21/01/2017 Spotlight


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Good evening. for the news where you are.


Around 250 people have marched through Ashburton in a demonstration


against plans to close the town's community hospital.


It's one of four facing closure in south Devon.


Health bosses say it's more cost effective to treat people at home.


CHANTING: No ifs, no buts, no NHS cuts.


A day after the news that Ashburton hospital could close,


I was in here, and they helped me back to health again after three


weeks, and then I was able to go home, and they were brilliant,


and we really need to keep this hospital.


While campaigners worry about the fragility of this


community hospital, health bosses say that services in Torbay


and South Devon are just as precarious, being neither


sustainable, or consistently offering the required


CHANTING : They say cutback, we say fightback.


The plan from the clinical commissioning group is to look


after more people at home and close four hospitals in Dartmouth,


Paignton, Bovey Tracey, and here in Ashburton.


Do you think they've already made that decision?


I think they probably have made their decision,


but we're not going to lie down and take it.


We're going to fight right to the end and hope


that they'll see sense, and see that we need these services


On Thursday, a final decision will be made about the future


of this hospital and the three others in South Devon.


John Henderson, BBC Spotlight, Ashburton.


A driver had a lucky escape after a car plunged off a main


road in South Devon, and struck the side of a house.


The vehicle crashed through railings on the A379 in Yealmpton,


becoming wedged between the property and the road.


Police say the motorist escaped with minor injuries,


48 tonnes of snow arrived in Exeter this morning to form a giant ski


It was delivered by lorry from a ski centre in Milton Keynes.


It's all part of a snow sports competition held at the university,


involving skiers and snowboarders performing freestyle tricks.


Freestyle is a type of skiing where people go in the air,


they jump off boxes, it's like parkour, but on snow.


It's super fun, really easy to get involved in,


Onto the sport now, and in rugby there was disappointment


for Exeter Chiefs, who took on the French side Clermont Auvergne


Clermont got off to a perfect start, making it 34-0 at half time.


In the second half, the Chiefs staged something of a comeback,


Elsewhere, Jersey won 26-21 against Ulster,


the Cornish Pirates won 50-24 in their clash with Connacht,


In football, Yeovil drew their League Two


Plymouth Argyle secured their ninth away win of the season by beating


Cheltenham thanks to a late winner from Sonny Bradley.


Exeter City thumped Colchester United 3-0 at St James.


And in the National League, Torquay lost their away game


Hundreds of people turned out for the BBC Radio Cornwall Present Aid


The generous Cornish public have been donating unwanted Christmas


gifts to raise money for local charities and community groups.


The event is now in its thirteenth year.


Over the years, the cash has gone to various different


charities cross Cornwall, from the Cornwall Air Ambulance


to the Precious Lives Appeal, but this year, we are raising funds


for the BBC Radio Cornwall Appeal, which will go to very small


organisations in Cornwall to keep the heart of those


Let's take a look at the weather now - here's Bee.


Whilst we have had a dry day and glimmers of sunshine,


it's not been particularly warm, and I think as we head


through tonight, we keep quite a bit of cloud.


We will start to get some showers skirting the southern coast.


Further east, actually, where we do keep some dry


weather and simply spells, we could get a touch of frost,


but I think most towns and cities tonight will stay that little


So, a great start to the day tomorrow with these showers,


I think it will tend to brighten up, particularly further east


in the best of the sunshine, and actually, in the afternoon,


quite a bit of cloud will have broken up.


Temperatures up marginally on today, so perhaps not


One or two spots could hit 10 degrees.


We've got the risk of some freezing fog first thing on Monday,


but I think for most of us it will be dry, bright, chilly,


and it stays settled and mainly dry for most of next week.


That's all the news and weather for now.


Good evening. It does not get warmer. If you check the UK as a


whole, it has been one of the coldest days so far. The hard frost


to come in areas where it stays clear, parts of East Anglia, the


south-east, fog across Scotland, at West, a change, showers and parts of


Wales and England, some snow on high ground as well. Meanwhile, down


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