11/05/2017 Spotlight

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Nominations for next month's general election closed


earlier this evening, and a clearer picture is now


emerging of which parties will be fielding candidates in the South


As our political reporter Tamsin Melville now reports -


one party which won't be appearing on the ballot paper is the Cornish


Approaching 70 years in business, back in its early days as a pressure


group signing up to Mebyon Kernow was apparently seen as the thing


to do, attracting names like Daphne du Maurier.


With a key message of a national assembly for Cornwall,


any electoral success has only been at local council level.


Since the 1970s the party for Cornwall has been fielding


But not this time, a decision based on the snap election,


It is extremely frustrating, we want to put our message out


there for the people of Cornwall but do it in a fair way


and when we are told when the election will be


and when it is suddenly moved forward three years with no notice,


it makes a nonsense of democracy for smaller parties.


This is the heart of Cornwall's clay country where Mebyon Kernow won


the popular vote at the local elections and returned two out


of its four Cornwall councillors, But at the general election it has


It fielded a full slate of six candidates that lost


What is the point in standing in the general election anyway?


Just because people don't vote for us at general elections does not


mean they do not like what we stand for, but this time it just wasn't


practical for us to put forward a really strong campaign in such


It is not just Mebyon Kernow stepping away, here in Cornwall UKIP


are only fielding one candidate and that is in Truro


and Falmouth where there was a Remain Conservative MP


and the Greens are only fielding in some places, and not in St Ives


where it is the most marginal seat in the battle between


What do voters think about having less choice at the ballot box?


It is good to have a strong opposition and the only way to get


the strong opposition is if it is one of the major parties


and I don't think that the major parties should lose votes


There are a lot of important issues at stake, so it is better just


It is a pity that some people had fought for the people


Mebyon Kernow's leader said it is not the end of the party


contesting seats in general elections and the aim


is to keep the other parties on their toes in the meantime.


Well, our political editor Martyn Oates joins me now.


A surprise to see Mebyon Kernow bowing out of this general


Yes, and as Tamsin said, in the last two elections they stood


in every seat in Cornwall, which they hadn't previously done,


so to go from six seats to zero is a bit of a shock


and it is probably a little-known fact that although,


as Tamsin has pointed out, their track record in general


elections isn't great, that MK members have actually


in the past been elected to Parliament and that is


because in the early days, and we saw some memorabilia there


from the start of the movement, it was a very broad-based


It was possible for instance to be a prominent Conservative or Liberal


politician and also a member of MK and people were.


Interesting to see other parties making the strategic withdrawals


Yes, this has emerged I think as one of the big stories


of the campaign so far and it began here in the South West.


Just to come back to MK, they have been clear that


in an outstanding candidates they are not thereby endorsing


The opposite is the case when it comes to UKIP and the Greens.


In UKIP's case they are deciding clearly quits strategically


they won't oppose conservative candidates whom they consider to be


sound enough Brexiteers, people who campaigned to leave


the EU during the referendum, campaigned last year and as some


of these people in UKIP have pointed out campaigned alongside some


of the people who might otherwise have been their opponents


They are of those standing against Conservatives who campaigned


The Greens are doing a very similar thing from the opposite side


They are targeting constituencies like St Ive's where the conservative


candidate won by a narrow margin and by not standing in the Greens


are hoping to reduce the otherwise fractured opposition to the Tory


to try to remove him or her at this election.


That's what the parties want the electorate to do.


Whether they will of course is the different question.


And what we do know, if we look at UKIP for instance,


that it is a very lazy and false assumption to say that the UKIP vote


always comes from the Tories and goes back to the Tories.


And in fact one Conservative candidate said he hopes that UKIP do


stand in his constituency, because if they don't he is worried


that those votes will go back to the Lib Dems.


A Bulgarian man accused of murdering his former partner


in Exeter says he accidentally searched online to find out how long


The body of Gergana Prodanova was found in a suitcase


Kostadin Kostov today denied playing any part in her death and said


the online search was due to a typing error.


A man accused of killing his ex-partner's two-year-old son has


told a court he loved him and was never violent towards him.


Joseph Eke from Weymouth denies murdering Harry House last May.


The toddler's face and body were covered in bruises,


and he suffered serious internal injuries and bleeding.


Now, many of us don't like injections or blood tests,


but for children it can be particularly daunting,


so a number of hospitals have adopted an idea to help make


Children with serious illnesses are being given the chance to be


scientists for a few hours to see how their blood is analysed.


Our health correspondent Jenny Walrond joined Idara who has


leukaemia as she explored the lab at Musgrove Park


Shall we take your blood tests down to the laboratory?


Blood tests and other invasive treatments are a fact of life


She has acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, but today


she is finding out what happened to her body doubles.


She is becoming a lab scientist for a few hours.


Every minute of every day, even Christmas Day or your birthday


there is someone in here working on your blood.


Why do you think we have less B positive than positive?


Because B positive is a rare blood group.


It is a benefit for our patients and also staff because it provides


an opportunity for them to engage with a patient when normally


the laboratory does not, even though they are directly


This visit has been organised to a charity called Harvey's Gang,


named after Harvey Buster Baldwin who had leukaemia and wanted to know


Sadly, Harvey died in 2014, but his curiosity has led


to children in other hospitals being allowed into labs.


They can see now why these tests need to be done.


We can ensure that they carry on with the treatment.


In here there are lots of cells and there are red


My best bit was interesting about the cells, that is


because it was really good, and my next interesting bit


And when she next has her blood taken, Idara knows


Great idea. Time for the weather with David. Good for the garden


today. Good evening. We have had some showers. More to come. It is


also good for the slugs. The rainfall will not be huge but dribs


and drabs. A little bit of water for the garden and the growers. Humid


and Misty tomorrow. A few showers around. Some could be quite heavy.


Low pressure in charge. From the south. Across so when win tonight


and much of tomorrow. Weather systems for a short time on Saturday


but more rain expected as a front approaches from the left. Coming


from the are perceiving there are a scattering of showers. They have


been gradually moving across the Channel and they are developing so


expect to see showers through the night. Mike misty conditions. Mild


compared to the last few nights. Temperatures should not fall much


below ten or 11 promised. Tomorrow is great, Misty, there will be show


is really from the start of today. But everyone seeing them. Gradually


the shower activity travels northwards and it gets drier and


perhaps even some late sunshine with temperatures between 13 and 16. On


Saturday it is a much brighter start. The risk of an early so but


most of the morning dry before we start to seek more cloud and more


persistent rain approach from the south-west. The weekend will have


some bright weather on both days. A few showers possible on Sunday. Mild


and Misty again by Monday. Thank you. That visitor must for now.


Breakfast news tomorrow morning. From the late team good night.


We want to see the economy work for everybody, not


Now the weather. , yes a humid dead. We have had


photographs of the Now, humid air is coming in hyped.


This cloud will be spreading northwards bringing rain and