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This is BBC World News Today. The Greek Prime Minister offers to


resign and make way for a national unity government. The Greek people


express their anger at more or austerity measures in order to pay


off these huge debt. It is not about me any more, it is


about our children. I do not see a bright future.


Syrian refugees in Turkey vent their anger against the Assad


regime, as the Syrian army prepares to enter another town in the north.


In search of Tripoli's disaffected, we hear he is rarely told stories


from opposition voices in the capital of Libya.


President Barack Obama calls for a ceasefire in Sudan as fighting


intensified amid claims of ethnic cleansing.


There are reports from serious colics, who would not make things


up, that they have been taking people from their homes and killing


them because they are to black. And, the fisherman's Friend now put


to music, D Shipping Forecast becomes an inspiration for a new


Hello. The Greek Prime Minister is between


a rock and a hard place. Greece has run out of money, it cannot borrow


any more unless it hikes up taxes and carries out more cuts, but the


Greek people have had enough of this unpalatable economic medicine.


They voiced their anger in a general strike and a huge street


protests as the parliament debated the new plan. State TV is reporting


that the ruling Socialist Party is now in talks with the opposition


Conservatives to form a national unity government.


The fighting that took place outside Parliament was the most


serious violence seen on the streets of Athens for over a year.


Evidence, if it was needed, that the Greek public cannot take any


more. The indignant movement, which had been holding a peaceful


demonstrations, stood back as the rioters did their work. Nearly


three weeks of continuous protests by the movement have had the


desired effect. According to government sources, the head has


offered to step down, but only on the condition that the new unity


government sticks to the plan put down by the EU. He had always


promised he had the strength to save Greece from economic collapse.


But it appears he was forced to Tell the President he had lost the


support of a rebellious element of his Socialist Party. Chris's


economy is in a parlous position. Its national debt is �300 billion.


It is supposed to be receiving �95 billion as part of a bail-out


package. But the political chaos has put the handouts in doubt. As


well as the hopes of the protesters. It is not about me any more, it is


about our children. I do not see a bright future. The indigo movement


has caught the imagination of the rest of the Greek mainland, and the


islands off. -- the islands. In this fish market, they try to keep


flies off the sea food. It is a metaphor for the Greek economy,


except it is in a more advanced state of decomposition. This


island's prosperity is dependent on visitors from Athens. On first


glimpse, the waterfront looks puzzling. But it is just a facade.


On the street behind, businesses have gone bust, and the full rent


signs are spreading. You will find FIFA it -- 15 different places that


are closing down. Business has been bad. In a backstreet bar,


grassroots activists are stoking up opposition to the government, and


the manner in which it is carrying out the demands of the EU and


International Monetary Fund. What we are trying to communicate is the


fact that we could bypass the parliamentary democracy, without


furnishing it, but creating assemblies that can overall


legislation. Some participants believe they should have become


more vocal a year ago, when Greece received the bail-out. Everybody is


fed up with the economic crisis and the way it has been handled


internationally, because of the solutions are oppressing the people,


and not helping development. How can we pay off debts without being


able to develop? The speed with which the Greek public is losing


confidence in the Prime Minister is exhilarating. For the first time in


years, his governing Socialist Party is lagging behind the


conservative opposition in the polls. The demonstrators may have


won a victory against the Government today, but whether it


benefits them and the longer remains to be seen.


-- in the long run. Joining the from Athens, the


political economist at the University of Athens, Yanis


Varoufakis. The Prime Minister George Papandreou had a lot of


support for his first or austerity plan. Why have people lost faith in


him now? Because it proved a catastrophic disaster. Every single


prediction, every single statement by the Finance Minister and the


Prime Minister was undermined within a few short days after it


was issued. You can for some of the people of the time... -- for what


some of the people... Now, the recession, the crisis, the


investment seizure has been added to a list at also contains a crisis


of political legitimacy. But he always says he did not have any


choice, these measures were imposed upon Greece by the IMF, by the EU,


who have bailed the Greeks out. one sense, a recognised the


conundrum in which he finds himself. He inherited an awful situation


from the previous government. Just when he was finding his feet in


government, the quit kit exploded. But having said that, a political


leader has to make important decisions and take risks. In


accepting 110 billion euro, on condition of austerity, that was a


major assault on reason. Thinking that these huge expensive loan


would solve an insolvency problem, as if it were a liquidity problem.


