16/03/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Good evening. for the news where you are.


The skipper of a fishing boat has been found guilty of trying


to smuggle more than a tonne of cocaine into the UK


through Falmouth in one of Britain's biggest ever drugs seizures.


His two crew have already pleaded guilty to drug importation offences.


Today the jury at Bristol Crown Court was told


the drugs had a street value of nearly ?84 million.


All three men will be sentenced next month.


This red trawler is packed with cocaine.


Left and right, Border Force speedboats close in.


The biggest seizure of cocaine in Britain in 2016.


One tonne, with a street value of ?84 million.


There was no physical resistance at the time.


This undercover Border Force agent was there, and told me breaking up


You want to get your feet firmly planted on the deck


Michael McDermott, David Pleasants and Gerald van de Kooij


were the three men on the trawler, and are now convicted


?84 million in street level value, but that's millions and millions


of wraps that would have been in the hands of dealers


The only way Border Force and the National Crime Agency


could stop the gang involved was because they had


access to fast boats, helicopters and cutters


But the British coastline is around 8000 miles long,


so what can the handful of cutters on patrol do?


The captain says they can still send a powerful message


I want this to be recognised by the opposition as


The trawler the Bianca is to be sold, and the cocaine found


But all the agencies involved know it won't stop


trade, and their vigilance will be tested again.


Duncan Kennedy, BBC Spotlight, with Britain's Border Force.


A date has now been set for the sentencing of the former


Royal Marine Alexander Blackman, who fatally shot an injured Taliban


It follows a Court Martial appeal which ruled that his conviction


for murder should be reduced to manslaughter on the grounds


Changes to the way Cornwall's road network is managed have been


introduced following the death of a woman in a landslide in Looe.


Susan Norman was crushed to death four years ago.


An inquest said the council should have known there was a "real


Today the council said lessons had been learnt from her death.


Sandplace Road in Looe, March 2017, where Cornwall Council


The same month four years earlier, a scene of devastation.


Where a grandmother, Susan Norman, was killed in bed as tonnes of earth


Today, Cornwall's cabinet met to approve new national guidance


That includes problems like those experienced in Looe when torrential


rain rushed down the road behind the properties and


It's thought that caused the landslide.


Today, we've agreed some changes to the way that we'll manage


and maintain our road network in the future.


This is in response to the new national code of practice


for managing highways infrastructure which was published


We've also taken the opportunity provided by this review to take


account of the lessons learned from the inquest into the tragic


It's clear Cornwall Council is carrying out work here in Looe.


But residents say it's not the right action


to protect their homes and their safety.


They're not convinced by the local authority's new code of practice.


The council says it has carried out improvements


since Susan Norman's death, like a new retaining wall


at the sight of the landslide, and the pinning of the bedrock.


Christine Butler, BBC Spotlight, Looe.


The clock is ticking on more than ?130 million of EU


Businesses are being encouraged to apply for the regeneration money


Our business correspondent Carys Edwards reports.


Dan Dicker makes a living out of waste, turning


household rubbish into trays, clocks, even park benches.


So we just need to touch it up, and then we'll spray it


These bespoke house signs are made of old plant pots.


And Dan's developed software so they can be ordered online direct


from his factory in Cornwall, an innovation made possible


We're a business, we need help, there's support available,


and ?2500 does arrive in your bank account.


The cash, which has to be match-funded, has transformed his


eco-business and led to two new jobs.


Now Cornwall is urging more people to apply for European funding


Over the years, millions has been awarded to help


regenerate the county which, whilst beautiful, is one


But with Brexit on the cards, this latest round of funding,


which runs until 2020, is likely to be the last.


Over this period, the EU has awarded ?300 million of funding to Cornwall.


Of this, around ?100 million remains up for grabs.


Devon and Somerset have been given around 100 million,


Dorset's had around 50 million, and around 10 million in funding


It's there and it's available, and it's an easy process.


So if you're running a business that you can see some good


growth opportunities, then funding is available for you.


Projects where funding has already been allocated include


the ?30 million for Centrica's renewable energy project,


and 1.5 million for Cornish rivers to encourage fishing.


There are thousands of smaller schemes such as help


for the unemployed or skills training, investment


Carys Edwards, BBC Spotlight, Perranporth.


Joining me in the studio now is our political


Martyn, we heard people being encouraged to apply


What happens, though, if it doesn't get allocated


This money is offered on a "use it or lose it" basis,


and with these programmes, there are usually a number


of internal deadlines by which a certain proportion


of the money needs to be allocated to a project,


and if that doesn't happen, then the money goes


And I can remember certainly with previous programmes


there would be occasional panics because one of these


deadlines would be looming, and it would look as if at least


As Carys said in her piece there, this is likely to be the last big


chunk of EU money that Cornwall will now receive.


Yes, with Britain leaving the EU, there won't be any more


The Government has guaranteed that this current funding programme


will continue up until 2020 as planned, even if Britain has


But attention is now focusing to what happens beyond that,


because Cornwall reckons that had we remained inside the EU,


it would have been eligible for another ?330 million


Now, it wants the UK Government to say they will put up that money


to replace the money that they would have


Now, whether that will happen, nobody knows.


It was cut and dried under the EU rules, because the money


was automatically awarded if the economy in Cornwall was


There are no rules which apply to UK domestic funding in the same way,


and of course, in the years to come, there will be a lot of competition


for a dwindling pot of money domestically.


Martyn, we will leave it there, thank you for joining us.


An 18-year-old from Truro is stepping gracefully between two


Alabama Seymour is a dancer with the Duchy Ballet.


But when she's not rehearsing for a forthcoming production,


she also rides motorbikes - sideways.


Well, her family does put on a wall of death show.


Not your average family! Lets get the latest on tonight's whether.


Good evening. This week we have been plagued with mist, low cloud and


fog. We have some patchy rain to get rid off tonight, but it will be gone


by the morning. A cold, bright start, and then later in the day,


patchy rain beginning to appear, but it may take all day before that


north of us will slowly sink north of us will slowly sink


southwards and it will be a feature of the weather as we move into the


weekend. Patchy rain this evening weekend. Patchy rain this evening


should clear over the next few hours, the skies will eventually


clear and it will turn quite chilly, temperatures could get as low as


three or four Celsius, cold enough for a touch of frost, although I'd


think we will see too much of that, because there is a breeze


developing. That will give us some fine weather to start the day, but


gradually through the morning and into the afternoon, there will be


more cloud coming in from the north-west, and by the end of the


day, we will see some patchy rain beginning to affect northern parts


of Devon and Somerset. Top temperature tomorrow, ten or 11


Celsius. The weekend is not looking too clever, brisk westerly winds


feeding in plenty of cloud and outbreaks of rain on Saturday and


Sunday, but of the two days, Sunday will be the wetter of the two,


because it looks like the rain will gradually pull away, but slow


progress on that. It is mild this weekend, but a little brighter for


the start of next week as it clears from the north. Good night.


The breakfast team will be back with you from 6.25 tomorrow morning, but


from all of us here on the late news, have a good evening, goodbye


for now. there will be rain around, most


occurring overnight. Good evening, quite a range of


whether an offer earlier today in the north and north-west of the UK




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