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Mississippi is BBC World News Today with any Tim Willcox. -- this is.


No, I am not going to listen to this. Could security police escort


Mr Mladic out of the court. And agree, defiant and refusing to


enter a plea. We report from the largest refugee camp in the world.


And what dangers ahead for the Amazon rainforest. Read in agreed


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 65 seconds


This is the military lawyer that represented him in Belgrade. The


court is still examining them eligibility. This allowed Mr Milap


it to say he would not take part in the proceedings until the defence


team is changed. The you are I am not going to listen to this at


all. Without my lawyer, I am not going to listen any more. You are


talking in vain. By are not going to listen to anything. The court


orders that you will be removed We adjourn for a moment, canoe and


The chamber enters a plea of not guilty on behalf of the Mr Mladic.


If he had hoped to delay the proceedings, he did not manage it.


The judge entered not guilty pleas on his behalf.


Let speak now to the former un war crimes of charge Geoffrey Robertson.


We have seen these antics before. What will happen next?


The Today was a good example. The The Today was a good example. The


court is gaining strength. -- today. They will not put up with him at


shouting and making jesters as -- gestures as Ratko Mladic did. This


court will not put up with those antics, and quite rightly, when the


defendant was like this. It sent him downstairs. He does not have


legal advice yet. He wants a particular individual. -- legal


counsel. He is entitled to legal counsel of his choice, as long as


the lawyer is capable and also in good standing with his local bar.


What is happening is the Registrar of the court, an experienced lawyer,


is checking out and then Russian lawyer he has nominated. Indeed,


one would have thought that the event could have been avoided if


they had postponed it for a week. Anyway, it has been entered, not


guilty, and once it -- the lawyer checks out, if he is in good


standing and capable, he will represent him. Of course, if he is


no good, the court could, not impose council on him, but do what


they did before and a. What is called a friend of the court,


usually a distinguished QC to argue his points of law on his behalf.


he did not want to appear at the tribunal, could they impose...


Could they forced him to listen to the evidence?


This is much debated. In my view, they cannot. Longer go, the Chicago


conspiracy Trial when one defendant was bound and gagged. He was a


forced, in that way, to listen to the evidence against him. And


international courts cannot humiliate defendants if they do not


want to face the evidence against them. They are entitled to go


downstairs. But, at all costs, the trial must go on. And the


misbehaviour and delaying tactics of defendants can no longer be put


up with. Thank you for talking to With the case against him in the


you -- in New York on -- unravelling, Dominic Strauss-Kahn


faces a more allegations. A French writer said he attempted to rape


her in 2003. We can go to Paris has been to our correspondent. The


latest charge against him, which presumably complicate any political


attempt to at some sort of government or presidential position


even more? The timing is fascinating. Over the weekend we


had a snap poll as to what French people think and whether they could


contemplate a scenario when he would come back into French


politics. 49% said they could. The figures are stronger among the


Socialists, 60%. We have heard from the Socialist Party and there has


been relief expressed that the cases on the verge of collapse.


This is a different case to the one in New York. This involves a woman


within the circle of the family, known to his daughter and the god-


daughter of his second wife. In that sense, she has a different


profile to the chambermaid in New York. The attack allegations go


back to 2002. The prosecutors will look at it over the next couple of


weeks and asked why she did not come back sooner.


The statute allows a case to be brought within ten years and she


has made the allegations before. You yes, she is inside it because I


should correct myself, it is 2003. She made the allegations before on


a programme in 2007, a chat show, a bizarre programme. The editors


believed about his own name but it was an open secret in French


society that the man she alleged who attempted to rape her up was


Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The allegations have been sitting there.


She came out of the woodwork just after his arrest. There was a


question about why she did not proceed then. The lawyer said he


held off because he could not see a scenario where the two trials would


run concurrently. Now, if this ends in New York, they want to press


ahead. Thank you.


We can look at some of the other news. Syrian security forces have


moved into the city of Hama to try to reassert control. It comes after


a huge demonstration against President Assad. Residents say


police and soldiers were fighting running battles with protesters.


Hugo Chavez has returned home from Cuba to Venezuela after admitting


he had treatment for cancer. He spent almost a month in Cuba way


had a cancerous tumour removed. A A British soldier who went missing


from his base in Afghanistan has been found dead. He left the base


alone early on Monday morning. His body was discovered after and a


massive search. The United Nations say urgent action is needed to


tackle the worst drought in the Horn of Africa in 60 years. 10


million people in Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya and Uganda


are affected. The threat of famine is forcing thousands to walk to


refugee camps in Kenya. Dadaab camp is a place where life hangs in the


balance. This six-month old is a malnourished and feverish. And this


is a baby who is even weaker. He has malnutrition, diarrhoea and a


chest infection. If he dies, the drought will have killed him. In


2011, once again, this corner of Africa is cursed, teetering on the


brink of disaster. This doctor is fighting a constant battle to save


life and it does not -- he does not always win. They come in very bad


shape. Sometimes the prognosis is poor. Her you do not stop there.


