07/03/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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very much again at the Emirates Stadium. Natalie Perks.


More than 140,000 people have signed a petition started by a Devon man


calling for changes to the way mortgages are approved.


Self-employed roofer Jamie Pogson wants mortgage lenders to make


payment of rent count as proof an individual can meet


The number of people supporting his call means it


John Henderson has been to meet him.


The kitchen, even a toy one, is the heart of any home.


But getting on the property ladder is frighteningly expensive.


After ten years, Jamie Podson is a fully paid-up member


I've averaged it out for about ?450 a month.


Because I've been in sort of smaller houses, big houses.


But I've averaged it out over ?450 a month.


It's working around the sort of 80 grand region.


So it's quite a lot of money to sort of throw away and I could be halfway


But soon, Jamie's quest for home ownership will come here,


The Plymouth roofer started this petition, making paying rent enough


proof that you are able to meet mortgage payments.


It's received over 130,000 signatures, meaning it will have


If the law does change, then a lot of people will be able


Because I know people who pay their rent on time but they can't


But whether the debate will actually change anything is a moot point.


Banks and building societies tightened up mortgage applications


In a statement, the Council of Mortgage Lenders says that


while regular payment of rent may be a helpful indicator,


it cannot be used in isolation as a landing risk assessment.


Other factors include the size of deposit,


the valuation and condition of the property, the borrower's


employment record, the reliability of their income and their credit


record and given that the average house price in the UK is over


?200,000, some say that cautious approach is on the money.


Nobody has a right to be given a mortgage.


You may have a basis upon which to complain about


the reasons which were refused, but you're not enforcing a right


by groaning about the fact that you weren't lent money.


So now, Jamie will have to sit it out in his rented home,


Johnny Morris, a Labour councillor major Nazi salute after conservative


members voted to end the debate. Tonight, Mr Morris to apologise


unreservedly, confirmed he'd been suspended from the Labour group for


suspended from the Labour group for three months.


The Isles of Scilly Council has agreed measures


to tackle a financial shortfall revealed today.


At a meeting, ?600,000 of savings were outlined.


Council tax will be increased by just under 5%, but the budget


for next year will still carry a deficit.


I think most councils in the country would be champing at the bit


to get a ?309,000 deficit, however, the cap is obviously


greater than that but this is what we've got to do.


A lot of decisions have got to be made and sadly,


we're the ones who've got to make them.


I don't think for any councils anywhere in the country this


Our Political Editor Martyn Oates is at Westminster and has been


speaking to the MP for the Isles of Scilly.


We hear a lot about the worsening financial problems facing rural


Derek Thomas, the St Ives MP, whose constituency includes


the Isles of Scilly, says the council of the Isles


of Scilly faces all of those challenges and many more thanks


to its geography and its small population.


But it's worth remembering that most of the rural councils who say


they're in really dire straits tend to be district councils,


so with relatively limited responsibilities.


The council of the Isles of Scilly, though, is a unitary authority,


with all the extra duties and responsibilities that come


In the past, there have been debates and disagreement as to whether even


somewhere the size of Torbay with a population of more


than 130,000 is really big enough to be viable as a unitary.


The council of the Isles of Scilly, though, is a long-standing unitary,


though with a population of just over 2,000 people.


When I go over there, I'm conscious that nearly


Everything I see, touch, or feel, or use is


And the case we've been making to the government is just that,


that they have significant responsibility that other


They have a real challenge to meet those, and the government needs


to recognise those as slightly different to maybe Cornwall Council,


What the council needs the government and I need


the government to do is to move much more quickly and to recognise that


while it's a small community, their needs are urgent


and they are pressing and they must be resolved quickly.


Mr Thomas has raised this issue in the comments and privately


Mr Thomas has raised this issue in the Commons and privately


with the Community Secretary Sajid Javid.


He said Mr Javid accepts that the Scillies is a special case.


And he says that officials from Mr Javid's department have been


in the Scillies over the past fortnight.


