06/08/2017 Weather for the Week Ahead

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Detailed weather forecast.

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There has been little sign of any prolonged summer weather in the UK.


We will start with frost in rural Scotland. We have heard about the


dangerous heatwave in contrast persisting for over a week in


southern Europe. It is going east. Parts of the Balkans will have day


after day of below 40 Celsius. Cordova was in the mid- 40s.


Stagnant air in the British Isles. North of the jetstream, cold air.


Eventually next week, the cooler air will go south. Pushing out hit into


the south and east of Europe. Heating up in these regions. Of


course, with that cold air across the UK, lots of showers for the


first part of the weekend. Under the ridge of high pressure for the start


of the morning as I mentioned, ground frost. Fog around as well. It


does not last. We have low pressure bringing some rain. That rain comes


in across on a brisk wind. A chilly start elsewhere. Then dry weather


and bright weather in southern areas and even the north-east of Scotland.


Northern Ireland brightens up. A decent day. Other northern areas on


Monday as well. If you were under the weather front which is


slow-moving, quite a dreary day. Parts of the south-east may escape


the worst. However, after that, it looks like we will get low pressure


starting to move up in France. Joining forces with pressure here in


the North Sea. Heavy weather. Not looking like pleasant day. The wind


is strengthening. Heavy showers and thunderstorms. Muggy air for a time.


15- 20 degrees. The latter part of Tuesday. Starting to lose that muggy


air except in eastern areas. We pick up this strong northerly wind.


Tightly packed isobars coming down from the north. It does not look


very summer like at all. Strong northerly winds driving plenty more


showers along this area. Temperatures will struggle to reach


the mid-teens for many. Quite chilly. It will be a long time


before that clears out of the way across southern and eastern areas.


It may take until Thursday. Thursday for most looks like the driest and


best day of the week, if you like. 18 north-westerly across eastern


areas. -- A keen. 15- 17. That is after a chilly start to be dry for


the most part. Showers on Thursday and Friday. We have a high close to


us in the south. A promise of something more dry. Again, it looks


as if it will only be for southern areas later in the week and into the


weekend. At this stage, low pressure continuing to dry in off the


Atlantic for the northern half of the UK. It will be unsettled across


the north of the UK with some rain and at times fairly strong winds.


Closer to the high, it looks like it will be