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This is BBC World News Today with me Kirsty Lang. Pressure a News


International mounts following allegations that the News of the


world hacked into the form of a murdered schoolgirl.


What I have read in the papers is quite shocking, that someone could


do this actually knowing that the police were trying to find this


person and trying to find out what had happened.


The Dutch state is found responsible for the deaths of three


Bosnian Muslims they handed over to Serbian forces just before the


Srebrenica massacre. The human tragedy of unimaginable


proportions - the UN's warning about the drought affecting 10


million people in East Africa. And still mourning Salman Taseer -


murdered Pakistani politician and Governor of Punjab province. We


speak to his son, the novelist Hello and welcome. The methods


employed by the British tabloid press to get scoops had been under


the spotlight ever since it was first revealed that reporters from


the News of the world had been hacking into celebrities phones.


But this latest allegation that the phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly


Dowler was also tapped into by a private detective working for the


paper has caused a political storm. David Cameron said if it is true,


it is a truly dreadful act. And the Ford car manufacturers have said


they are pulling all advertising from the paper. Our political


correspondent reports. Four months this scandal has been growing as


more and more celebrities and politicians were informed their


phones have been hacked. Now, a much more serious allegation has


shocked the country. 13-year-old Milly Dowler went missing in 2002.


Her body was found six months later. The latest claim is that the News


of the World hacked into her phone where she was missing and that some


messages may even have been deleted in the process. David Cameron, who


is on a trip to Afghanistan, made his feelings clear. If they are


true, this is a truly dreadful act and a dreadful situation. If what I


have read in the papers is true, it is quite shocking that someone


could do this, actually knowing that the police were trying to find


this person and trying to find out what had happened. All this puts


more pressure on Rebekah Brooks. She is the chief executive of News


International in the UK. She was also the editor of the News of the


World when Malik -- Milly Dowler went missing. She and other


executives at the paper has always said she did not know about the


actions of a few rogue reporters. News International argues she is as


shocked as everyone else. They make it plain she does not intend to


resign. She has been clear today that is absolutely what she will


not do. This happened in 2002. She is now chief executive of a company


in 2011. She is determined to get to the bottom of the issue.


political heat has been turned up on their empire of Rupert Murdoch.


The House of Commons will debate the allegations on Wednesday.


Opposition politicians say they want a full require a set up. They


also think Rebekah Brooks should go. The is was not just one individual.


It was a series of things which happened. What I want from News


International is for people to start taking responsibility. It is


not just News International which has difficult questions to answer.


The police originally said phone hacking which used to target a


handful of celebrities. The latest claims prompt more uncomfortable


questions about whether a blind eye was turned by Scotland Yard.


The British actor Hugh Grant who has himself been the victim of some


sensational stories in the News of the world has joined calls for a


full public inquiry into the British media. He said the phone


hacking issue now leads to questions about who we can trust in


society. The problem with this whole issue has been that we cannot


entirely trust the normal mechanisms to write a terrible


wrong in the centre of our society. We cannot entirely trust the police.


There is a new team now at the police to replace the old one which


was clearly dragging their feet. To what extent they were in the pocket


of News International we do not know. Rebekah Brooks has admitted


that money often changed hands between News International and the


Metropolitan Police. We cannot rely on that government sadly because


successive administrations have needed the murder press so badly to


get re-elected. They had been terrified of the revenge of News


International, in terms of digging skeletons from their cupboards that


they have basically been their puppets. We think we live in a


democracy but really, our prime ministers are elected by Rupert


Murdoch. It is a great wrong in this country and a public inquiry


seems to me to be the beginning to how we uncover just how corrupt


that whole cabal has been. Hugh Grant.


With me now it is a broadcaster and media analyst Steve Hewlett.


