18/03/2017 Spotlight

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Good evening. late news at 10pm.


Around 500 passengers today took advantage of the first direct


train service from Okehampton to London in 50 years.


Campaigners want to re-establish the link and organised


They say it would provide an alternative to the troubled


But, as Eleanor Parkinson reports, today's journey didn't quite


This specially named train arrived at her cap turned to an enthusiasts


kick welcome, at Okehampton. Everybody who has brought a seat on


this specially chartered train says that the service is much needed.


When we hear stories that Cornwall has been cut off because of Dawlish,


we feel annoyed. As far as we are concerned, we are


permanently cut off. Thinking about job opportunities for Exeter, to get


this line, the job opportunities mean that we are right on the moors


with cyclists and walkers. The first leg did not go well, wet rails


caused damage to the train wheels, allowing the train to slide.


Passengers had to disembark at Exeter and move to a different train


for the rest of the journey. Despite the bumpy start today, campaigners


said that they would like to turn the clock back to when there was a


regular service on this route. There is a novelty aspect about the


day-to-day, but we are trying to make a serious point that actually,


the tickets sold out within the week. Passengers arrived in London


to be met by the Minister for trains.


Eleanor Parkinson, BBC Spotlight, Okehampton.


Campaigners angry about the closure of community hospital beds


in Devon met today to decide a plan of action.


Around 130 people attended the meeting in Colyford after health


managers decided to close four in patient beds at Seaton Hospital.


Campaigners have successfully lobbied to have the decision


This is only one year or so after they closed beds at Axminster


hospital, and told people that there would still be beds at Seaton


Hospital. All of the beds have been taken away from the eastern side of


East Devon, and people in a large number of communities will now have


to travel for a long time, or a long way, if they need that hospital bed.


Now it's a big weekend for our sporting teams.


Exeter Chiefs attempt to win rugby's first trophy of the season


when they play Leicester Tigers in the Anglo-Welsh Cup final


Plymouth Raiders face Leicester Riders in the BBL Trophy Final.


The team set off for Glasgow today hoping tomorrow's match


will end their ten year wait for silverware.


Their opponents start favourites but the Raiders took them


to overtime when the two sides met earlier in the season.


In today's action, Plymouth Argyle moved a step closer to automatic


promotion to League One when they beat Morecambe


With just eight games left the Pilgrims are 11 points clear


Exeter City and Luton Town drew 1 all in Bedfordshire to remain


While Yeovil drew 1-1 with Accrington in League Two.


Onto rugby and in the Championship, the Cornish Pirates went down 39-10


to London Irish while Jersey were beaten 17 points


A Russian sailor who died in Plymouth 100 years ago


was remembered today at a special memorial service.


Peter Ogorelkov was 27 when he died in March 1917.


His overgrown grave was uncovered in Ford Park Cemetery in the 1960s.


Today a representative from the Russian Embassy in London


and members of the city's Russian community were among those


We are not sure what his family history is, whether he had a wife,


or children, or his parents were in Russia. But it is nice to think that


we are looking after him so far from home, as many of our service people


in France are looked after by the French people and in Belgium. We are


doing our bit to make sure that he isn't forgotten here.


Onto the weather, here's Dan with the forecast.


Thank you. It has been a cloudy and breezy weekend so far. Not a great


cloud, mist and fog overnight, cloud, mist and fog overnight,


further outbreaks of light rain and drizzle, some rather brisk winds.


Temperatures in most areas holding up at nine or 10 degrees. Tomorrow,


it starts off much the same. Light outbreaks of rain or drizzle round.


Some bright moments are a possibility but cloudy throughout


the day. Marred temperatures at 12 or 13 degrees. We hold onto brisk


winds. A change as winds ease on Tuesday.


Sunnis bowls but also heavy showers. That's all we got one for today,