What is the alternative? If I were to offer you a credit card with a


very high interest rate, to pay back your mortgage, because you are


finding it hard to meet your repayments, you would have been


foolish to accept it. Leaders do not break, they know how to say no


when it is fitting, and it was fitting last year for the Greek


Prime Minister to attend the EU summit and declare what the


situation was, presented to his colleagues in Europe and say, this


is the situation, I am afraid I would have to declare in a few days


or months, perhaps, that Greece is in default. But in that case, if


Greece had done that, would the EU, the IMF and the banks have said, we


are not helping you? If they wanted the Coretta Microsystems to


collapse, that is what they would have said. -- euro system to


collapse. That fear had a major fall in living standards after 2008,


and they stabilised the situation by creating internal devaluation.


Greece is integrated into the banking sector of Europe, and the


contagion that is common to happen if Christie faults, because there


is no way of avoiding it, the system was not designed to sustain


a great Shockwave like that, and it would be history, together with the


living standards of the average person.


Another town in northern Syria is bracing itself for an attack by


government troops. Thousands of people are leaving a Maaret al-


Namaan and its fears of a crackdown. But in nearby Jisr al-Shughour, the


government says things are getting back to normal after troops and


tanks moved in on Sunday, and it is calling on the people to come home.


He signed a fear of a northern Syria. Villagers have set up their


own checkpoints to help protect people fleeing from the regime's


guns. More and more are fleeing. These are Syrians waiting to cross


into the safety of neighbouring Turkey. It is already playing host


to over 8000 refugees, after the miniature crackdown on Jisr al-


Shughour. Amid fears that the town of Maaret al-Namaan is next. More


people on the mood. Based on evidence from refugees and from


human rights groups, the United Nations says at least 1100 people


have been killed over the past three months, and up to 10,000


jailed. International outrage at the actions of Bashar Al-Assad's


regime is growing. We just demanded freedom, this man says, just


freedom. He has killed half his people. Today, an envoy from the


President was in Turkey, which has become increasingly critical of the


Syrian regime. He insisted the refugees will not be in Turkey for


long. Our citizens are here for a short time, temporarily staying


here in Turkey, but soon they will return. We are prepared for them,


and they are returning now, actually. In Damascus, a grand


display of defiance. This is being billed as the world's biggest


Syrian flag. It was unfurled at an organised show of support for the


Government. State TV said it was a sign of the country rejecting


foreign interference, and of the country's cohesion. But elsewhere,


protests have continued. This placard asks if the flight is long


enough to make shrouds for the dead. Images from inside the country


offal to regard, filmed by the protesters. But the full story of


what they are protesting against, the actions of the regime's tanks


and troops, cannot be told, with the international media shoot-out.


-- shot at it. Pakistan says it has obtained several people suspected


of providing information on Osama Bin Laden's whereabouts to the


American intelligence agency the CIA. And on a spokesperson said


most of the alleged informants had been arrested in the garrison town


of Abbottabad, where Osama Bin Laden is said to have been hiding


for years before he was killed last month.


American reports said that the Central Intelligence Agency is


preparing to operate on drone aircraft over Yemen to target all


al-Qaeda suspects could. The Washington Post says the drones


would join at unmanned craft than by the American military.


British banks are being ordered to reorganise in an effort to avoid


the multi-billion dollar financial crisis of three years ago. The


Chancellor George Osborne is to announce later that banks should


structure their businesses so that accounts held by the public are


protected. He has also announced be nationalised Bank Northern Rock


will be tougher sale. In Libya, opposition activists in


Tripoli have told us that Colonel Gaddafi is more unpopular than ever.


But he is clinging on to power through intimidation and murder.


Foreign journalists work under strict government restrictions. Our


correspondent has met opposition members, who live in daily fear for


their lives. In a city penetrated by fear and


suspicion, this is the only way to find out what many Libyans are


really thinking. We have given our government minders the slip, but it


is still a nervous journey to a safe house in a Tripoli suburb. The


four young activists I need have also put at the regime's hands, in


one way or another. Friends have been killed, they are tired of the


corruption and nepotism, and they say pressure is mounting on Colonel


Gaddafi to go. Their words are spoken by actors. It is a fight, we


will fight, but not with empty hands. It is crazy to go out,


facing people with guns, and we know what intentions they have.


you think that Colonel Gaddafi will have to go? He is finished already.


