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This is BBC World News Today, with me, Tim Willcox.


Political paralysis in Greece over how to deal with the country's debt


crisis. His this potentially the beginning of the end of the euro?


What we need most today is unity. We need to move on from these


national quarrels and get back to the sense of our common destiny.


The long-time deputy to Osama Bin Laden is named as Al-Qaeda's new


chief. He vows to continue the campaign against the West.


Cashing in on the booming economies. What will it mean for Europe's


energy supply if Russia plugs into China?


And how Vancouver became a riot zone after a lost game of ice


Welcome. With Greece in political and financial turmoil, French


President Nicolas Sarkozy has called on Europe to urgently reach


an agreement in helping Athens and preserving the stability of the


eurozone. Our task, he said, is to defend and safeguard the euro.


Without the euro, there is no Europe. In Greece itself, Prime


Minister George Papandreou is expected to announce a Cabinet


reshuffle which she hopes will help get his austerity measures through


Parliament. The streets of central Athens this


morning. Like the eurozone itself, in a bit of a mess. A new


government is coming and a vote of confidence in parliament. In a


country all but bankrupt, people are reaching the end of their


tether. TRANSLATION: And think the Prime


Minister is trying, but when it actually achieve anything? -- I


think. They should have taken action year ago, this woman says.


Yesterday more frustration erupted onto the streets again. A violent


protest against massive austerity measures and job losses, much of it


couched in nationalist terms. Many Greeks wonder whether the high


price of staying in the euro is still worth paying. And the rest of


Europe is worried. They have already given billions degrees but


the medicine has not worked. Now they need to raise more money to


keep Greece afloat. There is a sense that nobody knows what to do


next. A sense of paralysis. TRANSLATION: We need unity. We have


got to move beyond national quarrels. We have to defend a


single currency and a European institutions. Earlier this week,


finance ministers spend hours discussing how to pay for a second


Greig but could not agree. Germany and others want private bondholders


like big banks to take their share of the pain. The European Central


Bank and the French say imposing losses on the private sector could


panic the markets and make financial jitters spread. European


leaders on the -- meeting here next week to talk about Greece. They


will probably find a compromise eventually. The stakes are too high


for them to fail. But if the Greeks themselves no longer accept the


terms of the deal, the crisis will deepen, and that could affect us


all. Let's cross live to Athens and


joined our correspondent. George Papandreou is announcing a


reshuffle soon, we think. Will it make it less or more likely that


these measures will work? We're waiting to see what the


constitution of this new government will look like an there are many


serious political commentators who believe George Papandreou is having


trouble attracting the right calibre of people that will give


the Socialists the confidence to pass these austerity measures. For


example, one man touted as being a potential Finance Minister, who is


a former vice-president of the Council, is out of the country, and


George Papandreou is hoping to have his counsel sworn in. Other members


of the international community will be also struck by the possible


appointment of a minister who does not speak English. Another minister


who does speak fluent English has been saying the same message.


George Papandreou had his standing ovation from some of the socialist


but others sat on their hands because they were not impressed.


This will decide whether or not Greece will carry those austerity


measures forward on Sunday. Will Athens get this latest amount


of cash or will it have to default on its debt? We will discuss what


it means for the eurozone and other general issues with Megan Greene.


Some people are describing this as a leaning moment? We might see the


eurozone unravel with Greece. George Papandreou has a bit of time


but only a little bit. Most ministers are against these


austerity measures and most importantly, so is the public. So


even if this next package is passed, the power of this government will


be limited and see Greece plunged into a crisis soon. The economy has


produced more globally compared with others, but does it have the


potential to unleash a huge amount of destruction? It does. It could


do this through general market jitters and contagion, although it


is largely Greek banks and pension funds that are holding Greek


government debt. But you also have to think, who is next? The answer


to that is clearly Portugal and after that Ireland. If it agrees


defaults, it is not clear that Ireland and Portugal would. But


they might think that they could go through a few more pain for years


or go through the same thing that Greece has done. The implications


on the banking system in the eurozone are huge and I think we


might start to see some of these peripheral countries move out of


the eurozone. Would it not be cheaper in the long run for the


banks to take a haircut and keep piling money in degrees? Absolutely.


