12/04/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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There are concerns tonight over the drain of doctors from general


practice surgeries in the south-west after new research has revealed that


4 in 10 GPs plan to quit within five years.


The research has been done at the University


Reasons given for leaving overwork and long hours, leading to


NHS England says it is working to support GPs and is trying


Our GP is often the most familiar face in the NHS


and accounts for 90% of contact with health services.


But within a few years a report by the


University of Exeter Medical School warns


family doctors, making existing problems worse.


People are already having to wait quite substantially


for routine appointments and I think the pressure on those routine


There needs to be a fundamental change in


the approach of Government towards healt care in the UK.


the approach of Government towards health care in the UK.


The system at the minute is just underfunded.


The problem of GP retention is particularly acute in Plymouth, and


has been affecting patients at this surgery for 18 months.


I'm going away on a trip for a month and I had


to wait a few weeks still for my jabs and even then they still have


to spread it out a little bit, so it is cutting it fine.


Things are no better since a survey carried out


We have lost our senior partner because he retired


and one of our other partners decided life was tough as a GP


decided to step aside, so we put out a national advert and


local advert for vacancies and have been unseccessful.


NHS England says that it is already working to support existing GPs,


encourage people back into the profession,


We are looking at how we support primary care with a whole range of


professions, because clearly general practice is important, but also


supporting that with pharmacists, nurse practitioners, and other


professionals who can support the work force.


There are plans to train them about 5,000 GPs by 2020, but


will this be enough to compensate for the numbers leaving the


1% of GPs in England dropped out in the last three months


So it could be a case of the doctor will not see you now,


The only residential care home on the Isles of Scilly has


Last month, the council announced that Park House in


St Mary's would shut in June because of problems recruiting


Now, it says the publicity surrounding the closure has led to a


rise in the number of people applying for jobs, and it's agreed


to pay care workers a supplement on top of their wages to make


Prosecutors will be asked to decide whether Devon and Cornwall's Police


and Crime Commissioner, Alison Hernandez, should be charged


with false accounting in the 2015 general election.


At the time Ms Hernandez was the Conservative


The Police And Crime Commisioner's office today said this development


would not prevent her doing her job and that people were


With the details here's our Home Affairs Correspondent Simon Hall.


This is a significant development in the investigation into Alison


But it is also one that has been marked by the way in which her


The expenses controversy has dogged Alison Hernandez since her election


Now the issue is being referred to the Crown Prosecution


Service to decide whether to charge Ms


She would not be interviewed today, but


the chief executive of her office told me the development would not


She has had this investigation for a year


already, and she has had a very good first year,


so she has had a comprehensive police and crime plan published.


In February, she provided the Chief Constable with a budget


that will enable him to recruit 100 additional police officers, more


criminal investigation, lots of other investment, so she is doing


This is not impacting on her ability to do the role.


The allegations focus on the Conservatives' use


Expenses for activists brought in to Torbay to campaign were


declared nationally, when critics said they should have been part


As Conservative agent in Torbay, Alison


Hernandez was responsible for spreading there.


I would urge you to seriously


to enable somebody else to take on the role.


On a Sunday Politics programme, before the referral to prosecutors,


Alison Hernandez insisted the ongoing investigation had not


Interestingly, the bit that has been so positive


about it is the publicity that I have received because of that.


I can lock down Newquay High Street, and I


will be stopped by people who need my help.


In a statement, the Independent Police Complaints


Alison Hernandez has always denied any wrongdoing in


It is unclear how long it will take prosecutors to decide


whether to bring charges against Ms Hernandez.


It has already taken almost a year of police time


to reach this point, and this area of election low


All that goes to suggest that no decision will be


Nearly a quarter of the unclassified roads managed by Devon County


Council are in need of immediate maintenance, according


The authority says 23% of its smaller rural roads need


The Department for Transport told us it is giving Devon County Council


over ?47 million in 2017 and 2018 to fix, repair, and upgrade roads.


I appreciate that there are budget issues and


purses are stretched, and


all that sort of thing, but at the same time,


it is an infrastructure thing, isn't it?


With the state of the roads where we are, which is very rural,


and lots of farms, and small country lanes,


they don't seem to get any


attention at all, and I would say in the last few years, practically no


Small, rural roads around here in Devon are actually pitted


with potholes, which is bad for cyclists, motorcyclists, plus


Prince Andrew has attended a passing out ceremony at the Britannia Royal


The Duke of York took the salute as more than 150 officer cadets


completed their first phase of training.


The Duke himself was a former cadet at the college when he


joined the Royal Navy in 1979, as John Danks reports.


A youthful Prince Andrew, starting at Britannia Royal Naval College.


When he passed out in 1980, his mother,


the Queen, inspected the officer cadets.


If the young officers were excited, they managed to keep a calm


They arrived here only 30 weeks ago, fresh off the streets


from a wonderful variety of backgrounds, and they have been


through a really punishing training programme, and they have absolutely


made the grade, and pass out today as Royal Naval officers.


The occasion was marked by a fly past by a Royal Navy Hawk jet


I have to say that it is an enormous pleasure to be here


today to see that the traditions and the values that I undertook when I


was here are still being passed on to you.


Those traditions included the salute, and the ceremony came to


an end with a slow march into the Naval College.


As we go through the main door, and the door slams, we


That is our first order as naval officers,


and that commences our life in the Navy.


I have got my friends and family here.


The whole occasion has been very emotional.


John Danks, BBC Spotlight, Dartmouth.


A ?1 million project to bring a medieval deer park back to life


has just taken a big step forward, with the arrival of 17 fallow deer.


It is all part of a new attraction at


Dartington Hall in South Devon, where visitors will be able to enjoy


the historic site and have access to the surrounding parkland.


And finally, amazing pictures have emerged of a humpback whale


The whale was filmed when she appeared


She's thought to be the same whale, dubbed


Doris, that has attracted onlookers to Start Bay in Devon.


Doris made headlines, not only for her dramatic


appearances, but also for getting snagged twice in fishing nets.


Now let's have a look at the weather.


Nothing too much to worry about the weather, quite a lot of cloud around


at times. Friday could be quite damp. Tomorrow is a cloudy start,


risk of a few showers in the morning, but into the afternoon, it


will be brighter and we will get the sunshine back to. Similar whether to


today. The high pressure is beginning to retreat further out


into the Atlantic, opening the door for a couple of weather systems to


arrive on Friday, the one day when it could be rather cloudy but some


spots of rain. A lot of clear sky now, but later in the night, more


cloud coming in from the north-east. It may produce a futures,


temperatures as low as five or 6 degrees, slightly milder along the


coast. After a grey starts tomorrow, it should brighten up, some decent


spells of sunshine and a top temperature of 13 degrees. This is


Good Friday. It looks like it could be rather dump at times, breezy and


also quite mild at 14 degrees. Have a good night. That is it from us.


Join us for our breakfast bulletins tomorrow. Good night from the latest


team. Brighter on Saturday but cloud again


on Sunday. Here is Tomasz. Good evening.


The weather in the run-up to Christmas... Easter! I got ahead of


myself there! It isn't looking especially


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