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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Health and social care managers are tonight


assessing the likely impact of new government


money to help ease the


In today's budget, the Chancellor announced an


extra ?2 billion nationally over the next three years.


It saying that is easing the pressure on our


hospitals, but how much of a difference will it make?


Well, I'm joined now by our health correspondent Jenny Walrond.


Jenny, what kind of reaction have we seen


Only a couple of weeks ago, the councils in the


south-west were criticising the government for not giving them


enough funding to address what they described


Today, some of them said that there were clues that the government


has listened to their concerns but warned that


a long-term solution is


required, and we're likely to find out what that


long-term solution is


likely to be later in the year when the government its proposals in a


green paper, which is a consultation document.


We've also heard today from Sarah Wallace an MP who is a


She said that she's been assured that this is new funding,


it's not being raided from other budgets, but ?2 billion over three


Well, one think tank, the Local Government Information Unit,


And briefly, Jenny, any other big announcements


Well, the Chancellor has promised an extra ?100 million to put more


GPs in accident and emergency department


to ease the pressure for next winter.


That's something that's already happening in some of our


hospitals, and also ?325 million for sustainability


Now, these are the reorganisations of health services


that have been causing a loss of anxiety in


closure of commutable hospital beds, the possible loss of some services


such as maternity, and this funding will go to set up different


services, things such as services that care for you in your own home.


Jenny, we'll have to leave it there, thank you.


Elsewhere the budget brought some relief


But there'll be hikes in National Insurance


Our business correspondent Neil Gallagher is live


in Tavistock for us tonight. Neil.


I reckon if you had to pick a proper south west market


town to do business in, you might well choose


But even here it's a low wage economy built around small


businesses with a lot of self employment.


So the raise in National Insurance Contributions for self employed


FSB locally described it as a good way to put people off


West Devon is one of those places that feels it's in danger


Some previous chancellors have had more to say about our transport


links here than Phillip Hammond did, and that point wasn't


lost on one customer of the Cornish,


who represents the business community.


As you say, lots about north and Midlands, lots about Wales,


Scotland and Ireland, nothing about the south-west at all, and given


that we had assurances previously, we were really hoping to get those


firmed up in terms of some commitment to both rail and road.


Lots of rises in business rates had been looming.


Today the Chancellor said small and medium sized pubs would get


a ?1,000 discount on the rates they were expecting...


Going forward, I see there needs to be a


full review of the way business rates are dished out, really,


because it's quite archaic, especially businesses by gas on the


high Street which have got bricks and mortar, they're going to be


severely punished in comparison to the big guys in the new digital age.


Somewhere that had been fearing some of the biggest rises in business


Today the Chancellor's moves to soften these seemed


We have to pass on so much of the price increases


to our customers, or absorb the price rises ourselves.


It's a great day, but there is still that need


for long-term reform for


the feature to ensure that doesn't happen in the future.


The current business rates just tax business


whether a customer walks through the door or not,


and I think everybody would say it's fairer to tax on


profits, and that makes it more competitive and investment strategy


for businesses rather than just having big rises just for actually


existing, and opening your door on day one.


One final thought from St Austell brewery who own this pub:


2p on a pint: "extremely disappointing


"a real body blow" to the industry.


And from Tavistock to Westminster, where our political editor


Martyn Oates has been following today's announcements.


We've got used to little lists of goodies for the south-west being


This time I think the only two specific


references were one to the


Exeter mathematics school, and the news that the Plymouth MP Oliver


Colville will be the government's official representative for the


Mayflower 400 centenary celebrations.


And I'm joined now by both of the favoured duo, Oliver


Colville, and the Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw.


Oliver Colville, to begin with, a lot of people have made the


point today that there was nothing in the budget today with your other


hat on as the leader of the group of MPs campaigning for better rail


We've been having serious conversations with


ministers, and it's quite clear that the government is very much


committed to improving the railways, and indeed at a recent meeting they


made it quite clear as well that we are


starting to do work on the


Dawlish line in a roundabout 2019, and then they'll look at what they


can do as far as the Tavistock line concerned probably some little while


The top priority is most certainly going to be sorting out


that Dawlish line, that we don't ever again


see our economy west of


Exeter being mucked around in the way in which it was when that


Ben Bradshaw, the government is moving to deliver on


Oh, it seems to me that Mrs May has quietly dropped those


grandiose promises that were made by George Osborne and David Cameron


We all remember what they were, big in


the structure investment in the south-west


we are halfway through the parliament is now and we've seen


The governments does seem to have listened


and delivered help both on


social care and help with the business rates increase.