It is a question of who is paying for this. Some of the core


countries would rather see the bridge for countries pay for it


than their banks. Thank you. If the new leader of Al-Qaeda, Ayman Al-


Zawahiri, has vowed to continue the grip's holy war against the United


States, Israel and their allies. A familiar face, now in charge of


Al-Qaeda. This is the most recent video of Ayman Al-Zawahiri,


released only last week. He has been the group's strategic driving


force the years, so no surprise that he has succeeded Bin Laden.


The videotape was in collaboration of Bin Laden but if you read


beneath the lines, he is saying, I am the boss now, listen to me, this


is my instruction and strategy. two men were close but it was Al-


Zawahiri to radicalised at Bin Laden in the 90s, got him to think


big, broad and his message and took the fight for America. The 9/11


attacks were masterminded by others but they were part of Al-Zawahiri's


strategy to punish the West for supporting Israel. This conflict


for him has been personal. We have tried our best to establish an


Islamic state and society. If here he is imprisoned after the


assassination of Anwar Sadat, the Egyptian President. He fled to


Afghanistan. He helped form their parliament. He is different from


Bin Laden in terms of vision, so he will focus on the Middle East and


already, I think, he will produce a series of five or 6 very long


lectures. It is all about the Middle East and how the next


generation, the Islamists and Al- Qaeda, will explode this


opportunity. He may not have much time. Ayman Al-Zawahiri has a $25


million bounty on his head and US intelligence has been closing in on


key Al-Qaeda operatives, removing them one by one. He could well be


next. Al-Qaeda has suffered many deadly


blows in recent years, so what sort of organisation does Al-Zawahiri


inherit? The affiliates appear to be established. Indonesia appears


to be seeking an Islamist state. Training camps have been


established in Pakistan. In Yemen, several hundred people believed to


be members of an affiliate are in the Arabian peninsula. All across


North Africa, the group has been a bold and kidnap and ransom. Let's


go it at Oxford studio, where we can speak to Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad, who


is a widely published expert on security. It is said he was


selected after consideration. Does that imply this was a fiercely


competitive election? It was at absolutely clear right from the


beginning when Bin Laden died that Ayman Al-Zawahiri will be the


likely replacement, although there had been people within the


organisation who have been critical of Al-Zawahiri, and obviously,


anybody close to the founding charismatic personalities such as


Bin Laden, they would be people who would be jealous of him. But I


think it took six weeks for the leader and successor to Bin Laden


to appear in Al-Qaeda and in my opinion, for now, we can only


speculate as to whether it will help Al-Qaeda overcome the


leadership crisis or it will take Al-Qaeda to awards the downward


slide it has been on for some time. When you look at what has been


happening across North Africa and the Arab Spring, they don't seem to


have had any presence in that at all thus far? Al-Zawahiri's credit


so far is that Al-Qaeda began as an organisation which was specific,


meaning that they wanted the withdrawal of American troops from


the Holy Land. And then Al-Zawahiri was the one who basically through


his influence on Bin Laden. He globalised his world-view and


brought in all of these Palestine, Kashmir macro and other world


issues. It was a broader and Middle-Eastern specific review.


When the revolutions have taken place, we find that the radical


Islam is no way. But it might be a temporary phenomenon. There is


uncertainty as to which way these revolutions or emerging


developments in the Middle East and North Africa will go. Al-Qaeda has


historically tried on grievances, real or imaginary, as they emanate


from these transitory and uncertain times in the Muslim world. Thank


you. Let's have a look at the Bay's


other news. The radical Muslim cleric, Abu Bakar Bashir, has been


jailed for 15 years for organising an Islamic militant group and being


involved in the 2002 barley bombings. His conviction was


overturned. A Russian envoy says he can


envisage a future for Libby were -- for Libya where coal Gaddafi


remains in the country but power moves to the opposition. Mikhail


Margelov said Gaddafi had lost credibility among his people.