You have to look at the next one -- you do not. You do the best and go


ahead with the next one. the drought is killing livestock. The


animals are the only assets for many. To escape this drought people


macros are pouring into the refugee camp that is the biggest in the


world and getting bigger all the time. The United Nations say this


is not yet a famine, but it could be. They are classifying it as a


humanitarian emergency, a situation they say is deteriorating. It has


not rained properly around the region for two years. These people


are facing their worst drought for decades. Aid workers say they do


now have an earlier warning system to alert the world to impending


famine. The trouble is the world has not been listening.


Aden Duale is the deputy minister for livestock development in Kenya


and represents one of the affected areas. I spoke to him and Matthew


Wingate, and emergencies adviser for Save the children. I asked how


bad the situation was. The drought is very acute. Animals


are dying. There is no water. There is no pasture. The water pans are


dry. There is no pasture for the animals and no food for the people.


There is a huge migration of people to refugee camps and to urban


centres. Children and women. We expect the rain in late October. We


are thinking of the time in between, a drought, which has not been seen


in the past 20 years. The this needs an international


response. Is the international community stepping up to the plate?


It is beginning to. It is happening slowly. We have been responding to


the crisis for many months. We are signalling a trigger to say this


situation is so acute, the international community must scale


up. We are reaching hundreds of thousands of women and children at


the moment, but we must reach millions of children today, and we


will not see the situation improve in months before it gets better.


Time is of the essence. We have been calling for the community to


What are the figures form malnourished children at the


moment? As many as one in four in some places. We see many children


coming into the feeding centres, children who need to go to hospital


to be admitted as in-patients and be treated with therapeutic care.


That situation will only deteriorate unless we can get to


them immediately. It is expensive place to operate, it is very rural,


very diverse in areas, so to get to those places with difficult


infrastructure it takes a massive amount of resources and effort. We


are finding new ways of doing that but the challenge is immediate


right now. The harvest is three months away, is there a risk that


the drought could be, famine as well? Yes, the situation now is


turning to famine. The situation in the next three months is going to


turn into a major humanitarian crisis in the region. A region that


already had its share of conflict and what we are seeing again in


many parts of the pastoral ecosystem in the North and in the


Horn of Africa is that this crisis, this lack of pasture and water, and


the movement taking place is again leading to more conflict among the


pastoral communities. Conflict and insecurity will be the order of the


day in the next three months and you are asking government, as my


colleague said, time is essence. The government were meeting today,


they need to pull their socks up. The international community must


come and save the situation. If you look across the region, across the


pastoral setting up mainly in northern Kenya, the roads are in


bad shape. The environment is in very dire need in terms of the last


three-year as, that you see children and women very vulnerable


along the highways. They are looking for water, so the situation


as we have today, and focusing the next three months, it is a major,


major humanitarian crisis. Matthew, this is exacerbated by conflict in


Somalia and rising food prices. In terms of the number of people who


have actually died as a result of this, do you have any reliable


figures? No, they are extremely difficult to come by, but we know


that this is a very complex crisis. There is a simple solution - we


need to get food, water and urgent health care to the people affected.


The complexities of it, whether that is the conflict, the lack of


infrastructure, or the global food price problems which are


compounding the situation, are very much issues which the international


community is working on. We are working to protect people from the


nutritional final outcomes of these crisis, the final outcome being


death, but the moment now is to reconsider how we act and that is


about a simple solution. Thank you. The European Union says it will


resume emergency food aid to North Korea which is suffering its worst


food crisis in years. An unusually cold winter has devastated recent


harvests, while food aid from China, which has suffered recent droughts


and floods, has also declined. The EU says more than half a million


people are at risk of dying from malnutrition. When she came to


power as Brazil's first female president, Dilma Roussef promised


to prevent any changes in the law that would lead to more


deforestation. Within the next few months, the Brazilian government is


going to have to decide whether to approve proposals to relax the


Forest Code, which is designed to protect the Amazon rain forest.


Farmers and agricultural businesses want to be allowed to cultivate


more of their land, but environmentalists say the code


should be strengthened, not weakened. The lungs of the world,


where millions of trees absorb carbon dioxide and save the planet


from more dramatic changes to weather patterns. The forest is


home to countless unique species of animals and plants, but years of


deforestation have left them vulnerable, as farmers clear the


land to provide pasture for their cattle and to grow valuable cash


crops like soya and corn. The indigenous tribes who live here say


their traditional way of life is under threat. TRANSLATION: Today


everybody is destroying the forest or around, I don't want this. I


told many people that if we destroy the forest, there will be no shade.


