19/03/2017 Spotlight

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The latest news, sport, weather and features from the South West of England.

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Good evening. That's it,


France's highest honour has been awarded to the family of a Plymouth


WWII veteran who died just three weeks ago.


Bill Bannister was the last survivor of the


attack on the docks at St Nazaire in France.


He lived to age 98 after being a stoker on one of the motor boats.


Today's ceremony took place in Falmouth from where


The band of HMS Seahawk led the raid to the St Nazaire memorial


It is 75 years since HMS Campbeltown and 18 smaller boats,


along with over 600 crew and commandos, left here


Today, armed services personnel and representatives of service


charities and organisations watched as Bill Bannister's daughter


In fact, the Sunday before he died, he came to my house and he said,


"Look, I think I will be able to stand without a stick."


And sadly he died, but he was really looking forward to this,


But I was equally pleased the family accepted to be presented


Operation Chariot was a huge success.


It stopped German warships using the dock at St Nazaire


which was out of use for the rest of the war.


Today on the 75th anniversary of what has become known


as the Greatest Raid, their sacrifice was remembered.


A road in East Devon remains closed this evening after a collision


Two other vehicles were involved in the accident which happened


between Dunkeswell and Honiton around seven this morning.


One person received serious arm injuries.


Onto a busy day of sport, and Exeter Chiefs have failed


in their bid to win the first trophy of the domestic rugby season.


They lost 16-12 to Leicester Tigers in the final of the Anglo Welsh Cup.


It was a disappointment for their big support


Getting ready for the latest big day in the rise of the Exeter Chiefs.


More than 1000 fans travelled from Devon to London,


We will win quite handsomely, probably by about 25 points.


We're going to play really well, and if we have a good score


performance, we will bring home the cup.


At Twickenham Stoop, a young Chiefs side was aiming


James Short on the end of a good passing move,


and his pace gave the Leicester defence no chance of catching him.


But the Tigers responded and took control of the game.


Tom Brady intercepting another Exeter passing move, and he scored.


It was converted, and another two penalties saw the Chiefs


No points were scored in the second half until the 78th minute,


when after 39 phases of play, Sam Simmons finally breached


But there was not enough time to secure the win,


so it was defeat in the final of this competition for the Chiefs


There was disappointment too for the Plymouth Raiders


who were in the BBL Trophy final in Glasgow against


The Raiders were always the underdogs and Leicester showed


why they were favourites with a strong start.


Of their 19 attempts in the first quarter the Raiders only managed


to score three times, meaning the writing


Despite a valiant fight back the Riders ran away with it


We will have more than this on the late news and 810 10:20pm. -- on the


late news at 10:20pm. A Plymouth woman who felt


she lost her femininity after years of intensive treatment for breast


cancer has had her 29-year-old Kat Roberts' hair never


fully grew back after chemotherapy but her friends raised funds


so she could have a pioneering type of hair extensions for people


with extreme hair loss. Oh, it's amazing,


I can't believe it. And you can find out more


about Kat's inspiring story on Inside out tomorrow night,


7.30pm, BBC One. Time for the weather now,


and here's Dan Downs. this evening, along with low cloud,


mist and fog, and that rain spreads Also this rather brisk


south-westerly winds. Another fairly mild night,


with temperatures not Grey, murky start tomorrow


with further outbreaks of rain, with heavy bursts


possible. Temperature still fairly mild


for much of tomorrow, with highs of Once the rain clears


through into the afternoon, a clearer end to the day


but turning much colder. It is a cold night for Monday


into Tuesday, with a chance of rural frost,


as temperatures get down to three Tuesday is brighter


but with showers, maybe some heavier Hello. For most of March so far it


has felt quite mild and springlike but we are in for a bit of a shock


next week as we will have a blast of Arctic air across the UK making it


feel much cooler than it has of late with wintry showers and a return to


overnight frosts for a while. The pressure chart shows more weather


fronts pushing into many central and southern parts of the country this


evening and overnight it will turn quite wet across parts of England


and when is towards the end of the night and across Scotland,