With the thousands of people already having fled northern Syria


into Turkey, there reports the Syrian army is now moving in on


another town in the north. Human rights activities said dozens of


tanks, personnel carriers and trucks have moved into Jisr al-


Shughour. In Britain, a juror who contacted a


defender and five Facebook, causing a trial to collapse, has been


jailed for eight months for contempt of court. In the first


case of its kind in the UK, Joanne Fraill admitted breaking the rules


covering trials which prevent jurors investigating cases and


making direct contact with defendants.


The BBC Trust has ordered the BBC to apologise after a programme


revealing that the manufacturing of clothing for Primark. He is said it


is more likely than not that footage of a Bangalore workshop and


young boys working was not genuine. A bomb has exploded outside the


Nigerian capital at police headquarters. It is claimed at


least six people were killed. Police believe a suicide bomber was


behind the attack. If Nigeria's police force is


charged with protecting the country's citizens. But as plumes


of dark smoke rose from the car- park of their own headquarters, it


was clear they had failed to even protect themselves. A blast that


was heard across the capital said buildings and other vehicles on


fire. This man was on his way to work as the bomb exploded.


sought the blast in the air and that is when I knew it was a bomb.


A fee emergency services scramble to the scene and began the big task


of working out how many had died. The police said they believe the


bombing to be the work of an Islamist group. They are believed


to be opposed to Western education. Two years ago, hundreds of people


died when a security force destroyed the compound and killed


their leader. In the last few weeks, attacks on police stations have


On Tuesday, the head of the Nigerian police service travel to


the north taking reinforcements and equipment and promising to end the


Boko Haram problem within a few months. This bomb explosion in


Abuja or may well have been their response.


Vancouver has been voted one of the world's best cities for five years,


after last night, that reputation might need reassessing all because


of a lost ice hockey game. Angry fans set fire in the streets.


According to the police force, it took a small army of offers to get


the chaos under control. They had come expecting to see


their team triumph. Instead of the Vancouver her fans


experienced only humiliation as Boston one at the British just a


Stanley Cup. He -- this prestigious the Cup.


Are several hours, downtown Vancouver was turned into a riot


zone. There were running battles between


some fans and the police. Others a smashed shop windows and


there were reports of widespread looting.


For those not involved in the violence, there was only


embarrassment. This is wrong for the city. This is not a reputation


we want. After the Olympics, we did so much to bring the city to where


it is today and this is what we do now? This is not what the City


wants. Fire crews were called into action


as the mob set light to vehicles and piles of rubbish. A plume of


black smoke could be seen over the Vancouver skyline. The City has


paid a high price for sporting defeat.


One of Russia's richest men is planning to invest billions of


dollars in a scheme to sell electricity to China. Oleg


Deripaska wants to build a series of hydro-electric dams in Eastern


Siberia and export the power southwards to cash in on Asia's


booming economies. Our Moscow Correspondent, Daniel Sandford,


travelled to Kodinsk to see one of the dams that is now almost


complete. Putting the finishing touches to


what will be one of the world's most powerful hydro-electric dams.


This was built in their Siberian well done us. It is due to start


generating next April. Producing electricity from Siberia's huge


water resources is back in fashion. Russia has woken up to the huge


market for power on its doorstep. This enormous network of hydro-


electric dams that is planned for eastern Siberia has the potential


to generate a vast amount of electricity. Where I am standing is


a good deal closer to China than it is to the big population centres of


European Russia and -- Russia. Leading the charge to turn water


into cash is Oleg Deripaska. How soon do you think you can be


shipping significant amounts of electricity to China. Five years.


And how much could you be shipping within five years? Up to 15 key


locks. I mean, 15 billion kilowatts. And the infrastructure in terms of


grid infrastructure. You need to reinforce the three existing points


and build one more bread. Russia already has an agreement


with China to sell up to 60 billion kilowatt hours per year within a


decade. More than enough to power Greece or Hong Kong. It could


prevent the banning of 20 million tonnes of coal each year.


