20/04/2017 Spotlight


The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Good evening. night on the BBC


The body of a missing Bulgarian woman was found dumped in a suitcase


near the railway line in Exeter, a jury has heard.


Gergana Prodanova had only been in the UK for eight months


when she was allegedly murdered by her violent former


Scott Bingham reports from Exeter Crown Court.


Gergana Prodanova was reported missing by colleagues


at the Great Western Hotel in Exeter on the 8th of August last year.


Police conducted searches and door-to-door enquiries


in the Mount Pleasant Road area of the city, where the couple


The body was discovered in a suitcase dumped


The jury were told that Gergana was killed by her former partner


and the father of their three children, 43-year-old


Kostadin Kostov, who had followed her to the UK


Prosecuting, Simon Laws QC said the defendant's motive


It was, he said, old-fashioned jealousy.


The court heard Gergana was in a new relationship,


but still shared a flat with Kostadin Kostov.


The jury was shown images from CCTV footage of Gergana making her way


back to the flat at 8:16pm on the 4th of August,


And of Kostadin Kostov heading back to the flat two hours earlier.


After she went to that flat, the flat with just him in it,


said Mr Laws, Gergana Prodanova was never seen alive again.


Kostadin Kostov claimed Gergana had flown back to Bulgaria


after receiving a phone call saying her mother had died.


Gergana had no reason to disappear, said Mr Laws.


She disappeared because she had been murdered.


Kostadin Kostov denies murder, the case continues.


A speed of 117 miles an hour has been clocked


An electronic warning sign, which also records speeds,


reveals a quarter of motorists were exceeding the 40mph speed limit.


The Dartmoor National Park says the findings are frightening.


Somewhere to enjoy a slower pace of life, but not everyone visiting


Dartmoor is taking things quite so easily.


The sort of driving we see down here, particularly down


the straight past the pub, is like a racetrack.


And it's a complete cross-section of people.


Lots of old sports cars, motorbikes, everything.


But they do drive down here incredibly fast.


This new speed warning sign measures how fast people are driving.


The highest we've had so far, in the last six weeks, is 117mph.


To think that people are driving at those sorts of speeds


across Dartmoor on unfinished roads, where we've got ponies,


sheep and cattle wandering across the road, is quite horrific.


I wouldn't want to be a road user, using the road,


if someone is going 117mph, and I most certainly wouldn't


want to be an animal grazing these moors with motorists going that


These visitors couldn't believe the speeds being registered


Well, I think it's really irresponsible and why


would you want to drive at that speed when you're in


Surely the whole reason for being here is to see the view?


Why would you want to go at those speeds?


It's not known whether the person recorded driving at 117mph


The National Park says police patrols are being stepped up.


The Green Party is proposing electoral pacts with other parties


in order to defeat south-west Conservative MPs in


The Greens have offered not put forward a candidate


in the region's most marginal seat, Plymouth Sutton and Davenport,


to help the Labour challenger to beat Conservative incumbent


It's offering the same arrangement to Anne Marie Morris's Liberal


Democrat challenger in Newton Abbott.


And there is speculation the move could be offered in St Ives, another


Well, our political editor, Martyn Oates, joins me.


There has been talk of a so-called progressive alliance for some time,


and that's the idea that some, though not necessarily


all elements of the Green Party, Labour and the Lib Dems decide


they've got much more in common with each other than they have


with the Conservatives and that they should combine


in some way to oppose Conservative candidates.


We saw it in action for the first time in the recent Richmond Park


by-election in London, where the Greens didn't


I think what's noticeable here, given that we are just a couple


of days into the election campaign, not officially into the campaign


at all, is how quickly the Greens have moved in the south-west


to identify these seats and crack on with it.


What is the likelihood of these deals being struck?


Well, I think, up to a point, it doesn't matter, which may seem


an odd thing to say, but I think it's fairly clear


that the Greens will withdraw these candidates in these seats anyway.


