12/03/2017 Spotlight

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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the Very Reverend Jonathan Draper, is leaving his post


It comes months after he was described by his own Bishop


as "remote and disinterested" and at challenging times


At the age of 65, the Dean will retire


The Diocese of Exeter confirmed the retirement,


saying he haD achieved considerable change and given the cathedral


-- saying he had achieved considerable change


a greater mission focus, while his preaching ministry has


I asked some of the congregation as they arrrived for even song


There have been major problems at the cathedral of recent years,


and I think that perhaps he has decided that this is the best


thing for the cathedral itself and for the whole


I'm surprised, because he seems to be doing a good job here.


But as everything, there's always time for change.


And if it seems like the right change for him, then I think that's


I think that all one can do is pray for the Cathedral and all involved


I'm sure the bishop knows what he's doing.


Today's statement on the diocese's website spoke of the challenges


facing the cathedral, not least financial.


It said, "While progress has been made, there


"The Dean's announcement," it said, "Was made in that context."


200 young people were screened for heart problems this weekend


thanks to a fundraising campaign in memory of a teenager


from north Devon who died of an undiagnosed condition.


19-year-old Martin Luckett died suddenly in 2005.


Since then his mother and sister have fundraised tirelessly so other


youngsters can be checked for warning signs.


Public Health England says there's no clear evidence that screening


children would reduce illness or death but some doctors believe


every young person should have the option to be tested


You may think that this is a condition that affects


But we currently know that at least 12 young people,


otherwise fit and healthy, every week die suddenly


and these are young people, less than 35 years old.


A young boy and his dog from Cornwall had their moment


in the main arena at Crufts this evening after reaching the final


of the Friends for Life hero dog competition.


Caddie is a specially trained autism assistance Labrador from the "Dogs


for Good" charity and was given to 13-year-old Joel


He helps calm anxiety and carry out everyday tasks.


The pair narrowly missed out on the title but to Joel,


Caddie is his "guardian angel" and a winner every time.


And he gives me safe because I have autism.


For me and by husband and my family, it's overwhelming to think


that we're here today, because of somebody had said


-- that we're here today, because if somebody had said


this five years ago, or even four years ago when we first


got Caddie, I would have said there's no way we could possibly


have been able to come into a place so crowded, with all these bright


lights and the noise and everything, but here we are and that's all down


The South West's Hindu community has been celebrating the Holi Festival


It's a vibrant affair celebrating the coming of a bright new season.


It's a chance for the community to get together pray eat dance


and have fun with a bit of mischeif thrown in.


-- and have fun with a bit of mischief thrown in.


Today we're celebrating Holi, which is the celebration of colours,


and we celebrate the end of a good harvest and the start of spring.


And good over evil, which is a nice message.


Here's Holly now, with the forecast for the next few days.


We've got starry skies overhead for tonight and any lingering


rain has been clearing the Channel Islands


and underneath these starry skies it could get quite chilly,


in fact, we could see a touch of frost in some cold spots.


These are more typical temperatures as we push into tomorrow morning.


A nippier start than we have seen of late but also


Good spells of sunshine initially but we do find cloud thickening


from the north-west and it will start to lower as well.


Sea fog lapping in, coastal fog, hill fog developing too.


Parts of Devon, Dorset and the Channel Islands hanging


Given that sunshine lingering a bit more, we could see highs getting up


Cloudier skies then unfortunately for Tuesday


Hopefully not too much rain and it does at least stay mild.


But from all of us here, have a good night.


Good evening. For many places it was a fairly cloudy day on suspend but


there was sunshine for western areas during the afternoon, and here are


the clear skies at sunset in Northern Ireland. Thanks to weather


watcher Robin for this picture, those clear skies have been making


their way further east ward. Temperatures are dropping away, we


have seen temperatures of freezing in parts of Northern Ireland. More


cloud rolling in during the latter part of the night but towns and


cities down the five and six m the countryside many of us will see the


temperatures a degree or so above freezing, so a slight touch of frost


across the rural parts of England and Wales for