12/03/2017 Spotlight

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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It's been announced that the Dean of Exeter Cathedral,


the Very Reverend Jonathan Draper, is leaving his post


It comes months after he was described by his own Bishop


The Diocese of Exeter confirmed the Dean will retire


after a sabbatical ends in August, saying he has achieved considerable


change and given the Cathedral a greater mission focus -


while his preaching ministry has been greatly appreciated.


Today's statement spoke of challenging issues


not least financial, and said while progress has been


made there are still many challenges ahead.


I think it's sad. I think that he...


There have been major problems at the Cathedral of recent years,


and I think that perhaps he has decided


that this is the best thing for the Cathedral itself


and for the whole of the congregation.


I'm surprised, because he seems to be doing a good job here.


But as everything, there's always time for change.


"I don't want to see anyone going through the heartache


The words of a north Devon woman who lost her 19-year-old son


This weekend, Brenda Luckett watched young people be screened in Bude,


her family has raised over the last eight years.


Not what you'd expect to see a teenager doing first thing


But for Nathan, this screening could save his life.


He's the same age as Martin Luckett, who died suddenly from


Since then, his mum and sister have fund-raised tirelessly,


so that other young people can be checked for warning signs.


There was a song came on the radio and I nearly


started, and I thought, "No, you've got to get on with it.


It's still quite emotional, because I see, like,


that would be Martin's age, and we don't want to see anybody


going through the heartache that we went through.


And 200 young people have come to these screening


sessions this weekend, because of the awareness raised


You may think that this is a condition that affects


But we currently know that at least 12 young people,


otherwise fit and healthy, every week die suddenly.


Stathis thinks every young person should have the option to be tested


But Public Health England has told Spotlight it regularly


reviews who gets screened, and has found no clear evidence


whether screening children would reduce illness or death.


Well, my mum's a good friend of the family who organised it,


so she thought it was best to go and get checked out and make


What do you think he would have made of all the fundraising and all this


Yeah, he would have been really proud.


In rugby, the Exeter Chiefs are through to their third


successive Anglo-Welsh Cup Final, after a comfortable victory over


The Chiefs went over four times in the 24-7 win,


as they booked their passage for next week's final showdown


against Leicester - ironically, the game will be played at Quins'


And finally, the South West's Hindu community have been


celebrating the Holi Festival of Colours this weekend.


It's certainly a vibrant affair as Spotlight's Johnny


This is Holi, a Hindu celebration of the arrival


But before all that, there's prayers - and lots of eating.


Fried bread, some rice, that go fantastically well


Which is mixed with vegetables and a lentil curry.


Today we're celebrating Holi, which is the celebration of colours,


and we celebrate the end of a good harvest and the start of spring.


And good over evil, which is a nice message.


It's good, clean family fun, with a bit of mischief thrown in.


We're planning to split into teams, and we're


There isn't many rules, you just take colours and throw it.


You're not going to bombard me, are you?


Johnny Rutherford, BBC Spotlight, Exeter!


On to the weather - here's Holly with the forecast.


Some of us are ending the day with some sunshine,


and that translates to clear skies into tonight.


Some patchy rain still just clearing the Channel Islands,


but underneath those clear skies for tonight it will


We could see a touch of frost for some prone cold spots,


and it's a nippier start tomorrow morning than we've seen of late,


Some good spells of sunshine, but gradually cloud will wend


its way in from the northwest, and it will tend to lower as well


so eventually we'll see some sea fog lapping in,


Parts of South Devon, Dorset and of course


the Channel Islands staying bright for the longest, and in


the sunshine, highs getting up to around 40 degrees.


Cloudier skies in general then through Tuesday and Wednesday,


a little bit damp at times, but it is staying mild


That's all we've got time for. Goodbye for now.


Hello, the weather was hit-and-miss today across the UK, bit of


sunshine, a few spots