Clearly, what they'd ideally like is some kind


of reciprocal arrangement, for instance, Labour not standing


a candidate somewhere like Totnes, which is a constituency


where the Greens have quite a groundswell of support.


Labour in Devon have said they're not really interested


in this kind of thing, which chimes with the party's


A Labour source in Cornwall says, although it is unlikely


there will be a formal pact, informal talks are ongoing,


and there is more than one way of achieving an end.


Meanwhile, the Conservative MP for Totnes says this idea of parties


not standing and trying to encourage people to vote for other


Martyn will be here with more reaction and analysis on this


and all the election news so far on The Sunday Politics this


weekend, at the later time of 3:15pm on BBC One.


A Devon motocross rider who was paralysed in an accident


six years ago is hoping to complete next year's London Marathon.


And it's all thanks to a new pair of robotic legs.


I went to meet Spencer Watts from Tiverton to find out


what it's like to walk again after being in a wheelchair


Spencer Watts was paralysed from the waist down in a motocross


When I had my accident, surgeons were telling me,


I just wanted to prove them all wrong.


His solution was to tuck his legs behind special bars


It was nerve-racking at first, but the most important thing


with motocross is you have to put your leg out


Obviously, I'm not able to do that, so that was a real big thing to take


on and not knowing how I would be able to react to that,


Recently, he was demonstrating these robotic legs at a charity evening.


Suddenly, the auctioneer started getting people to bid for Spencer.


I was lost for words, I was all evening.


Never for one minute did I think that that sort of money would be


Spencer says the first time he walked was incredible.


It was really strange and it felt like I was going to fall over.


It is like my whole body is floating in the air because obviously


It is a real strange feeling but, each time,


You've got a watch, and you tell the watch what you want to do.


You simply tell the watch if you want to stand up, walk, climb.


to be up at that height again and walking alongside my children.


It's great to be able to walk to the park with them.


Really strange, just to climb down stairs again is amazing.


Nothing seems to stop this young man.


Since his accident, he's got married and had two children


and, now that he can walk at three miles per hour, can you


Well, he wants to complete next year's London Marathon.


Plymouth Argyle's promotion from League Two is to be marked


with an open-top bus tour through the city.


The Pilgrims secured their promotion on Monday.


There's be a civic reception and presentations on the balcony


of the Council House on Monday, May 8th at 6:30pm.


Four Exeter Chiefs players have been named in the England squad


It's a first call-up for 20-year-old scrum half Jack Maunder


Jack only made his Chiefs debut this season.


They're among 15 uncapped players who've been selected.


They join Henry Slade and Luke Cowan Dickie and will head


David is here with the weather. Any sign of any rain?


Not for the weekend but possibly this week. I have been asked that


several times today, when is it going to rain next? Not much in the


forecast for tomorrow, Saturday or Sunday. Variable amounts of cloud,


mostly dry and we will see some sunshine. The high pressure is


beginning to weaken, allowing weather fronts to travel from the


north. Pretty weak by the time they get us but they introduce a fair bit


of cloud. Today, bands of cloud coming and going. They few showers


across parts of Dorset and Somerset. Overnight tonight, that cloud will


fade away. It will be dry, turning a bit misty in places, and the risk of


some folk. Six or 7 degrees the minimum. Tomorrow is a nice day, 20


of sunshine, patchy cloud, spoiling the sunshine every now and again.


There might be a light shower in Dorset or Somerset, but nothing to


wet the ground, and they talked average of 15 or 16. The event of


rain will probably be something on Monday or Tuesday, northerly winds


by them means a cold appeal to the air to start the week is the -- as


the high pressure moved out to the Atlantic. But some decent weather


for the weekend. Have a good night. Just one day to


go before the weekend. Thank you for your company this evening. That is


all from us. Good night. week for much of the UK and for more


about that and the UK outlook, Helen Willetts.


The sunshine make such a difference this time of year, only 12 or so


degrees under the cloud today but 19 in eastern Scotland not far away


from St Andrews. Also in north-east England,


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