Environmentalists say the experience from previous dams has


been that great river stagnate and valuable Forest are wasted.


They say they are building these new dams on Siberian rivers to save


the planet than greenhouse gases, so the question is whether we are


ready to destroy the Siberian environment.


And the new power station is coming at a price. Remote Siberian towns


have had to be destroyed before the waters rise.


Former residents are already mourning their way of life.


TRANSLATION: The most tragic thing is the elderly people who started


dying within a year because they lost their village houses and their


neighbours. In return had been given flats with nothing but a


television for company. In another almost abandoned village,


we found another villager refusing to leave until he was paid


compensation. TRANSLATION: Nobody needs this


power plant anywhere. There are other plants on this weather that


work at half capacity and now it turns out this is all about exports


to China. At times the resources hidden in


Russia as well done us seem almost endless. Hydro-electric power, oil,


gas, coal, all there in abundance. Landscapes left almost untouched by


man will be swept aside in the rush for profits.


Let's talk to James Nixey. With this irresistible riches


potentially coming from China, what will this mean for Europe's power


suppliers. It is tricky. Russia currently directs 95% of energy to


Europe. That will change slowly. Russia itself is a difficult


partner at times and that means it theoretically threatens to go east,


but it cannot do that soon. Russia has a weak southern flank and the


Arctic north. Russia is spread thinly. Should Europe be looking 10


years down the line at what is going to be a depleted power


supply? Very much so. Russia's own reserves are dwindling. It cannot


access reserves in the North just yet. So, really, Europe need to be


looking at a Diversity of energy supply is. There is this pipeline


which is being discussed between Russia and China at the moment, it


has not been signed off, but these two countries are tricky


negotiators, aren't they? It will be interesting to see he backs down


in terms of pricing. They also not equal. China is a rising power. It


looks upon Russia as something of a quarry. Russia, on the other hand,


thinks of itself as an equal partner. So really it our


perceptions of Russia and China need to alter. There is only one


rising superpower in the world and that is China. Russia is a poor


player in Asia. In terms of the volume of gas, I was reading


somewhere that they might take the equivalent of all the gas consumed


by the EU by 2030. We are talking about huge quantities. China


requires huge quantities. The South East region requires it. It is not


easy for Russia to get that energy from the EU or China. The pipelines


have not been built yet. The lots of places have significant reserves


in the Caspian Sea, by example. Briefly on the gas prices in China,


presumably that is under state control so does not reflect the


market price. Does that mean they are selling the gas at a loss?


is true. The Chinese drive a hard bargain. As far as this is


concerned, china is indeed playing with the cards in its favour.


A quick reminder of our main headline, Nicolas Sarkozy has urged


European leaders to reach an urgent agreement on the best way to help


Greece preserve the Eurozone. I'll -- Al-Qaeda has planned to


continue its holy war under its new leader Ayman al-Zawahiri. He was


the second in command to a Osama Bin Laden.


And so news just come in from the United States, up the congressmen


Anthony Wheeler has just announced his resignation from Congress


following there has text messages that he had sent to various people,


various women, of himself in boxer shorts.


That is it from the programme. Goodbye.


Sunshine and showers today, tomorrow you'll be lucky to stay


dry. It will turn increasingly cloudy and wet and will be breezy


cloudy and wet and will be breezy as well. This weather front well


developed through the night edging its way towards the south-west of


the UK. Isobars tightening up. Bright enough to start through


eastern areas of the UK, then slowly clouds will gather in the


vain band. Do easternmost areas it will be cloudy with patchy


outbreaks of rain. The further south you are, a spell of heavy


rain through the afternoon. As we have seen today, that could cause


spray on the road. For the south- west of England, a grey and wet


start stained wet throughout the day. 25 mm of rain. Cloudy across


Wales. Northern Ireland having a different day. Sunny spells and


scattered showers. The rain will start of heavy across


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