19/04/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Good evening. for the news where you are.


A mother has been reliving the moment her daughter and husband


were swept to their deaths off Newquay.


Rudy and Mckayla Bruynius drowned when a freak wave hit the family,


Today a coroner recorded verdicts of accidental death.


These are the rocks where the Bruynius family were fishing.


Lucinda Bruynius said as they were setting up their rods,


the sea suddenly became much bigger, with waves around 6-8 feet.


She said as she shouted to her two young boys to move


higher onto the rocks, two huge waves suddenly swept her,


her husband and her two-year-old girl Mckayla into the sea.


She said Mckayla was strapped into her pushchair.


She said somehow her husband Rudy managed to set her free


When she next saw him he wasn't moving.


She thought he was unconscious so she tried to hold his


Both father and daughter were airlifted to hospital.


Mckayla died four days later at Bristol Children's Hospital.


On the 19th of August 2016, our lives changed forever.


We were fishing off rocks in Newquay when the sea conditions changed


We didn't have time to react and my sons and I have been left


Rudy was a loving husband and a wonderful father.


He leaves a void which can never be filled.


Mckayla, our gorgeous, beautiful baby, is forever


in our hearts and the pain myself and the boys feel at losing


Eleanor Parkinson with that report from Newquay.


The race is now on following the vote earlier by MPs for a snap


Our reporter Hamish Marshall has spent the day on a road trip


between three of the region's key battle ground areas in Devon.


50 days from decision day and whose shoes do


The parties have seven weeks to make their pitch.


This is Exeter, the small, red dot in the largely blue


And it was one of only three places in the south-west to vote Remain


So what do people here think about going to the polls again?


I think she is doing the right thing.


Whether I will vote for her is another matter.


This will tell us where the country lies.


And the snap election has caught 18-year-olds who will get a say


Probably should look into stuff before I decide because I don't


really know anything about it because obviously it hasn't mattered


to me because I couldn't really do anything.


20 miles or so down the road and things are different, in terms


For 18 years until 2015, Torbay was held by the Liberal Democrats,


and they will hope to try to win this seat back.


But there was a problem - Torbay had the strongest vote


in the south-west for Brexit, with 63% last year.


We need to be England, Great Britain.


Up to now, she has not let me down, Theresa May, that is.


But some are considering switching parties.


If that helps and it helps keep the European idea together then,


Nationally, a lot of the talk has been about the problems


that the Labour Party is facing nationally.


But here they have hopes of winning both of the seats in the city.


I just think they're stupid to get out of the EU.


Yeah, it will be interesting to see what the outcome is.


I think if it is going to happen, people fighting against it happening


But to get your vote, all sides will be fighting hard


There've been reassurances over a massive new tungsten mine


on the edge of Dartmoor which is still struggling


A shake-up in senior management is imminent and, behind the scenes,


extra finance has had to be arranged.


Our business correspondent Neil Gallacher reports.


Britain's first new metals mine for 40 years represents


an old industry being reborn, but the birth and the early months


The vast new mill at the mine has had problems processing its first


In recent weeks, the mine has announced increased half-yearly


It has gone back to its shareholders for a further loan of ?10 million.


There is about to be a shake-up of senior management at this


Australian-owned firm, to ensure the right level


of expertise is permanently on-site in the UK.


Another problem is that the tungsten price has fallen steeply


In theory, a mine can be mothballed until prices are high enough


but industry watchers think this one will stay in production.


That is helping to repay the finances, and also equipment


doesn't tend to improve by being just left there and not


being used, so I think the company will take the view that actually


keeping it going and making these improvements, in terms of personnel,


technology and operational matters, that they are doing at the moment,


Locally, opinions about the mine vary.


Some people are annoyed with the mine just because of


the blasts that they receive, you know, and it shakes their house


and they feel they will not be able to sell their houses probably


And it generates a lot of business for the area also.


There was a period of about 4-5 months where there was petitions,


a lot of talk from particular locals who were very unhappy about it.


I think as time has gone on, people have just accepted it is there,


It has created jobs for the local area and there is not a huge amount


Wolf Minerals had no one available for interview.


Armed with its bridging loans, the mine soldiers on.


Jack Nowell has become the first ever Exeter Chiefs player to be


The 24-year-old was today named in the squad for the summer


The first the Cornishman heard of it was when the touring party


And, as Andy Birkett found out, there was quite a celebration.


Jack Nowell, Exeter Chiefs and England.


To be named and that is obviously a massive thing for myself and,


you know, people who have got me there as well, so I am


Not only to play for their country but also to go on tour


Yeah, hopefully, given that chance now, it's going to be


It's a chance the popular Cornishman has earned and everyone around


the club is naturally delighted for him.


To have a current British Lion in your team is fantastic but for it


to be one of the players who has come through your academy


system and have only played their premiership rugby


at one club and become an international here and now


become a British Lion, it doesn't really get


any better than that from a club perspective,


and for me as well, the fact that it has happened to such a good guy,


Despite his rapid rise from mini junior at the Pirates,


through Truro College, to now becoming a Premiership


and England regular, he is still Jack from Newlyn.


To be honest, when I was home this weekend, they treat me the same.


I still get to pop down to the local and have a pint now and again


and a few bike rides along Newlyn Green and things.


I don't think it will be too much different but, you know,


It is nice to be able to share that with them.


Can you talk me through this, Jack, and tell me about your dream


We all got given one of them when we went on one of our tours


when we were younger but I never thought I would be


Let's take a look at what the weather's got


It is going to be a bit of a shock when we get some rain and cloudy


skies as we have had some lovely weather. It will not change


dramatically over the next few days. dramatically over the next few days.


The main area of whether is coming on Monday probably. Some cloud


tomorrow, mostly dry and some sunshine but not quite the blue


weather fronts coming down from the weather fronts coming down from the


North and bumping into this high-pressure introducing more cloud


and summer has come down to the Irish Sea and Wales this afternoon


move across us later on. By the move across us later on. By the


morning, just an outside chance of a light shower along the North Devon


coast but most of us fine and dry but rather cloudy. 4-6 is minimum


temperature tonight. Tomorrow, sunny spells in the morning, more cloud


for all of us in general tomorrow. The chance of a light shower but


most of us having a dry day. The best of the sunshine on the south


coast. Similar weather on Friday. Dry, bright, a lot of cloud at


times, 15-16 the top temperature. On the weather front arrives on


Saturday which is a bit thicker. Still dry weather and sunshine to


enjoy as we go into Sunday. Have a good night.


That's how the news and weather's looking tonight.


Breakfast bulletins start from 6.25 tomorrow.


going into the weekend as well. A similar story across the UK. Thomas


matter has that story. Good evening, before we get to the


forecast, I want to show you a map which depicts how dry it has been


during the course of April. Brown is below average rainfall, blue is


above average. You can see how Brown the map is. Some areas in the south,


some counties have only seen a few percent so far in April. Not


necessarily a good thing at all. The rest of the week, not an awful lot


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