He is damaging the country as much as he can, but he is finished.


the early days of the uprising, anti-government protests in Tripoli


were brutally crushed. But people are beginning to find their voices


again. At this recent funeral in the capital, the rebel flag is


raised in open defiance. On this video, which is impossible to


verify, government soldiers stand over dying rebels after recent


fighting in the capital. You dogs, they say, this is revenge. Colonel


Gaddafi's opponents know that Tripoli is still a dangerous place.


I think it is going to be bloody, because he is not going to give up


easy at all. Will we see more How does that make you feel? I am


scared. But I am willing to sacrifice my life for this. You are


willing to do for this? Yes, without hesitation. This is how the


regime portrays things. Fanatical they may be many faces are familiar,


and are fewer in number. Ten weeks of NATO bombing hasn't ousted the


Colonel. From what we have seen, his fortress capital is solid no


longer. President Obama has called on the leaders of northern and


southern Sudan to stop escalating violence in border regions. In a


month's time the oil rich south of Sudan is due to become independent


from the north after decades of Civil War. South Kordofan will


remain under the jurisdiction of the north but some 60,000 people


have been displaced. The US President says both sides must use


talks taking place to secure the peace that their people wanted.


leaders of Sudan and south Sudan must live up to their


Meanwhile the Vice-President of Sudan has been speaking to BBC


Arabic television. He said immediate action is needed to stop


the violence. In southern Kordofan we would want to see there is


ceasefire and the presence of the UN, UN forces is also felt by the


people, so that we don't get to a situation where there would be


genocide, ethnic cleansing and situation of Rwanda where you had


witness in the 1990s. We want to avoid this happening, particularly


in southern Kordofan. I have been speaking to Baroness Caroline Cox,


former Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords in Britain who is involved


in an aid charity down in Sudan. I asked what she had been hearing


from her contacts on the ground. Two main things to high light, the


first is the intensity of the fighting against the peoples of


southern Kordofan, they have been suggested to Aero bombardment. The


shelling and bombing of civilian targets and attacked by helicopter


gunship, chasing people like animals, trying to run away, so


there is the Aero bombardment, the military offensives and then there


is the taking from house to house of people and killing them in cold


blood, some of them in front of UN soldiers or peacekeeping troops who


are there to protect the people. Can I get this straight. This is


troops from the north. Attacking people who support


independence of the south? Yes, attacking the people who they


believe support the independence of the south but worry liing, reports


from serious colleagues out there who would not make things up, that


in some cases they have been taking people from their homes and killing


them because "They are too black." The people are a African people


with a long tradition of African culture and there seems to be an


element of ethnic cleansing as well as military terrorism. That is a


strong phrase to use. Yes. It is coming from several different


sources and all of them reliable. That is worrying. When I was in the


mountains last time, the people there are partners who are mountain


people, Christian an Muslim, they were worried that one of the


results of their coming under the control of Khartoum would be a very


racist agenda, they would lose their African identity, so it does


seem as though that is one sad element of a bigger picture which


is the military offensive and the terrorising of the people of


southern Kordofan. So they feel in the run-up to independence for the


south, that the north is trying to clear people like them out of the


country and shove them over the border south? Very much so.


Estimates are up to 60,000 people who have had to flee one of the


main towns, and other owns and villages, many are hiding in caves.


It is rough terrain in the mountain, they suffered all this in the early


90s. 500,000 perished in that war. It's a rerun of the horror, hiding


in caves. You can't get water. If they are not in there it is rainy


season. A lot of the access routes have been cut off so the reports


coming in of people dying from humanitarian crisis as well as from


the military offensive. It is a real catastrophe. Do you fear that


independence of southern Sudan could be derailed by this fighting?


Well, that is a real fear, July 9th is when they are looking forward to


celebrating their independence but of course we have had the horrors


when that dis-- disputed area is being grabbed by northern forces


and captured. We have southern Kordofan, they are Blue Nile, that


might become vulnerable. All this seems to be a serious policy of


Khartoum perhaps to destabilise the region, and therefore by to


destabilise southern Sudan on the border and make that declaration of


independence precarious, think the sunners want their independence,


they will try to go for it but these are serious aspects in the


run up to that critical historic day. Briefly, President Obama has


called today for a ceasefire, do you think that will have any


effect? I hope it will. I have been asking the House of Lords this


afternoon when the British Government will raise at the UN


Security Council is need for much more effective UN action for those


peacekeepers to stop looking on, and to do something, to help


provide some peace, and the local people are asking desperately for a


no-fly zone to protect them from this constant aerial bombardment.


