15/03/2017 Spotlight

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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And we will ask why so many more people over the age of 65 are


getting married these days. Feelings were running high


in Holsworthy this evening as around 500 people gathered


to express their anger at plans to temporarily


close their community hospital beds. The NHS Trust bosses met


with shouts and jeers from the audience, but refused


to overturn the decision. Our health correspondent Jenny


Walrond is there for us tonight. I gather quite a lively meeting?


Absolutely. Hospital bosses can be left in no doubt that there is


considerable public anger and distrust over their decision to come


close beds at Holsworthy hospital. At a packed meeting tonight we heard


concerns that that temporary closure could become permanent and criticism


over the way the trust is handle problems with staffing and bed


occupancy. When it comes to dying, I want to be


able to die where I want to die and in the comfort that


I want. So, you are telling me


that the reason numbers are reducing is because you have stopped people


coming to Holsworthy? Sometimes people need more medical


care and the best place Do you know, they feel


very strongly about it. It is such an important thing,


a centre of the community really. We asked if it is going to be


permanent and they were like, "Oh, You know, they were going


on about the agency staff. No proper answer, no better


off now, really, so... And what did the trust had to say


tonight? Northern Devon health care Jost was challenged to overturn a


decision to close those beds but the Chief Executive said that that is


something there was no way we would do in speaking to me before the


meeting Alison Diamond said that the closure was due to significant


safety concerns. One of them is around the use


of agency staff to support our staff due to very significant staff


sickness and also some vacancies And that, in combination with few


people actually needing the beds in Holsworthy,


is a situation that we can't There was one assurance. But is that


current patients will be allowed to stay for as long as they need to.


Patients such as Penny Smith who has terminal ovarian cancer and who has


appealed to end her days at Holsworthy hospital but there were


no promises that these beds would definitely reopen and so it may be


many months before we know the long-term future of this hospital.


Jenny in Holsworthy, thank you. There are calls tonight


for changes to the way military It follows the successful appeal


by Sergeant Alexander Blackman The former Royal Marine from Taunton


shot dead an injured Taliban Today an Appeal Court ruled


he was instead guilty of manslaughter on the grounds


of diminished responsibility. In Taunton, a Royal Marine's town,


you don't have to look far to find people flying the flag for Alexander


Blackman. Well, that is better than it was,


but I still feel that he should After all, he was fighting


for his country and things Yet there are those who believe


Alexander Blackman had to be held Well, it was right


that he was prosecuted. That sort of action has


to be investigated. Simon Hollington was


a Royal Marine for 24 years, Today he told me Alexander Blackman


had crossed the line of what was acceptable


on the battlefield. I can understand how he did


what he did, I don't We have to keep them,


otherwise we are reduced to savages. What do you say though


to the argument that what goes on on the battlefield should stay


on the battlefield? If somebody breaks the law


and it is the law, then they have Former Sergeant Blackman


is currently in Erlestoke prison in Wiltshire having served more


than three years of an eight-year Now, it all dates back to September


2011 when he was serving in Helmand Province,


Afghanistan. When he shot dead


a seriously injured Taliban His actions captured


on helmet camera. But his prosecution


prompted protests. This one on the streets


of Westminster. And in Parliament today,


the local MP welcomed And would the Prime Minister agree


with me that within the correct legal framework, those


who defend our peace, protect our will from evil,


be treated with fairness Another MP, a former soldier,


said the right outcome had It was always my view whilst


Sergeant Blackman had behaved in the most despicable way,


what he was guilty in the most despicable way, what he was


guilty of was not murder. He was mentally ill


when he did what he did. He had not been looked


after by his chain of command. He had seen things that would have


snapped the will and senses of anybody and what he did


was awful, truly, truly awful, but it wasn't murder,


it was manslaughter. So, murder has now formally


become manslaughter, but the debate over the rights


and wrongs of the shooting, and the prosecution which followed


it, haven't gone away. Earlier the Liberal Democrat


peer Lord Burnett, who's a former Royal Marine,


told Spotlight he'd be calling for a change in the way military


courts deal with cases like Sergeant It'll be raised in the House


of Lords next week. The public don't really understand


quite what those pressures are. The panel should


have been his peers. That is the culture,


the ethos of court-martial. Only two of the seven members


of the panel had actually served in Afghanistan and knew the hell


that was inflicted And straight after this programme


there's a special edition of Panorama made by filmmaker


Chris Terrill, who was embedded with Sergeant Blackman's unit


at the time of the shooting. In a vital case that could affect


the way we fight wars in future, we ask did Sergeant Blackman kill


in cold blood? Were there other pressures


we had not heard about? Everyone that was speaking


on the radio was sending For every individual man, there's


a point in which he's had too much. That's Panorama at


10:50pm here on BBC One. The most likely cause


of a devastating fire in the Cornish village of St Day was electrical


according to Cornwall's Fire It started at the same time


as several electrical faults Today our reporter David George


was invited in, to see Fire has burned through into next


door and through the roof. Katie finds some wet and charred


pictures of her daughter. I found these pictures


of Charlie from quite Everything was in there,


our lives, everything and... I came out and there was,


in number three, there was smoke Neighbour Tammy Mitchell called


the Fire Service and that was just minutes after she had reported


a power cut in the estate. The electric goes off, sparking,


the satellite box is going up, sparking off on cushions and ten


minutes later the roof was smoking. And then within 20 minutes


two rooves are on fire, Western Power Distribution say no


one is available for an interview, but a spokesman confirmed


that there was a problem with the transformer that was here,


which is why they had replaced it Well, let's take a look


a weather now with David. Good evening. We have had some


sunshine today, not everywhere, but some places got a lovely entered the


day. This was the sunset in Somerset. Tomorrow I don't think we


will see as much clear sky. Cloud will be thicker and more widespread


and it's capable of producing some spots of drizzle. All because of


this weather front which is slowly coming in from the West through the


day tomorrow. It will introduce cooler air and that opens the door


to much more unsettled weather. This is Friday, a bright start and cloud


and rain sweeping in. More cloud and rain as we head into the start of


the weekend. Any dry weather tomorrow we will make the most.


Tonight it is misty. Low cloud and hill fog. Mild bout with


temperatures between seven and nine of us. Tomorrow the greyness is


there this time the cloud will be quite thick and it will produce a


few spots of rain and not as warm as today. Ten of 11 the maximum. Quite


a bright start on Friday. There might be some sunshine at first


before rain gradually sweep since. They wet Friday evening. Quite a


damp and windy start weekend ahead. That is all from me.


That's about all from us tonight - that special edition of Panorama


been. The outlook, rain around, if it stays dry I will be surprised.


Here is Nick with the national headlines.


For large parts of Wales and England there was blue sky and warmth.


Warmest day of the