12/05/2017 Spotlight

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Devon and Cornwall Police is to more than double the number of officers


Within the next two years more than 80% of front line officers


An upgraded twin-cartridge Taser which allows the device


to be deployed twice is also being introduced.


But as Janine Jansen reports, the human rights group


Amnesty International has raised concerns.


Taser is designed for dealing with violent suspects


Taser uses 50,000 volts to incapacitate a suspect.


As a deterrent, the threat of its use is usually sufficient


Between 2011 and 2016, Devon and Cornwall Police attended


1.6 million incidents across both counties.


In that period of time, we drew the Taser on 1600 occasions,


and of those, we only used it in a quarter.


Currently, 550 police officers carry a Taser.


That number is set to more than double,


That means 85% of frontline officers will be trained to carry a Taser,


in order to help keep the public safe.


A new upgraded device is being introduced.


It has a twin cartridge so it can deploy again


In 2013, Andrew Pimlott from Plymouth doused himself


with petrol, which ignited after he was shot with a Taser.


His parents heard an inquest jury concluded the device was


the most likely cause of the fire which killed him.


The constable who fired it was cleared of gross misconduct.


Andrew's parents want to see Tasers used less.


An ordinary gun would have been better than using a Taser


If they used a gun and shot his leg, my boy would still have been here.


And I think if anybody else is in that situation,


God help them, I hope it never happens to anyone else.


A spokesperson for the human rights group Amnesty International says...


This is not the arming of the police.


This is a less lethal option, and it is just giving our officers


the best equipment there is to protect themselves


The police sought feedback from the public.


It said 88% of those who responded supported plans to increase Tasers.


Just over six months on from the fire at


Exeter's Royal Clarence Hotel, part of the structure is having


Charred wooden beams from the hotel have been salvaged and turned


into a sculpture called Hope and Renewal which goes


It feels slightly wrong to be burning this wood a second time


when it's survived the first major fire.


Martin Staniforth, known as Morph, is working with wood salvaged


Some of this wood comes from trees planted in the 16th century.


It's such a tragic story, such a disaster that we have lost


this amazing, wonderful building from the heart of our city.


And I think people saw that therefore this was some kind


of small good news story offsetting that huge, huge disaster.


This is a first foray into burnt wood.


In the car on the way up here, it actually felt over like that.


And that, I thought, was a more pleasing shape.


The sculpture is going on display within sight of the hotel


For me, a piece of art has to kind of beg a conversation,


it has to provoke, it has to get people thinking and doing something


Judge for yourself, as new life is breathed into old timber.


The work of nurses across the south west was celebrated today as part


And at Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton they did it in style,


In just a matter of seconds, the helipad at Musgrove Park


Hospital became a dance floor, doctor-turned-choreographer


Marla Pradeep leading a team of nurses, health care assistants,


nurses and doctors in a routine to rival strictly, though some found


This is very much all of us joining in to have a


For the organisers of this flash mob it was all about celebrating nursing


but also to show a togetherness in difficult times within the NHS.


We had groups of people doing it separately.


Which, presumably for embarrassment purposes only, was also filmed,


and then it was back to the day job, just another day in A


And they are looking after me very well.


Brilliant. Let's get the weekend weather from David.


We got some rain this weekend but if the timing is right,


and I think it is, most of the rain will fall during the night.


Late in the day on Saturday some rain but it's an overnight feature


for most of us and Sunday doesn't look bad with a weak


This first weather system will produce some rain by the end


That sweeps through quite quickly, and then before the next system


arrives, which is probably on Sunday night, there is a lot of dry


weather and we should get some sunshine on Sunday,


a slightly fresher feel to the air on Sunday but we had


This was earlier this evening across the South West of England.


It is now moving away northwards, what's left behind is a few light


showers and later tonight I think the skies will begin to clear


and a lot of the low cloud should lift, so a slightly colder night


than last night with temperatures down to 8 or 9 degrees and tomorrow


Bright and dry, a chance of a light shower at some point


Later in the day coming in from the West is a line of rain


but it's taking its time, across parts of Dorset


Dry and bright on Sunday again until the end of the day and then


we see thicker cloud approach from the far West and also


freshening the wind, so in summary, not looking too bad for the weekend,


That's it for now. We're back tomorrow evening at 6:15pm. Good


night. A bit of a mixed bag earlier on


today, some of us were cloudy with rain. This is the view from one of


our weather watchers in Cornwall. But in the Highlands of Scotland, it


was completely different, find, sunny and warm. The satellite and


radar picture shows the variety of weather we have had. It brightened


up into the afternoon, early