14/04/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Good evening. on the BBC News Channel.


Thousands of people have arrived in the South West for what is a big


test of one of our biggest industries.


There were some blue skies as people came out to enjoy


Forecasters say it won't stay completely dry all weekend,


but there should only be some short periods of wet weather.


Meanwhile, extra staff have been brought in at hospitals to cope


with an anticipated rise in demand over the weekend.


Officials are asking people to avoid emergency departments


unless they have a serious or life-threatening condition.


Please use the 111 service if you're not sure what to do with your local


Those lines are being answered much quicker now, and they can direct


you to the service that will help you in your local area.


Two owls have been freed after getting stuck in traps


which use glue to catch pests. The animals are being cared


for at the West Hatch Wildlife Centre in Somerset.


The RSPCA says the traps cause unnecessary suffering to pests


The charity is urging people not to use them.


His primary wing feathers were stuck into his own flanks here.


Without us intervening and actually washing the glue off,


there's no way he would ever have flown again.


So he would have slowly starved to death or, you know,


Born in Dorset, he shot to fame predicting the results of football


Well, there's more science to it than you might think.


John Ayres has been looking at an experiment being carried out


The point of dropping plastic bricks into this tank is to see


if Octavia can find her way through to the food.


The test is repeated, and each time, she gets quicker.


She may not be as famous as Paul the Octopus,


What I could not really grasp about Paul, the World Cup octopus,


is how he could distinguish between the technicalities


of the Netherlands team and the flamboyance of the Spanish,


or indeed, how he was able to watch the matches under


But the difference with this is that the testing is actually


real, and they believe that octopuses have intelligence similar


Student Meghan Davitt is carrying out research for her


She is measuring how long it takes Octavia to work out


Two of the puzzles that I am using for the study,


a simple one is clip-lock boxes and screw-top containers,


so she really has to figure out how to get into these boxes in order


to get her food, and then I'll present these challenges


a few weeks later to see if she has learned how to do it, and the time


Her ability to do these puzzles has been entertaining the crowds


Meghan will be carrying out a number of research projects for these


Exeter Chiefs have secured an excellent 39-26 victory


at Harlequins in the Premiership tonight.


They scored three tries in quick succession,


including this from Henry Slade, to secure the bonus point.


The Chiefs are 13 matches unbeaten, and remain on course


Plymouth Argyle must wait for promotion from League 2,


after drawing against Portsmouth late this afternoon.


But, as John Danks, reports it did look like today


Argyle knew a win today would secure promotion,


as long as other results went their way.


And they started well, after this flying header


But Plymouth moved from attack mode into defence, as Portsmouth


Eventually, a goalkeeping error by Luke McCormick


The Green Army will have to keep the champagne on ice for now.


The Pilgrims need one point from four games


to guarantee their place in League 1.


Exeter City moved up to fifth place after a 2-1 win against Barnet.


Yeovil Town were beaten 1-0 at Newport County.


In the National League, two late goals at Lincoln spelt


They are now just four points from safety with three games to go.


And in the top-of-the-table clash in the basketball,


Plymouth lost to Leicester Riders 99-69 in the BBL Championships.


Back to the weather, and it's not too bad, actually.


Hello, and a very good evening to you.


Now, we do have outbreaks of rain through the course of tonight.


Much of that rainfall will be light and patchy in nature.


And by the time we enter the early hours, we're starting


Temperature-wise, we're looking at lows of nine or 10 degrees.


Now, tomorrow morning we start on a bit of a cloudy note.


The remnants of that wet weather sinking slowly southwards.


I suspect for the Channel Islands we will see that wet


weather coming and going until around mid-afternoon.


Cheering up, one or two sunny spells into the afternoon.


Taking a look ahead to the remainder of the bank holiday weekend,


and through the course of the day on Sunday it looks like we will see


quite cloudy skies, although I suspect we will stay


Easter Monday itself, another predominantly cloudy day.


It will have some breaks and brightness here and there.


Just the outside chance of a shower or two.


And then into Tuesday looks like we could start


We will have bulletins throughout the weekend. Whatever you are doing,


have a lovely evening. Bye-bye. Good evening. I don't think


everybody was a happy bunny today with the weather. We had some rain.


Some of it was on the heavy side, particularly across northern parts


of Wales. All these things are true for the next few days. Even into


next week. We are going to stay with this chilly air coming in from the


North. Vermijl they're never quite us. -- is a mild air never quite


reaches us. It's a case of cool winds coming in from the North.


Here's the extensive cloud cover we had today. There was some sunshine


but a weather front was across the country and gave a fair bit of heavy


rain across some parts of Wales. The weather front is across the South.


There is two of them. This is a distinct feature, spots of rain on


and off through this evening and overnight. Then it's out of the way.


It should dry out. There will be showers across Scotland but plenty


of clear spells. It is chilly air. Three degrees around 5am in


Aberdeen. To the south, around eight or so.


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