22/01/2017 Spotlight


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Campaigners who raised ?80,000 to fund a legal challenge


against the building of a wind turbine in a Devon area


of Outstanding Natural Beauty are celebrating victory


The Secretary of State has overturned permission given


by South Hams District Council for the 112-foot high


Green energy systems have become a more common sight


The plan for land near Frogmore was for a smaller turbine than


When the council gave it the go-ahead, around 100 people raised


A planning inspector backed them, and the Secretary of State has now


You really have to think long and hard, what is my understanding


of it, and I am I correct in thinking


that the council have made the wrong decision?


You have to have a lot of faith in yourself,


especially when you are asking the local community


to fund and invest in what you think is a bad decision.


Councillors had gone against advice from officers.


Today the chairman of the committee told me he was disappointed


We all know renewable energy is needed, we all want green,


And also on the economic grounds, of the agricultural industry,


we all know dairy farming is going through a bad patch,


perhaps a little bit better now, but anything to reduce


The farmers who brought the application tell me


they are disappointed that this decision.


They say all they were trying to do was lower the carbon emissions


The farm needs energy 24 hours a day.


They say they do not have the money to appeal.


There could be a 2% rise in the portion of council tax used


to fund the police to bring more officers into Devon and Cornwall.


The rise could see an extra 40 officers


being employed coming after a spell when numbers have been reducing.


The Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez has told today's


Sunday Politics that, if it happened, it would be


A family's been reunited with a memorial bench


which was swept out to sea during storms at


It was carried 60 miles from Port Isaac in Cornwall


The woman who found the bench used social media to track down


the family of the teenage boy commemorated on the seat.


This is not just the story of a bench, but of fate,


Archie Thomas died 32 years ago today, at the age of 15.


He came with his family to Port Isaac for holidays every year,


He liked nothing more than to stand with the fishermen chatting


away for half the day, so when he died we wanted


to have this memorial bench for him there,


something that was so important to him.


The bench was found by Cathy, out walking her dogs.


There was Archie's bench washed up on the beach.


I straightaway saw it was a memorial bench,


which I had empathy for the family, because my brother died eight years


Which is why I knew this had to be somehow found


It is one of those things that has brought us amongst


these wonderful people, and also made so many


contacts with old friends, it has reopened our eyes


Help to get the bench back to Port Isaac came


from another North Devon family with their own commemoration bench


For them to turn up and find it gone would have been awful for them,


so at least they know what has happened to it, they have been able


to bring it back to where it is rightfully supposed to be


A real sense of homecoming, isn't it?


And what a lovely journey it has been for all of us.


Thanks to community spirit, and amazing connections,


Archie's bench is back with it belongs.


Archie's bench is back where it belongs.


Twitchers have been out in force in Devon


The Bohemian waxwing is more usually seen in eastern Europe but in recent


days has been spotted close to the A38 at Heathfield


It's said to be too cold for them in Russia.


It has been another dry day across the south-west.


We have had a little bit of cloud, and we run the risk of further


Further east, where we see clear skies we have the risk


of freezing fog patches, so for Dorset, Somerset, tomorrow


Further west, slightly milder, and I think most towns and cities


Rural areas could get down to minus figures.


Tomorrow that freezing fog towards the east will be


For most of us, a bright start to the day.


It is going to be another beautiful day.


Dry, plenty of sunshine, with temperatures up on today.


It looks like staying settled as we head through the week.


Some more cloud through the middle part of the week.


The wind picks up towards the weekend, but it turns milder.


That is it for us. We're back at 20 past ten. Good evening.


of freezing fog. Already warnings in place from the Met office. I will


concentrate on the fog as we go through the


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