11/03/2017 Spotlight

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Good evening. Nations again with


500 bikers rode through Barnstaple today calling for tougher sentences


for drivers who kill people when they've been taking drugs.


It follows the death of 20-year-old Aiden Platt who was knocked


The drug driver who admitted killing him walked free from court


Emma Thomasson was at today's protest.


By Chris call this the raw or funder. -- bikers. Their way of


making sure people hear how angry they are for the suspended sentence


for the woman who killed 20-year-old Aidan Platt. Laura Ward admitted


causing his death by dangerous driving while under the influence of


drugs, but he skips gel. The judge said the courts are reluctant to


send mothers of young children to prison.


It is too lenient. She should have got a prison sentence. 18 months


suspended, that is no sentence. Whereas Aidan's parents have got a


full life sentence now without Aidan.


One of our own. A local lad, a biker. And also a school friend of


my stepson. His life was taken and not justice was served.


Devon and Cornwall police appealed against the sentence but the


Attorney General turned it down, saying he did not believe there was


a realistic chance the court would find it unduly lenient.


Three illegal drugs found in her system. It does not send out the


right message to people out there that may be considering taking drugs


and driving. Drug driving is extremely dangerous, as dangerous as


drink-driving and a number of people in North Devon have been killed as a


result of drug driving. The Ministry of Justice told


Spotlight it is consulting on increasing gel times for drug


driving but it is up to independent judges to past and is based on the


facts of the case. These bikers say that is not good enough. They have


set up an online petition and say they will stage more protests like


they will stage more protests like this until the law is changed.


A dog, described as a 'Guardian Angel' has reached the finals


of Crufts for helping to transform the life of a boy with autism.


Caddie the Labrador is a specially trained autism assistance dog


And 13-year-old Joel Sayer from Newquay says he's changed his life.


Joel says Caddie keeps him focussed on what he's doing,


and makes him feel safe, calm and happy.


Caddy keeps the calm and safe and well. Patient and more focused.


Before I had to make it not even go outside.


I wanted to stay inside. His actual presence makes him relax because it


is a constant companion for him. In a world in his eyes that he does not


know and he is scared of everyday, every day Joel finds the world hard.


And the winner of the Life hero dog competition will be


Plymouth Argyle stay in second spot in the two after a two nil victory


away at Mansfield. Elsewhere it finished Exeter city nil, Accrington


Stanley two. In the National League Torquay one two goals- one. Tomorrow


Exeter Chiefs take on harlequins at home in the Anglo Welsh cup.


Time for the weather now - here's Holly with the forecast.


We have got outbreaks of rain heading our way but sunshine to come


as well. Cloud is low tonight, sinking down, giving us mist, Hill


and coastal fog. A picture rain working into the Channel Islands.


Patchy rain initially and then something a bit more persistent


moves in from the west later in the moves in from the west later in the


night. Eight or 9 degrees. Tomorrow morning some outbreaks of rain pushy


strips and fizzle out as they do so. Come the afternoon it should be


fairly bright, we should see some sunshine coming through.


Temperatures would not get as high as today. There will be quite breezy


north-westerly, especially across the north coast and out the west. We


should see is good spells of sunshine as we should on Monday but


it is cloudy after that. Have a good evening.


The next update will be at 5:50pm tomorrow evening. From everyone here


have a good night and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Goodbye.


Good evening. Some of us managed to get some decent weather today, not


everybody but some of us. Lovely picture from a weather watcher in


Northern Ireland, Enniskillen, and in Northern Ireland we have the


warmest day of the year for Northern Ireland, 16 Celsius. The Southeast a


little warmer weather cloud broke up, 18 Celsius, but we have also had


some light rain, and if anything this coming even in the clouds will