Picking up. Hugh Grant made about the political power wielded by News


International in this country, could we see that unravelling it


end his political storm? Maybe. It is an interesting question but


Rupert Murdoch own some begging newspapers in their UK. Famously,


it was said of elections that the sun won it but induce, what papers


and others have been smart hats, by my analysis, is following public


opinion. We did not need Rupert Murdoch to tell us that John Major


had run out of road and Tony Blair was the up and coming thing. Nor


that Gordon Brown had been finished either. You can overstate this


matter. In terms of the influence of the press, there are all sorts


of things conspiring to reduce that, not least the Internet. We heard


tonight that Ford, the car manufacturer, is pulling


advertising from News of the World. Presumably this will increase the


pressure on the top executive of News International? No question. It


represents that, we have known this practice has been going on on an


industrial steel by which I mean in that -- phone hacking. The Milly


Dowler story has seen this jump the wall. It is no longer Westminster


village, and celebrities, and media land. It is now out in the public


domain in a way which in packs on people more broadly. The


advertisers are understandably, starting to think that appearing in


the News of the World might make them not look the best in the face


of their customers. This is a significant shift. It moves from


the media fringes for the story to the mainstream. A change which will


add to pressure on Rebekah Brooks who is the chief executive of News


International but who was editor of News of the World at that time?


There are three aspects. Generally, if it was this widespread, it looks


like he was going on for years, certainly, for a good part of 2000


and over a long period of time with a succession of editors. First, if


it is that widespread, it is implausible that the senior


management did not know about it. Secondly, it is hard to imagine


that the editor of the paper at the time would not have been aware of


the details. But even if you accept that both those counts mean that


they knew nothing, give them every piece of doubt going, they still


told us on a number of occasions they had inquired fully and found


nothing. They have denied that every stage that this went on. Then


they settled a very big civil action for at �800,000. They


settled it out of court after the discovery process would have


revealed to both sides some of what we now know was in the evidence


that the police had. When they settled back case, there were


people en News International at a senior level, who knew something


had gone on. So even if they did not know what was going on at the


time, they have been involved in something which I have to say looks


like,... Thank you very much. It is 16 years since the massacre


of nearly 8,000 Bosnian Muslims in the un administered enclave at


Srebrenica. Today a Dutch appeals court found that the Netherlands,


whose peacekeepers were guarding the UN declared safe zone, was


responsible for the death of three Muslim men. In what is a landmark


ruling - the court said Dutch troops should not have handed the


three men over to Bosnian Serb troops who later murdered them. Our


world affairs correspondent Peter Biles reports. Srebrenica July 1995.


A so-called UN safe area but one that was overrun by Bosnian forces.


The Bosnian Muslims thought they had the protection of Dutch UN


peacekeepers. They were wrong. About 8,000 Muslim men and boys


were massacred by the Bosnian Serbs. Today in a surprise legal ruling, a


court in the Netherlands decided that the Dutch government bore some


responsibility. The presiding judge said the appeals court believe the


Dutch state had acted illegally towards the three Bosnian Muslims


and would have to pay compensation. It has been a long painful legal


ordeal for the relatives of the victims. I am after the killers of


my family, the Serbs who lived in Bosnia. One of them works in the


same building that I work in, can you imagine that? I have to go to


my office every day to the same building and he is still there.


Believe me, it is just one of the cases I had been dealing with for


the last 15 years. The families had filed the loss it's because the


three Bosnian men who were killed had been working for the Dutch


peacekeepers. The outcome of the case surprised even the lawyers.


did not consider this possible within the borders of the


Netherlands. I thought we had to go outside to an international


tribunal because we're all too much involved. It is too big and too


much about, in her estate. I thought the court would not be able


to disentangle themselves. -- our state. 16 years after the massacre,


this court ruling about the three men who were turned over to the


Serbs could have implications for similar cases against the Dutch


state. David Cameron has made a direct


appeal to the Taleban, telling them to put down their weapons and


joined the political process but on the second day of his visit to


Afghanistan, four and 80 soldiers were killed and the question


remains, what will happen when the coalition forces finally draw down.


-- four NATO soldiers. British troops in Helmand province.


