17/03/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Hello, good evening. for the news where you are.


There's hope tonight for the future


of the Royal Marine base in North Devon.


Chivenor employs more than 1,000 personnel and brings


Last November the MoD announced plans to close it,


but on a visit to the base today, the Defence Secretary said


At Chivenor today Michael Fallon saw first hand


what it's like to save a life on the battlefield.


At the same time, the future of the place itself


Speaking four months ago, it looked like a closure was inevitable.


We are getting out of some of the more rural locations,


We want to give everybody a time to explore the various


options for these sites, and Chivenor is a very large site.


The airfield is no longer used, for example, to discuss


the future of the site, with the local community and come up


with the best answer for the Royal Marines


and the best answer for Chivenor itself.


So no done deal on the closure of the base in Chivenor.


I'm very pleased that he said what he said today, about what's


happening, a second chance, if you like.


Michael Fallon made clear the intention is that the


Royal Marines will consolidate in Plymouth, but around


that it seems to me there's a lot of options.


For him not to have ruled out the future use of


RMB Chivenor as a military site is a big step forward.


Business leaders want more clarity on what happens


next for a base that, according to


generates ?40 million a year for the North Devon economy.


If it's not a done deal, then obviously, we need to find out


more about what could possibly happen, because if they are going


to retain part of it, then that could be good.


And then look at development for the rest of it.


If it's all going to move to Plymouth, then we need to look


And it is a big site, with 1200 military personnel


There's been strong campaigning to keep the base open,


but some say a closure is still on the cards.


I think the Secretary of State was making as positive a


noise as he could about working with the local community,


but at the end of the day he's got to deliver the maximum capital


receipt to the public purse, that, I fear will probably


Done deal or not, a decision on the future of this base


Almost 50 years on, the Torrey Canyon remains


one of the world's worst environmental disasters.


The supertanker hit rocks off Cornwall


leaving beaches around the coastline covered in crude oil.


Clare Woodling has been speaking to one of the pilots


who was involved in the efforts to control the disaster.


exploded inside the ship. I have a exploded inside the ship. I have a


very vivid picture in my mind. You could see the side of the ship for


the North and the huge cloud of black smoke and flame coming


shooting out and you must have gone up to about 1000 feet, but I felt as


if it was chasing me along as I was going up was as fast as I could with


my throttle fully open because I really did not want to be caught on


that. We took off from Lossiemouth and as


we got beyond the Scottish border flying south you could see in the


distance a big cloud of black smoke right after about 30,000 feet. It


was the most beautiful spring day. Lots of sunshine, no wind, and this


huge column of smoke going up which got closer and closer as we got down


there. The supertanker had run aground leading crude oil around the


coast and into the sea. Thousands of sea birds died. It remains the worst


environmental disaster in the country. Sir Jonathan maintains that


bombing was the only option. If you want to stop the environmental


disaster occurring you had to accept the risks that there was going to be


damage to the in doing that. So Jonathan says his memories remain


vivid 50 years on. Seeing the petition now he is still able to


remain dispassionate. There was not much emotion to it, it was just the


job that needed to be done. They've been flying the skies


of the South West for decades but today the Royal Navy's Lynx


helicopters began a farewell tour. They were based on Portland


in Dorset before moving to Yeovilton


in the late '90s. The aircraft saw action


in the Falklands and in both Gulf Wars, and today


they retraced their history flying before they're decommissioned


at the end of the month. The joy of this aircraft, and does a


little bit of everything, load lifting, winching, weaponry,


anti-submarine weapons, and the service weapons, it is the eye in


the sky, it is Search and Rescue, it can be troop movement, pretty much


everything. Time now for the weather and David's


here with the forecast. I cannot promise much in the way


of sunshine this weekend, It is relatively mild


and we should see temperatures There is some rain around and it


will be quite breezy but it does Perhaps a little bit


cooler by the time we get Several weather fronts draped


across the northern half with enough moisture to generate


some rain for us, as well. Perhaps, briefly, some brightness,


but not much of that. With a weather front


coming in on Monday, We could end up with


some quite wet weather. And after that goes through,


some slightly colder air. Some spots of light rain


or drizzle overnight tonight, with some of that becoming more


widespread and Brisk westerly winds


and overnight temperatures It is a mild start and generally


a mild day tomorrow, but unfortunately, there is a lot


of cloud, spots of light rain or drizzle in the morning,


gradually easing in the afternoon but not much in the way uprightness


and 12, possibly 13 Celsius Lots of low cloud around, perhaps,


briefly, some brightness but another weather front on Sunday with a top


temperature of 12-13 Celsius. Next week it does


start to cool down. We could have some wet weather


around on Monday, turning showery


and colder on Tuesday. Julia Peet will be back tomorrow


at 5:50pm with all the latest news and sport from


around the South West. But from the Spotlight


late team, goodnight. it is rather breezy. Now for the


national outlook. It was quite a wet day across many


northern and western parts of the UK. This was the view in Lancashire


not so long ago. For the weekend we are looking to see further rain, all


coming from the west, so the further east you are, it should be


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