There will be a great wind and the ground will overheat. That is my


fear. This gives you a pretty good idea of what deforestation looks


like. Over there, as far as the eye can see, virgin rainforest. But


right here, this road that has been cleared illegally and down there,


cattle grazing. Within the next few years, the cattle may have gone on


this could be used for growing soya. It is corn harvest time now, and


with food prices are at record levels, farmers want to expand to


grow more. The world needs more food, and they are more than happy


to provide it. The Forest Code says that here, close to the Amazon,


farmers can cultivate only 20% of the land they own. The other 80%


has to be left untouched to protect the forest. That is what they want


to change. TRANSLATION: I feel cheated because 80% of my money is


tied up in protecting the environment for the rest of the


world but I don't get anything out of it. Environmentalists want the


laws to be strengthened to protect this, but the government is coming


under enormous pressure from agricultural business interests who


want to be able to develop more of their land. The government says it


will veto any proposal that threatens the rainforest, but the


next few months will be a crucial test - can Brazil really protected


environment? A statue of the former US President


Ronald Reagan has been unveiled outside the American embassy in


London. The three-metre bronze monument is to mark 100 years since


the birth of the man who led the United States since the Cold War.


Just what Londoners were calling out for, another statue of an


American President. But today that is what they got, a 10 ft Ronald


Reagan was unveiled in London. statue of Ronald Reagan is quite


clearly a memorial and a commemoration of the glorious past,


but more importantly it is a call to an even more glorious future.


is the end of a series of events to mark 100 years since Ronald


Reagan's birth. He was like a mountain. If you stand on the


mountain, it doesn't look that impressive, but if you travel away


from the mountain, and turn to look back, you can really see how that


mountain changed the landscape. Missing from the audience, Reagan's


political soulmate Baroness Thatcher. She had hoped to return


but couldn't because of ill-health. There were plenty of other


Conservatives in attendance. I am a big fan of Ronald Reagan. When I


was a very young Conservative, I went to America and witnessed him


winning the election against Jimmy Carter. He has been an inspiration


to anyone on the centre right of politics. It is not all Stars and


Stripes, guessed after the ceremony can enjoy some independence Day


treats like hot dogs, candyfloss and doughnuts.


Bowler hats, blue skies, apples, images that defy logic - Rene


Magritte's pictures can be seen on bedroom walls, CD covers and


adverts but he has not always been taken seriously in the art world.


Now when you exhibition in the Tate in Liverpool has been put on to


show how good the art by the man in the bowler hat really was. The


bowler hats, the apples, and the sense that something is not quite


right. We are in the strange world of Rene Magritte. This one, where


it is daylight at the top, night time at the bottom. And it feels


very, very familiar indeed. These images have been seen all over the


world in all sorts of places. Isn't that right? Yes indeed, it is one


of his best images. It is fascinating because it is so simple.


Perfectly executed. The image appears at first to be normal, but


on closer inspection it is not. It is familiar perhaps because it has


been used as an album cover and it is not the only one. Once you start


looking, Rene Magritte is everywhere. Album covers, Jackson


Browne, many others, endlessly exploited. It is getting quite


boring in the way advertising in particular commercial art is using


Rene Magritte. Adverts for love Rene Magritte. Britain pioneered


strange, funny, intriguing adverts in the 60s and took inspiration


from Rene Magritte. As did the Beatles with Apple Records. However,


the art world was not so keen. art world generally is not good


with levity. Rene Magritte has probably been undone by his


popularity. His used in advertising, and the general sense of liberty in


the work. That is why this exhibition is taking place - his


ideas are everywhere from billboards to children's TV, but


this is a way of honouring just how good the bowler-hatted Belgian


really was. That is it from the programme. Next,


It has been a warm day in the sunshine right across the UK.


Tomorrow the want is limited to eastern part of England, elsewhere


it will be turning cooler. This area of low pressure is pushing


away the high pressure that has given us fine days. This will be


staying for the rest of the week, keeping it unsettled. Tomorrow this


band of rain spread eastwards during the day, behind it showers


will be following. This is the position of the rain at 4 o'clock


in the afternoon. Ahead of that, for eastern counties of England, it


will be even warmer than today. Some places could see 28 degrees


Celsius before the rain comes in for the evening. In the south-west


it will be brightening up in the afternoon, the temperatures will be


much lower than today. In Gloucester, closer to 17, maybe 18


degrees tomorrow afternoon. For Northern Ireland, some afternoon


Sally spells but even here the temperature will be a good five


degrees down on today. That band of rain will start to feed into


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