He said he is hopeful the government will come up with some kind of plan


to provide extra assistance to the Scillies before the end


But that is, of course, is just a few weeks away.


Contaminated silt dredged from Devonport Dockyard will be


dumped further out to sea instead of close to shore at Whitsand Bay


Silt waste, which potentially carries zinc, mercury and lead,


will be dumped at a site known as Plymouth Deep.


Fishermen say they fear it'll affect their livelihoods


but environmental campaigners are pleased.


Today is a great day, because we set out to try to get


the dumping in the bay stopped, and that's exactly what's been


happening now with the designation of a new dump site.


If it has to go in the water, surely taking it further out


Flybe wants to increase the number of women working


Currently only 10% of the workforce at the Exeter-based airline


The company has been talking to local schoolchildren in a bid


to get more girls to consider it as a career.


Now, if you want to do it, I'm sure you will do it very well.


I see you have a uniform on the aircraft.


The Flybe new Chief Executive, began her career as an


aviation engineer before working her way up.


Today, she's meeting pupils from nearby Cranbrook high school,


keen to encourage more girls into this traditionally male profession.


We are supporting diversity in the workforce, to create


Today, 31% of our workforce is female, but we are


still only 10% of female pilots or female engineers and we're


trying to do everything to push that further.


Charlotte grew up in Exmouth and recently completed


I've always been mechanically minded and from a young


age, working on some sort of machinery or engines or anything,


it's been a passion of mine and


that's what I've wanted to do, so I thought, why not start


There was a time when women working in the aviation


industry could only hope to beat cabin crew but that is now changing


Emma and Charlotte are just some of the women working there at Flybe's


They are still a relative minority but the company says they are hoping


These are some of Flybe's current engineering apprentices.


There are currently seven girls out of the 109 on the


There are currently seven girls out of the 409 on the


So this top set of rivets here, at the counter sinks.


So has today's physics inspired tomorrow's workers?


I found it really interesting and exciting and


I think that when I'm older, I think that being a pilot would be


There are now more job opportunities for


Tomorrow, to mark International women's Day, Flybe is


It's newsworthy now, but the hope is that


Onto Football now and Plymouth Argyle were unable to stop their run


of Tuesday night match defeats - that's despite changing


to an all-white kit in the hope the players would be more


They lost 3-0 at home to Blackpool, their third


Time now to take a look at the weather and David's


If you're living high up, you know how misty and murky. Hill for is


becoming extensive. Tomorrow, damp and misty but at


least it's mild and temperatures are on the rise. A weather friends


across as tomorrow, quite a breezy day so we end up with a fairly


miserable day, outbreaks of rain, windy conditions, less windy,


brighter on Thursday, same sort of thing on Friday with winds from the


south. Hopefully a few breaks in the low cloud. But we have an extensive


this sheet of clouds tonight. Behind it, plenty of drizzle or light rain


in the wind, blustery winds from the south-west and as I


mentioned, a lot of low clouds, both the risk of coastal land hill fog


and temperatures no lower than between 27-10d. Tomorrow morning,


damp start, not much chance brightness tomorrow. Grey, overcast,


rain off and on. Thursday a little bit brighter, most of the rain down


here in the south, southern parts of Cornwall, south of Devon, North


Somerset, parts of Dorset, late sunshine and it stays mild into


Andy Breare will be back just before 6.30am tomorrow morning


with the latest news from around the South West.


But from everyone here on the Spotlight late


rain on Saturday. The national picture now from Nick Miller.


It looks like next week high pressure will become a player again


in our weather, settling things down for some of us for a time but until


then it is low-pressure, rain moving across the UK overnight but not wet


all the time. Many of us at a fine day today, this was at you from West


Yorkshire and Yorkshire and northern England and Northern Ireland will


farewell tomorrow, after this frontal system has pushed on through


the UK with rain. But as it does, it introduces milder air so for the


rest of the week we


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