Baroness Caroline Cox. Now, economies in Asia have seen


dramatic changes over the past 30 year, and that change is affecting


power relationships in the region and beyond. If NATO is a western


security alliance, how are countrys in the east getting together to


form similar ties. Rayhan Demytrie reports from Kazakhstan which is


playing host to the Shanghai Co- operation Organisation. Police in


full dress. Keeping tight security across the city for the Presidents


of China, Russia and central Asian republics. Their countries are


members of the Shanghai Co- operation Organisation. A regional


security alliance, which Iran, Pakistan and India are also keen to


join. Military drills are at the core of this grouping. A fight


against what it calls three evils, terrorism, extremism and separatism


is the declared goal. For China that means a close focus on what it


sees as activism in its western region and handing over suspects is


part of the deal. Central Asia home to a large ethnic community. But


this activist says Kazakhstan extradited a man who fled China


after riots there. Through its ties says this activist, China is now


putting pressure on them across central Asia After all... I was


supposed to attend the Congress in the States but was stopped at the


airport. The authorities prevented me leaving the country. Unlike in


western alliances human rights is not a priority for the members. Its


non-westernness makes it a point of interest for Iran while other


states believe it has the potential to play a greater role in regional


stability. As you know the Americans have announced a


timetable to withdraw, then we will knee some other organisation to


step in, that could be the SEO. Shanghai Co-operation Organisation


is not yet the NATO of the east but with so many countries keen to join,


some analysts believe it could one day change the global balance of


power. BBC Radio 4's shipping forecast is intended to a to be a


vital res for for crews to prepare for bad weather on the high seas


but among non-nautical devotees it has a great following. It is a


hypnotic mantra that can send do you sleep. Our correspondent has


been finding out how it has become the inspiration for a new piece of


music. Fair Isle, Faeroes. South- east Iceland. Shaning. Rockall.


Become north-easterly five. Cromarty, variable four, occasional


rain, moderate or good. The shipping forecast, a daily reminder


of the hazards round this windswept island but to some it is also


poetry. It is rhythm. It is strange words, words depicting amazing


spectacular places. I think our imagination jumps over the words


and visualises some of those places. Fair Isle. Faeroes. And now it is


the inspiration for this new musical work by the composer


Cecilia McDowall, who like many others find the forecast both


beautiful, and baffling. Lundy. Fastnet and Irish Sea. There is


great beauty in the rhythm. Very poe tick, but there is also this


baffling thing I don't understand it. And of course, now falling


sometimes good, all these thing, I know they mean something to


somebody but even though they don't mean anything to me, I enjoy them.


High Biscay slow-moving with little change. Indeed for most of us the


shipping forecast is when we hear it on the radio, a bit of a mystery.


Five to seven in the south-east later. Those words, the reassuring


almost poetry of it out here mean rather more. And for Alan Gick the


skipper of the Alice, a Thames stale -- sailing barge, it is


better than any high tech gadgetry I listen to it at sea. I listen to


it less on shore, because obviously you have got computerised


technology to give you the stuff, but it gives a kind of reassuring


view that people are still doing the same thing, and still collating


the weather and telling you about it. Somehow the electronic stuff is,


doesn't have the same meaning. Dogger. So why it is for Port


mouth's festival choir poetry, the shipping forecast out here means


rather more. A quick reminder of the main news tonight. Greece is


faith facing a deepening political as well as economic crisis, reports


that the Prime Minister George Papandreou has offered to step down


after a day of violent protests over a planned austerity programme.


Hello, we have had a different feel to the weather. It has been


dominated by the cloud and showers. The showers return tomorrow where


they will be more widespread heavy and we are looking at thunderstorms


at times. We are losing the weak weather front but the low continues


to dominate as we look through Thursday's forecast. It will be


driving in showers which will get going as we head through the


afternoon, with only occasional glim others brightness at times. As


we look towards the afternoon for cast, 17 degrees on the face of it


doesn't feel too bad but of course if you get caught in the wet


weather et it will feel colder. You can see plenty of showers, round


the coast it may be a better chance of seeing drier weather at times.


The showers will be blown inland. Cardiff's temperatures 16, given


some afternoon sunshine, round about 18 in Manchester. For


Northern Ireland, we have a fair amount of cloud again, showers here,


most of them out to the north and west. Belfast seeing some decent


spells of dry weather. A lot of cloud in a good part of Scotland as


well. Through the Grampians again, another favoured spot for seeing


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