Dropping into area region the Taleban previously controlled. The


Taleban, wisely, were not there to meet them. So far the soldiers have


not run into any opposition. Usually when the insurgency NATO


coming in strength, they retreat but not always. One of the


villagers hopes things will improve without the insurgents around. The


Taleban still her foot, he says. I am very poor but if I protest, they


say I support NATO. Natal is successfully pushing the Taleban


out of places like this. In Helmand, that is because 10,000 British


troops are reinforced by 20,000 Americans. David Cameron said in


Kabul today that progress was good enough to withdraw more British


troops. He will make the announcement tomorrow. It will


probably be just a few hundred soldiers but by 2015, there will be


no British combat forces here at all. I think the British people


deserve a deadline because we have been in Helmand problems since 2006.


We had been in Afghanistan since 2001. I believe the Afghan


government and people and Army deserve a deadline so they can plan


properly towards transition. It is over to the Afghan forces. In the


village, the police seemed willing to help themselves to food, just


like the Taleban. They did find a Taleban ammunitions - in the garden.


The insurgents haven't gone away. They were sniping at the soldiers


on the operation we joined. The Afghan forces lack much. British


officers say private lake there is still a big problem with corruption.


The question now it is will the Afghans be able to do the job the


British soldiers had been doing as they start to leave?


Now a look at some other news: More than 30 people in Iraq have been


killed by two co-ordinated bomb blast at a government office.


Officials say the building in the town of Taji, about 20 kilometres


north of Baghdad, was full of people at the time. The first


attack was a car bomb, then a roadside bomb exploded as people


Syrian security forces are reported to have shot dead LE6 anti-


government protesters in Hama on the second day of clashes. They say


they are continuing to surround Hama and the authorities are trying


to assert control. The European Union has banned the


sale of some categories of seeds and beans from Egypt. The report


macro says a single batch of that seeds was the likely source of E-


coli eight that killed 50 people. Prince William and Catherine have


arrived in the far north of Canada for the latest up in their first


official tour. They are meeting groups and will have an afternoon


of singing and art export. The United Nations refugee agency


has said the drought in East Africa is a tragedy of unimaginable will


proportions. Many people are facing shortages of food, shelter and


health services. This report from Ben Brown.


Day after day, mile after mile, they walk and they walk. These are


the people of the drought. They are also escaping from the civil war in


Somalia. They walk vast distances a cross land where it no longer seems


to rain. Some are sick, like this six month old. Some will die along


the way. These people we came across are from the same village.


What they carry it is all they possess.


The journey was too long. We have no food. No water. There were


threats from wild animals. This group of villagers have been


walking for five days to get here. Others travelled longer than that,


sometimes several weeks. They are looking for food, water and medical


supplies. And they are pleading for help from the international


community. When they arrive at the Dadaab camp, they are desperate.


The camp has been overwhelmed. The United Nations say they give basic


rations to everyone who arrives. Some refugees say they can wait for


days and weeks without getting proper food supplies. Unless we can


get aid into this part of the world and increase our operation to meet


the growing need, this crisis could turn into a catastrophe. This is


what we have to stop. The most vulnerable in the camp are the


malnourished children who have just arrived. Often they die within a


day of getting here. And so the graveyards are filling up fast.


Mainly, it is children and babies. Families who come in search of food


and water have found death instead. A Libyan government spokesman


denied negotiations are taking place about Colonel Gaddafi giving


up power or seeking safe refuge. Moussa Ibrahim said the claims were


untrue. Talks have taken place in Italy, Egypt and Norway with senior


figures in the Libyan opposition, but they focus on finding a


peaceful way out of the conflict. Crossing Libya's empty desert is


exhausting. For the journalists, and even for the camels. We are on


our way to the front line to meet the loyal fighters of Colonel


Gaddafi, we are told. Instead, after 10 hours' driving, this is


where we end up. It is, we are told, the latest handiwork of NATO. The


point of the trip becomes apparent, to witness how NATO is to strike


Libya's economic infrastructure. -- is destroying. The welcoming


committee is out and in a full voice. We are not army. Look. But,


we are standing here. This is our land. The anger may be genuine. As


with so much in Libya, it is hard to tell what is real and what is


staged for the cameras. We have been brought here to see the damage


that the locals say was caused by a NATO strike and to a family home,


which they say was destroyed by the NATO strike. Once again, there are


strange things about the bomb site. In particular, this, an ejector


seat from a fighter jet. It appears to be from a Russian-built aircraft.


