24/03/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Good evening. for the news where you are.


The former Royal Marine from Somerset, who shot dead


a wounded Taliban fighter in Afghanistan, will have to wait


a bit longer to hear if he'll be freed from prison.


Alexander Blackman's murder conviction has already been


But today a decision on his new sentence was deferred.


Here's our Somerset correspondent Clinton Rogers.


To cheers from waiting supporters, Alexander Blackman's wife arrived


at the High Court full of hope that her husband might be


Two hours later, she left disappointed but philosophical.


We are obviously disappointed not to have a decision today


but we understand that the judges wish to consider this important


We will patiently await their ruling.


The same five judges that ten days ago reduced Blackman's conviction


from murder to manslaughter say they need until next Tuesday


He's already served three and half years of an eight-year


sentence for murder imposed by the original court martial.


But this case has now provoked calls for the whole court-martial


Members of the Armed Forces should not be disadvantaged...


In the House of Lords, Liberal Democrat peer Lord Burnett,


himself a former Royal Marine, said the system was flawed and more


A simple majority at a court-martial can convict a person.


In Sergeant Blackman's case, five of the panel found him guilty


That ratio would be insufficient to convict


And a former naval commander and one-time head of the UK


Royal Marines reserves has said important lessons need to be learned


from the Blackman case, not least to consider the mental


health of military men involved in such cases


Where there are serious charges of this nature,


where the accused have been involved in operational combat situations,


it should be mandatory that the mental health factors


are taken into account at the first opportunity.


Today at the Appeal Court Blackman's QC said the former Royal Marine


was the last casualties of a failed war and he should be


A look at some of the other stories making the news tonight...


A special tax should be ring fenced and used solely to pay for the NHS,


according to the Devon MP and Commons Health Committee


She says National Insurance should be used specifically to fund


Police are appealing for witnesses after a number of objects


were placed on the railway line in Devon causing damage to trains.


The latest incident this week involved a train hitting a traffic


sign at 65mph that was placed on the line at Lapford


The RNLI has released dramatic footage of this week's rescue


operation to free a whale caught in fishing nets and lines.


Crowds had gathered to watch the whale at Start Bay


in South Devon which has been putting in a regular appearance


The Royal Navy's largest warship HMS Ocean has returned home


after a six month deployment in the Mediterranean and Gulf.


Hundreds of family members were at Devonport Naval Base


to welcome the ship and their loved ones home.


The helicopter carrier and assault ship's crew of 500 now


have a period of leave before Ocean makes one final deployment


prior to being taken out of service next year.


Picking up where they left off, families reunited after more


It has been a long six and a half months away.


Especially without seeing the little ones and stuff.


Two weeks and I ended up having to move house


and had another baby, so now I will carry


This had been Ocean's longest deployment, and one of her last.


The helicopter carrier and amphibious assault ship is due to be


It is the penultimate deployment for HMS Ocean based


However, we have a follow-on deployment after this and we will be


sailing later in the year, so actually we're busy preparing


for that, believe it or not, even though we've come home today.


The Prime Minister, Theresa May, visited HMS Ocean during a trip


It's likely that many of the 500 strong crew will be required to work


For the crew, after a tour which has taken them thousands


of miles around the Med and the Gulf, there


Missed your birthday, missed Christmas.


We will be having Christmas when we go back as well now.


Great to see them back but are they coming back to decent weather? It's


David. We have had a few good sunsets this


evening and I think overnight tonight and into the weekend


we are going to see a lot of fine It's going to be quite windy,


that's a feature of the weather, It will be fine and dry,


a bit chilly at night but there will also be some sunshine


during the daytime. So, the high pressure


is pretty much with us. It's close to these two


areas of low pressure, so the isobars are really squeezed


up, that's the reason for the strength of wind,


which stays strong white through the weekend ahead


although even a little bit The few showers that we had


across the far west of Cornwall have now moved out of the way


and the skies are now clear and they will stay that way


overnight the night. Brisk winds from the North East


will develop late in the night and apart from a bit of patchy low


cloud floating past, it's clear, Temperatures could be as low


as three or four Celsius in towns and villages but I wouldn't be


surprised if it was one or two degrees below that in some


of the more countryside locations. Tomorrow it's a struggle


with the temperatures if you're right on the coast because of that


keen wind but inland out of the breeze we could easily see


14, maybe 15 Celsius and as you can A bit more cloud floating past


but other than that it is a fine, Don't forget on Saturday night


the clocks go forward and hour. And enjoy a decent day on Sunday.


Don't forget, Saturday, are next bulletin will be at 6pm. Good


evening. weather outlook for the whole of the


Good evening. It is good news on the weather front for most of the UK. We


have been forecasting fine weather for a few days. It has certainly


arrived. Beautiful picture


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