23/03/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Good evening. Extra police patrols have been introduced in the region


as a precaution following the London terror attack. Police commanders


told the BBC that security has been increased at airports, main railway


stations, military bases and ports. Simon Hall reports. A single word


summed up the mood amongst travellers to London from the


south-west today, the pies. I am going to visit my daughter. She's in


Suffolk, and I am not going to be put off by a terrorist. If everyone


gave in and didn't do anything it would not be British, would it? We


plan to go and I am not having any terrorist affecting us. Our lives


will not be affected by it, we I think it's important


for a number of reasons. For ourselves, obviously,


our job is to be out there to reassure the public,


make everybody feel safe. I think, more importantly


as a member of the public, someone who lives in this country


and has resided in it all their life, I think


it is important that we are able to carry on, be as resilient


as possible and show these people that, you know,


we can live our lives And we will live our


lives quite normally. As investigations continued


into yesterday's attack, one South-West terrorism expert told


us it was important that people They should, of course,


always be alert in public places, But, basically, don't get


worried, don't get panicky. The threat for this part


of the world is very low. In an open letter, Avon


and Somerset Police said: As well as stations,


there will be extra police patrols at the South-West airports


and military bases and large public All this is not in response to any


specific threat to the region, senior officers say,


but a precaution. It's designed to reassure the public


and to ensure that life can go on as normal in defiance of attacks


which are intended to spread fear. Around 50 children from Somerset


found themselves trapped inside Westminster for two hours


during the terror alert. One Devon MP has been talking


tonight about the way For some of these ten


and 11-year-olds, But shortly after these photos


were taken, they were trapped inside the Palace of Westminster


as the incident unfolded. Today, a parent of one of those


children still visibly upset. I'm very emotional.


Heartbreaking. It's the first time I have ever


let my son go anywhere He was very cuddly when he saw


me first last night. The 53 children and seven


staff were ushered to the Central Lobby at Westminster


- a safe place, but still within 50 metres of where the police


officer was stabbed. The deputy head kept spirits


up by singing hymns. Yeah, we had a lovely ripple


of applause at the end and, beautifully, lots of people,


lots of MPs on the way out congratulated our children on how


well they sang and how they lightened the mood,


so that was lovely to hear. Meanwhile, back at the School


at Bridgwater, text messages


were sent to worried parents. And then we said to parents


that they could come We had teas and coffees


and the Salvation Army were here and our local vicar


helping parents to process At the school today,


everyone is well. The Prime Minister was also


impressed by everyone's bravery. It must have particularly


difficult for those children who were here and being caught


up in this. We should commend the work


of their teachers in offering them MPs have been returning from London


but the message that action is being taken to keep us safe. This is the


first time up at an attack like this in Westminster, so we need to keep


it in proportion, but the police are reviewing the situation in London


and Westminster and the Chief Constable will be working with his


team in Devon and Cornwall to make sure that any relevant measures are


put in place. It is a trip these youngsters will not forget. But it


will not stop them doing what they want to do in future.


A look at some of the other stories making the news tonight.


Offers of help have been made to try to keep


the Isles of Scilly's only care home open.


The council, which runs Park House, says it's had interest


in carers' jobs and offers of accommodation for staff.


It's facing closure because of problems recruiting people.


The number of child sex offences recorded in the South West


is at an all-time high, according to the NSPCC.


there were nearly 1,500 cases last year - that's up 10%.


Cornwall is the fifth-worst performing area in the country


for getting patients out of hospital and back home.


The independent health charity the Nuffield Trust says that


for every 1,000 patients, 43 can't go home


because social care packages aren't in place.


Cornish cyclist Wendy Houvenaghel says a "medal at any cost" approach


created a "culture of fear" at British Cycling.


The Olympic silver medallist claims


there was also no regard for welfare.


British Cycling says it's introduced a plan to address shortcomings.


Falmouth University has been named the sixth best in the UK


Students across the UK took part in the survey for the Times.


They rated teaching, facilities, accommodation and social life.


A new initiative has been launched to encourage


more people in the South West to become foster parents.


There's a shortage across much of the region.


Johnny Rutherford has been meeting some of those


who already offer support in Plymouth.


Sky has been with foster mum, Madge, for four years.


You never know what will come through your front door.


When Sky first arrived she had black hair, thick black make-up


Slowly, over the weeks and months that have


now turned into years, she has grown up, matured.


It is a delight to look after a lot of these children.


They just need to be loved, they need support,


That is the sort of carer of that Plymouth City Council are looking


for, a foster parent who is looking to help change a vulnerable child


We want carers from Plymouth to come forward so we don't have to place


We know that children are best placed around their family


and their connections so we really want carers to come forward.


There are people out there who would potentially


We have increased our financial offer to encourage people


Also within the new support packages specialised training,


It is about the commitment, taking someone into your home


who is broken, maybe feeling very unloved, and it is about giving them


a family environment they're not used to have the chance to feel


better about themselves and excel in life and go somewhere.


There may be trouble at first, they could be cheeky or very quiet


but they will come out of their shell in their own time.


Now 18, Sky is the longer fostered by Madge, but she is still family.


Now time to find out what the weather has in store.


Thank you for all your cloud photographs.


It was a bit of a grey day today with outbreaks of rain.


Tomorrow, more rain but then it turns a lot brighter.


What's happening is, an area of low pressure that


generated that rain today is now heading down towards the west coast


of Spain and Portugal with high pressure following, lasting


Some of the rain from earlier today was quite heavy but it is now


It will be dry for a time tonight apart from a few showers


There will be the continued risk of a few spots of light rain


But it will be a mild night compared to last night.


Temperatures no lower than between five and seven Celsius.


Tomorrow the risk of a few spots of rain


at some point through the morning and into the afternoon,


Some good breaks developing in the cloud, and it will feel


warmer than today despite quite a keen wind from the north-east


with temperatures of around 12 Celsius being the maximum.


On Saturday, the start of the weekend, it's going to be


A lot of sunshine on Saturday and warmer at around 14 Celsius.


As we head through the weekend, we are going to find some sunshine,


some fine weather lasting into the early part


And it may be that we have quite a keen wind around.


It could still be quite chilly at night time.


Some fairly low overnight temperatures.


Sunshine for the weekend. That's all from the late team. We'll be back


with the breakfast news just before half past six. Goodbye.


part of the weekend. 1415 degrees. Still quite breezy. Here's Thomas


with the national


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