Nobody can explain what it is doing in the middle of a bombed site


supposedly caused by NATO. There are other anomalies. Spent aircraft


around sleaze to the ground. -- anti-aircraft rounds of litter the


ground. And we are taken to see this. The regime say they have seen


this been smuggled to the rebels from NATO ships in the


Mediterranean. When we say we need people to discuss peace fully how


to solve the Libyan crisis, nobody agrees to sit down with us. When it


comes to supplying weapons to the rebels, everybody wants to.


message is that it is NATO and its allies that is fuelling the war.


The only problem is that nobody outside Tripoli seems to believe


them. A Pakistani religious scholar has


demanded the killer of a politician be released from prison. Salmaan


Taseer was a prominent liberal politician when he was murdered by


his bodyguard. His assassin has since been turned into a martyr by


Islamic fundamentalists in Pakistan. The murdered man's San it is the


novelist Aatish Taseer, whose novel tells of someone who goes to meet


the father he has never met. It must be distressing for you to hear


the calls for your father's murder to be released from prison. It is


hideous but sadly predictable. has been turned into a martyr.


killer is a hero. There are posters celebrating him. It is to hideous.


Do your family hope... They hope he will be brought to trial, but do


they fear he will not be brought to trial? There is that fear. It would


take a strong government to have the courage to bring him to trial.


I fear there is not the political will to do that. And there is a


groundswell in Pakistan in support of the killer. It is a very small


beleaguered number of people who are standing by my father and what


he represented. I understand your novel, Noon, has been dragged into


the debate. The first book, stranger to History, has been used.


It is the worst nightmare to have your writing that was written at


another time with another intention to be used in this way and turned


against. It is a horrible thing to go through. I cannot speak for the


book. It is now in unsafe hands, as it were. They are trying to insure


it towards the conclusion and some how damaged my father's credentials


as a Muslim, almost making the case that he deserve to die because he


was not a good enough Muslim. This shows you the society we are


thinking about. You did not meet your father until you were 21. Your


parents separated when you were young. Was it a problem for him


that you were born of a Indian mother. It was damaging. It is


something they used against him. In the trial it is a victory for the


prosecution lawyer to prove that he had an association with this woman


and a half Indian child. It was damaging. Do you feel Indian or


Pakistani? I feel Indian in the undivided sense. When I am in


Punjab, I feel a monk my own people. I have no love for the idea of


Pakistan -- I feel a month my own people. -- amongst my own people.


Will your new book be published in Pakistan? I am not sure. I hope it


will be distributed in Pakistan. This is a volatile time. Because of


the way that the other book was used, I am almost reluctant to have


my writing published in Pakistan. Thank you very much.


Before we go, breaking news is coming in. The ratings agency


Moody's has cut Portugal's credit rating by it four levels. It is two


notches above junk territory. It is said it will need a second round of


bail-out before it can return to the capital markets. And a reminder


of the main stories. Pressure is growing for the chief executive of


News International Media Group to resign. This follows allegations


that a private investigator or was working for the News Of The World


and hacked into the mobile phone of a missing British schoolgirl.


Rebekah Brooks says she is appalled by the allegations and has written


to the family. And an appeal court in the Netherlands has found the


Dutch state was responsible for deaths in Srebrenica in 1995.


In the sunshine in eastern England today the temperature reached up to


the are per 20s. But keep the umbrella us tomorrow, because there


will be heavy showers. Low-pressure moving in from the Atlantic and


that will dominate the weather for the rest of the week. We will have


unsettled weather. These are the showers throughout a Wednesday. At


4pm, it is not constant rain. They will be showers with brighter


spells in between. But the showers could well be heavy and thundery of.


In London, we make it up to 22 degrees. In the showers,


temperatures will drop quickly. More general rain will approach


south-west England towards the end of the afternoon. In Northern


Ireland, sunshine and showers. In the sunshine, it will not feel too


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