17/04/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Good evening. stay with us on BBC One,


There were scenes of jubilation at Home Park this afternoon


as Plymouth Argyle sealed promotion with three games to spare.


The Pilgrims went into the game knowing that just one point would be


enough to guarantee League One football next season,


but they completed the job in fine style, thrashing Newport 6-1.


Andy Birkett got in amongst the celebrations.


Six long seasons of English football's fourth tier.


The threat of administration, the heartbreak of defeat at Wembley.


It's all just a memory now. Plymouth Argyle are going up.


Needing just a point to guarantee promotion,


they settled any nerves with goals on the stroke of half-time


In the second half, it became a procession as Argyle wrapped up


What a way to do it in front of nearly 14,000 supporters.


And I've seen promotions and these boys went to Wembley last


season, disappointment, but now, absolutely outstanding.


I think I was more excited than the boys, actually.


Amazing. Really good game to come to.


Six years in this division, and now we're finally out!


We are now ten minutes after the match and no supporters


Still around 15,000 here in the stands applauding


the players and the manager, who have come back out


These fans were told, "Keep the faith" after that Wembley.


Defeat, and hasn't their faith been repaid?


To seal it in that manner, I think is just moving


because the fans have been waiting for so long and it's great they've


put in a performance like that and sealed promotion.


It's obviously a fantastic club. Massive club here and we're


going into League One now. Can't wait for next season.


Promotion may be secured but with Doncaster losing


today, the gap at the top is only three points.


Promotion as champions has a nice ring to it.


Fishermen in the south west are being praised for the work


they're doing to help clean up our seas.


Marine litter and discarded fishing gear has been blamed for killing


But now the fishermen are working with charities and other industries


to tackle the problem as Eleanor Parkinson reports.


These fishermen are not just hauling up fish.


They have to sift through their catch to get rid of the rubbish


but they're not throwing it back overboard.


Instead, they put it in special sacks they've been given


and they bring it all back to port to put in a dedicated skip.


We bring in about two one-tonne bags every trip.


I do a six-day trip and I bring in two one-tonne bags a week.


And these are the bags that we give the fishing boats.


And if you look through the skip, you can find just about anything.


Somebody obviously not needing a kettle.


The bags on the boats are provided by a project


It's dangerous to be left in the sea, it's not good


for the marine environment and they are more than


The fishermen are also working hard to prevent ghost gear -


broken nets and ropes getting left at sea.


They see a bit of ghost gear floating in a water


So they swim over it, round it, under it, through it.


And it's the through it that gets them into trouble.


These nylon nets won't be thrown away.


They'll be recycled. They'll be sent to a factory


in Eastern Europe, where they'll be turned into nylon carpets.


And a Cornish company are using the recycled nylon


We make the range of swimwear and rash guards that


are particularly aimed at active watersport use, either wearing them


under wet suits or jumping around, moving in the water.


In the south-west, attitudes to marine litter are changing


but the threat still exists from other shores.


Ghost gear is often brought up into our seas on the Gulf Stream.


For the fishermen and the volunteers, their work continues.


Double Olympic gold medal winner Helen Glover from Penzance


and her TV presenter husband Steve Backshall have


raised more than ?60,000 after completing the Devizes


It took the pair 22 hours and 58 minutes to finish the challenge.


They're aiming to raise ?100,000 to help save an area


The Miniature Pony Centre on Dartmoor has welcomed its first


This little filly was born in the early hours of Easter Sunday.


The new arrival doesn't have a name yet but the centre is holding


a competition to find one, and the theme is British


Time for the weather now and here's Bee.


Skies already starting to clear out there.


A lot of the cloud left is starting to break up so it is going to be


We've got light winds, temperatures down into the low


single figures in some spots and I think some sheltered rural


spots could actually get down as low as 2 or 3 degrees.


So a chilly but bright start to the day tomorrow and it really


is going to be a beautiful day. Dry and bright, a lot of sunshine.


I think more sunshine than we've seen over the last couple of days.


Just a bit of fair weather cloud building at times


during the afternoon and I think temperatures will reflect


the sunshine - doing well with highs of 14 or 15 degrees.


It looks like it is staying largely dry for the rest of this week.


I think by day, we'll see plenty of sunshine


and light winds but by night, it will be cold and we'll see


the return of some frost. Have a good night.


We will see you for the breakfast bulletin tomorrow just before


6:30am. A fresh morning on the way tomorrow,


even some frost around, not necessarily two in city centres, but


in rural air is quite sharp, especially across Scotland, and


temperatures in some rural spots anywhere


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