualifications.


Or so it seemed, but he got three senior roles on the back of lies.


He spent ten years at St Margaret's Hospice in Taunton.


He had exaggerated his experience and made up three university degrees


While he claimed to be a Home Office executive officer,


Everyone is shocked and saddened to learn about the fraud


and the information that was disclosed in court today.


There was nothing during his time and tenure here to suggest


Andrews had been chairman of the Torbay Care Trust


and in 2015, became chairman of the Royal Cornwall hospitals


trust, an organisation under serious pressure.


There were debts of around ?7 million, mortality rates


were higher than expected, it was missing its target


of treating 95% of emergency patients within four hours


and there was a doubling of the number of ambulances


In my experience of large business, on a senior appointment like this


we would have looked at the detail very closely indeed,


so I am surprised this situation has emerged.


From my personal perspective and my involvement with him,


there were one or two questions I might have had when he was fairly


circumspect in what he said and perhaps now we know why.


Today he admitted three counts of fraud.


Passing a jail sentence of two years, the judge told Andrews,


"Your outwardly prestigious life was built on a series


He told Jon Andrewes he had received ?1 million, "Money you received


And he said he denied other people the positions he got.


The family of Tanis Bhandari, who was stabbed to death


on New Year's Eve in Tamerton Foliot, near Plymouth,


two years ago were told by the Justice Secretary Lizz Truss


today that the law has been tightened since the crime.


Tanis's family believe he would still be alive if his joint


killer Donald Pemberton had not been free on licence at


Pemberton had been arrested a fortnight before the killing


for threatening men with meat cleavers.


Earlier, the family's MP raised the matter in the commons.


I would ask whether there is any more the department can do to help


the families like those here with me today whose son was murdered


Would the department work with families to get the support


they need to ensure cases like this cannot happen again?


None of us in this house, very few of us in this house can


ever understand or have to go through what the family had to go


through and that is a tragicism all of us would never wish


He is right that following the implementation of


the rehabilitation act, the process around post-sentencing


provision has changed, but I am always willing to look


at what more we can learn from the experiences


A woman from Penzance has been killed after a collision with a van


in the town's Larrigan Road this afternoon.


The woman, in her fifties, was pronounced dead at the scene.


A Ukip MEP for the South West has been accused of hypocrisy and lying


over his involvement in a wind farm project.


In a television interview three years ago, William Dartmouth had


denied knowing that land in Yorkshire he'd given


to a relative was being lined up to take wind turbines.


But it's now emerged that he'd been personally involved


in negotiations over the project for several years beforehand.


Ukip is opposed to onshore wind farms.


Safety experts are calling for greater awareness of illegal


drug use among the south west's fishermen following a number


In the last two years, 15% of fishing vessel accidents


Here's our industry correspondent Neil Gallacher.


Breaking the surface, the scallop dredger JMT.


She capsized off Teignmouth in July 2015 taking with her 34-year-old


Shane Hooper and 22-year-old skipper Mike Hill.


Mike had followed his dad into the family business.


At a very young age, he used to come to sea with me,


loved everything about the sea, he was a good fisherman.


I think he was probably going to be one of the tops out there.


When Shane's body was recovered there was a large quantity


Micky believes Michael would never have worked with Shane had he known.


Michael would have chucked him over the side.


Michael has always said amphetamine is classed as the poor man's drug.


Michael would not have allowed Shane on that boat and you know...


He definitely would not have allowed him on that boat.


Amphetamines can create a sense of alertness and confidence.


And they have been increasingly linked to fishing accidents.


It is like driving a car, if you take drugs and drive a car,


The government has pledged to raise awareness and help prevent


You look at the stars at night and think that the brightest one


is my son, and that is the way you try and get through things.


I tell you what, you don't know what you have lost


The father of Michael Hill ending that report by Neil Gallacher.


One charity which is working with fishermen to tackle drug abuse


Earlier, its superintendent in Newlyn told me why some


fishermen could be tempted to take amphetamines.


I think the choice of the drug is very significant.


Amphetamines are very much about stimulant, about getting on,


being able to cope with lack of sleep, tiredness,


giving you a sense of euphoria and I think that is something


that is very much experienced by fishermen when they go to sea.


It's the lack of sleep, the hard physical labour hour after hour,


the pains of a body that has been working five days straight


I think the amphetamines do tend to help with that.


I don't think drug-taking in the fishing industry is any more


prevalent than it is in any other part of society.


There are those that do and those that don't right


But you would think it is the pressures involved


in the job entailed in fishing that drive some fishermen


I think that would be the biggest single determinant


of whether someone would take them or not.


It does help you get through what is the hardest job.


It has the highest death rate bar none in peace time


in British industry, it is 180 times more dangerous


It is difficult for anybody who has not been fishing, myself included,


to understand what demand it puts an their bodies.


Very briefly, what can the Fishermen's Mission try to do


I think probably the best way is through education.


Explaining to the people who might choose to do this and go to sea


and use drugs the possible consequences and how it does


make what is a very, very dangerous job in the first


place so much more dangerous and most importantly,


working with those people who would choose to use drugs,


helping them to find appropriate support and just being there,


supporting them through the process of dealing


Paddington Bear was famously a refugee from darkest Peru.


Now knitters in east Devon have been reaching out to child


refugees by making hundreds of home-grown bears.


The small toys will be put into the pockets of donated coats


for children in Syria, Greece and elsewhere.


Time for the weather - here's David with the forecast.


I cannot promise you 25 degrees and sunshine, but I can promise you


something less cold. Temperatures are on the rise this week. It has


been pretty chilly over the last three or four days. It is milder,


there is some rain in the forecast, it will be breezy but nowhere near


as colds. A cold night to come because we have the winds easing,


the skies clearing and the chance of some frost but this is the first of


milder interludes, this warm front tomorrow. Pretty erratic progress.


It will take its time to get to us. Eventually get into parts of


Somerset and Dorset. On Wednesday and Thursday, we keep these


south-westerly winds and by Friday we are drawing warm air from the far


south which means much higher temperatures to end the week. More


orange and yellow appearing here as this milder air comes up from the


south, so hopefully no frost to look forward to temperatures up to 14


degrees. It is cold tonight, there will be a frost in places,


particularly across the more eastern parts of Devon, Dorset and Somerset.


There could well be a frost to start the day. Milder air further west and


most of the rain tomorrow will be across Cornwall. Probably staying


largely dry in Dorset, Somerset. Not a bad day here, elsewhere in the


rain will win and it will move right across the south-west, the evening.


Brisk winds from the west and south-west and temperatures in


double figures for Wednesday. The only downside is there is not a huge


amount of sunshine but at least we will see temperatures back to 13 or


14. That is the news and weather for now. More in BBC breakfast tomorrow


morning, but from us, good night. cool, it will be windy at times as


well and still rather unsettled with some blustery showers around. That's


the London forecast and now for the National forecast, over to Nick


Miller. North-west France and Plymouth were


miles apart weather-wise. This southern flank in north-west France


there was a wind gusts of 120 mph which we just dodged. That area of


low pressure continues to move quickly south-eastwards so that by


tomorrow it is in Italy on its southern flank, stormy in Sardinia


and around it strong winds blowing through south-east France. We've got


a little bump in the ice bars with lighter winds, a brief ridge of high


pressure, things briefly settled going into tomorrow, overnight there


are some showers around moving through western Scotland and


north-west England and the Midlands, clearing Wales, one or two in the


east, the North Sea tip of high pressure, things briefly settled


going into tomorrow, overnight there are some showers around moving


through western


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