13/04/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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There's concern tonight about the big rise in the number


to trespass on rail tracks in the region.


The figure's reached a five year high


with more than 550 incidents in the South West


Police say they include people who take shortcuts


These are some of the 8,000 people who trespassed


In one instance, a man staggers off the track and just about manages


to haul himself onto the platform, with seconds to spare.


Worryingly, more and more people have trespassed on the railways.


Here in Devon and Cornwall, we are recording 150 crimes a year.


That is the tip of the iceberg, we have another 150-plus incidents


recorded, so we are into 300, and we believe it is probably


double that, so between 600 and 800 offences every year in the county.


Across the country, one person trespasses


Last year in the South West, 32 children were caught trespassing,


with boys aged 14 to 16 being stopped the most.


We get young children who are exploring, we get teenagers


who don't understand the dangers, and we get adults who are taking


short cuts or something similar to that.


Even professionals working on the track are only allowed


to do so with a raft of safety measures, including lookouts


Trains that travel so fast, trespeassers


The trains are silent until they are on top of you.


Some hospitals in the region claim the new junior doctors' contract


at a time when they need to save money.


They say it's already much harder to fill rota gaps


and believe the new contract could have a significant


The government has argued the contracts will lead to more


efficient working practices that benefit the NHS.


Here's our Health correspondent Jenny Walrond.


It was a bitter stand-off between junior doctors


and the Government, the end of years of disagreement


But as it is phased in, hospitals have started


Jeremy Hunt had described it in Parliament as cost neutral.


We have set aside considerable sums, up to ?1 million,


for the new contract, so we are anticipating


it won't be cost neutral, it will be more expensive


The contract is in the process of being phased in.


Half of the South West hospitals have told us it is either having


But in the last financial year, others say it has cost them a total


These extra costs come at a time when hospitals


in England are being asked to reduce their spending as part


of so-called sustainability-and- transformation plans.


Plans which may include the loss of acute hospital services,


particularly ones which do not have enough staff.


Something which has led to protests in part of Devon.


But there's another way in which the new contract


could impact on some of those vulnerable services.


It's making it harder to fill gaps in the rotas.


Torbay Hospital has warned that could have a significant impact


on service continuity in urgent and emergency services.


We have in the South West 15% of junior-doctor posts


are not filled, and we have over the years developed


ways of flexing to fill those gaps, and this contract will make


There is a concern that morale amongst junior doctors


The British Medical Association fought against the introduction


of the contract for years, and says it warned


This contract was brought in by Government, it was forced


in before we felt it was ready, this contract was rejected


We still think there are huge areas of concern in this contract that


need to be addressed, and this was pushed


through on a political timeline without considering the implications


that we have already raised exist within this new contract.


Today Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust said it won't know yet


about additional costs until after August,


Well, in response to other hospital's concerns NHS Improvement


told the BBC, "it's important when moving on to the new contract


that providers take the necessary steps to help doctors


Now a brief round-up of other stories making


Police investigating a hit-and-run in Kingsteignton say


they want to hear from the driver of a VW Lupo and dog walker


who were seen nearby and may be witnesses.


25-year-old new father, Jason Bunce was seriously injured


when he was struck by an unknown vehicle on the 8th of April.


Chickens across the south west have been released from captivity today,


as avian flu restrictions for high risk areas have been lifted.


These birds from Teignmouth, like other free range hens,


have had to be kept indoors for the last three months.


Urgent repairs have been carried out on Plymouth's Hoe Foreshore,


The City Council is spending ?1 million on improvements


after surveys found The Tinside Bathing Houses


and Arcaded Sun Terraces needed stabilising and strengthening.


Somerset begin their County Championship campaign tomorrow.


They'll be hoping to go one better than last summer


Devon is providing five players for this year's team.


I'm Ben Green, I'm 19 and from Exeter.


Jamie Overton, from North Devon, and I'm 22.


OK, guys, I want to find out who the best all-rounder is.


Yeah, you do well, but your chat is horrific!


Is not the nicest bunch of lads, are you?


I think I'll have to go with probably Jamie, just


I fancy my chances because I don't actually


So I'd just, yeah, land it on off, and hit off, hopefully.


Probably Lewis just because he's so short, and doesn't bounce


If it's a standard sized elevator, probably Bessy,


because not much else could fit in apart from his head.


Some bad news for one of you, and the bad news,


According to your team-mates, you are the worst all-rounder


on and off the field out of the five of you.


and he's actually got a century, Lewis.


Let's hope they're not out for a duck, which brings us


on to Dulverton, where a fundraising initiative involving knitted ducks


A knitting and natter group started the trend a few years ago to help


They knit a different version every year and have become known


by the exploits of two particularly well travelled ducks.


They've been travelling the world, some just amazing places, and also


they have been sending postcards which we have here on display


in this window at the moment from Cambodia, from South America,


And so the volunteers who also run the shop


There have been Easter weekends when the weather has been atrocious, not


this weekend. One of our weather watchers has sent us a photograph of


the kind of whether we can expect. Some cloud around, not too windy,


sunshine coming through. Thank you to Keith for that shot. It looks


like we will see mostly dry conditions this weekend. A few


showers late in the day tomorrow but also every now and then a bit of


sunshine to enjoy. There are a couple of weather fronts coming


towards us through the day tomorrow. Slow progress on those with the main


rain bands not until the end of the day, getting onto parts of North


Devon and also northern part of Somerset. For most of us tomorrow,


cloud around but breaks letting the sun shine through. A few showers


shoring up later in the day and a top temperature of 13 or 14 degrees.


On Saturday, it's a similar sort of day but I think there is a better


chance for breaks in the cloud. It will be dry. On the cool side though


with those north-west winds, just 11 or 12 degrees as the top temperature


but hopefully some sunshine. Hopefully some good sunrises and


sunsets. This is picture was taken by Gillian. The Easter weekend,


largely dry and bright, a bit cool during the daytime, have a good


night. Join us for our breakfast bulletins


tomorrow morning here on BBC One. From the late team, good night.


We will keep you updated. Now with the National Outlook, Tomasz


Schafernaker. Good evening. It's not exactly


cracking whether


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