Yes, I'm pleased about what they said on


business rate and social care, although I think the social care is


a sticking plaster, it's not a long-term solution,


it doesn't make up for the big cats we've already


suffered, and of course another broken election promise on


increasing national insurance contributions will be self-employed.


Oliver, that's really interesting, isn't it, for a Conservative


You'll know that lots of Conservative backbenchers are cross


about this increase in national insurance contributions for small


businesses and small business constituencies are one which


traditionally the Conservative Party looks to.


It most certainly is, it is a very important one and


especially in my constituency there is a large amount of small


I think we need to remember two things, though, one is


that people who are repaying their money through PAYE, they need to be


treated on a level playing field I would argue, with the small


Secondly, we will have to see the debates that are taking


the announcement get made during the Budget Statement, but we


do need to see how this is now going to develop


number of people who are speaking very firmly on that issue.


Are you suggesting that you might be opposed to it and the government


No, no, all I'm just saying is that we need to


have a conversation about it, that's a bit of a priority.


To ensure that this government actually does


OK, Oliver Colville, Ben Bradshaw, thank you both very much.


The background of this of course politically in the south-west is


that all of the MPs, bar Ben Bradshaw,


are Conservative MPs, and


as they seem to like reminding us they know that there will be public


pressure on them to deliver as a lobbying force in Westminster.


Onto other news now, and campaigners from the south west have been


protesting in London today over changes to women's pension age.


They say they've had up to six years added on,


with little or no notice, and are calling on the Government


They claim the changes to the state pension scheme amount


Police searching for a 26-year-old missing woman in North Devon have


Lauren Phillips' car was last seen in Woolacombe almost two weeks ago.


Devon Councillors are threatening to refer plans to close 71


Community Hospital beds to the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.


They want health commissioners to assure them it's good


for the local health service and that the consultation


Investigators think plastic packaging accidentally left


on a sauna heater caused a major fire in Exeter.


The Riverside Leisure Centre was severely damaged in the fire


It's not known how long the centre will remain closed.


Let's take a look at the weather now - here's David.


Hello, good evening. Missed and low cloud causing a few problems for us


at the moment, quite extensive and pretty poor visibility out there. It


may be that tomorrow the drizzle and Mr Will clear, steadily to the


south, mainly affecting the English Channel posts, and the more western


parts of Cornwall with somewhat brighter conditions nudging in from


the north but for tonight and tomorrow, the Hill and coastal fog


is quite thick, and if it is causing problem is on our roads it would be


for updates. This weather front for updates. This weather front


straight across Cornwall for the middle of the day, and by the middle


day on Friday as lot of moist air but it has moved away but I am able


there will be bricks on the cloud on Friday. Showers overnight surmising


that drizzle and missed and low cloud as I mentioned, poor


visibility and a miles 10-11 degrees minimum damage. Tomorrow, along the


south coast the drizzle probably continues but further north there is


a good chance of some breaks in the cloud, but where that happens we


will get some pretty good stab at it,. Always very misty and rather


cloudy for the more western parts of Cornwall. On Friday we start the day


similarly, lots of cloud of mist, but it will brighten up and by the


afternoon clouds holes developed to let the sunshine income of 13 to 14


the top temperature. Showers possible on Saturday and Sunday, but


turning fresher at the same time. Having at night.


Lots more online - breakfast bulletins start from 6.25 tomorrow.


Good night though, from all of us here.


outlook, staying mild and Nick has the bigger picture across the UK.


Hello. Spring is in the air with temperatures reaching 14 or 15 in a


few spots today as they will again over the next few days. Very


pleasant in the sun. The daffodils were loving that in York. More


places under blue sky tomorrow and dry. Tonight heavy showers moving


across Scotland on strong to gale force winds, some may clip Northern


Ireland. It's a mild night in southern England and South Wales but


damp and drizzly, misty with coastal and hill fog elsewhere. Temperatures


in between and dry: This damp weather hangs on from parts of the


Channel Islands, to Cornwall. Elsewhere, it's getting brighter in


South Wales and southern England. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland


some sunny spells around from the word go. The


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