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This is BBC World New Today. It isn't one-02 European sports fans


after a British landlady wins the right to show for, just from


foreign broadcasters. Could this mark the end of national


broadcasting rights? They have no legal right to do so. Homeward


bound: Amanda Knox flies out of Italy after being acquitted of the


murder of a British student. I report on rising unemployment in


Spain. Almost 50% of young people are now at of work.


Why Ecuador has given the world a three-month deadline to save the


last great wilderness from oil exploration.


And celebrating the work of the French composer Pierre Boulez - and


It was a David and Goliath struggle, a pub lady from what's this --


Portsmouth, versus the financial might of English Premier League


football. Today Karen Murphy won the last round in her six year


legal battle to screen Premier League matches beamed into Britain


from a Greek broadcaster, rather than the authorised provider Sky at


a considerably lower cost. This case could prove to have far-


reaching implications for broadcasting rights across Europe.


His report contains flash photography.


There are the poster boys who have made the Premier League the images


in the world but could the competitions lucrative tilt --


television deals now be under threat? Unlikely as it may seem, it


is all because of this pub in Portsmouth. It is fantastic. Five


years ago, Karen Murphy potty decoder to access a cheaper great


broadcaster. She was fine budgeted to cost of the European Court. What


of the ruling say? When buying matches from abroad, national


legislation which am proud -- prohibits the import, sell our use


of foreign recorded cars cannot be justified it. It added: They think


they are above the lob and dictate a wider. I should be able to go out


and buy and choose to buy from where I like. I should they dictate


where I buy from? That is not right. So what does it mean for the


Premier League television deals. Today's ruling is likely to force


the Premier League to review the way it sells its television rights.


The judgement is far from clear-cut. The League is confident it can


avoid a major drop in its TV income. The League said the judgement was


complicated, adding it needed time to consider its implications.


Industry experts agreed the ruling will not lead to a financial


disaster for our financial -- English football. It is no more


than a minor inconvenience for the next two years. At the end of this


current broadcast deal, the Premier League will be able to structure


their rights so this does not have the financial impact on them at all.


But what does it all mean for the fans? In the short-term, it should


give supporters more choice over how they watch football on TV. The


bigger worry for advances out the lead sells its rights in the future


and how clubs spend their money. The problem has been that the huge


wealth that the football industry has got out of its media rights


often has not been used to the benefit of those fans who are going


to the Games. The final decision on Karen Murphy's is now rests with


the higher courts. The implications for the league and sports


broadcasting could be felt for years to come.


Today's ruling could have profound implications. A broader market does


not mean a cheaper market as it might become dominated by a few


media giants from Europe's most populous companies. Premier League


and other highly coveted leaks could push their a pan-European


package at higher rates. Parting fans in smaller markets. They could


also force a drastic revision in how films and television programmes


are distributed. Joining me to discuss that is a sports lawyer


with the London firm. A lot of IFS and buts in this ruling. What do


you think this verdict will mean? Absolutely. A difficult question.


For the Premier League, I agree with a lot of the points made in


the videotape before. It is such a big beast and it has got so much


value. They will be OK. The more important question is what does it


mean for other rights holders, protect a lead those in the music


and film industries who might find themselves in his -- significantly


affected financially., in what way? This ruling calls into question the


way in which they have sold the rights by a territory basis. In the


future, unless they can run a Copyright or IP protection, they


will have to find alternative models. Those models could be less


favourable. Is it good news for football fans? And -- could they go


out and buy a cheaper foreign decoder and watch matches?


Potentially, yes. There is another part of the judgement that says the


Premier League does have some protective will interest as regards


broadcasting in pubs. Therefore that opens the avenue to them to


prosecute any pubs that try to show matches in the way Mrs Murphy did


so in this case. In require -- it in respects a private consumers,


they could buy these cards. If they do decide to do so, we will have to


wait to see. We still have to wait for the UK court to reach its final


verdict by which it in turn is the ruling from Europe. As and when it


does so, potentially things will become clearer. The British Europe


-- ichor usually agrees with the European High Court was Mark has to


on the principles on it has to do with the facts of the case. I


remain confused. Thank you. Let's take you look at that some of


the other news. In Somalia, 70 people have been reported to have


been killed in a bombing in the capital. The blast happened at the


gate of a compound housing Government buildings. The city's


ambulance service said more than 30 people were wounded filled it --..


The Dalai Lama has cancelled a trip to South Africa after the


authorities failed to grant him a visa in time. He had been invited


to the 80th birthday celebrations of arch bishop Desmond to do.


This year's Nobel Prize for Physics has been won by three scientists.


It was for the Study of super novas. They have discovered that the


universe is growing at an ever expanding rate.


France has warned the Syrian Government against trying to


intimidate opposition activists protesting against President Assad.


This follows reports that a group of activists have been filmed


inciting and attacked by Syrian agents as they were protesting in


the French capital. Inside Syria, protests have continued despite the


Government crackdown. The Human Rights organisation Amnesty


International has accused them of intimidating families. Us Indian


defector called for a united opposition front against President


President Bashir all the sad --... They can unify and topple the


regime. I asked the Syrian people to remain strong. The regime will


follow soon. Syrian activists have mobilised outside the country. I am


joined by a member of the Syrian National Council. Tell us what this


council is. Is it like the Libyan transitional council we have so


much back? For so long, the Syrian opposition and the grassroots


movement have been trying to come up with represented political


leadership for the uprising in the country. This council represents


the Syrian people, of all backgrounds and all religious


groups and all political affiliations. And up also across


all agenda does and agencies. 60% of the Council are members inside


the country. About more than half of it represents the grassroots


movement, the young activists demonstrating across the country.


You have seen the support of the Syrian National Council by banners


and chanting. The purpose of the Syrian National Council is to unify


the opposition in one entity, one decision-making body. Until now,


there have been claims that the Syrian opposition is very religious.


You say that you encompass all that, that is the worry. One hears that


Syria is going to volunteer civil war. What is your response to that?


It is absolute propaganda and a smear campaign. This is one of the


mechanisms used to it scare the world that there were up -- the


country will slide into civil war. The population as diverse, Syrian


society is rich with different political, ethnic and religious


backgrounds. But they all share the same agenda and the same goal and


objective which is reaching a democratic sinful state where


everyone is equal before the law. - - Democratic civil state. We have a


unified outlook and we will have a different representatives in


different countries. Briefly, does that make you a Government in


waiting if you have envoys in different countries? I would rather


put it as a unified opposition from that represents the uprising in


Syria politically and able to take strategic decisions on how they


should move forward. Whether this is a Government in exile are not


that is to be determined. It is all part of a discussion after their


sad regime as out. It is not fair to think about it at this time. The


National Council is 230 seats. It consists of everyone inside the


country. It is now in a position... You have made a point. Thank you


very much. European banks shares took another


tumble today as EU finance Ministers put off making a decision.


As the debt crisis deepens, one of the major concerns is the


spiralling rate of youth unemployment. Spain has the highest


jobless total in Europe, with just under 50% of young people out of


work. It is the young who could help lead


Spain out of its crisis but this morning they were in the JobCentre.


It is very worrying sh, she told us. This is Europe's 5th lost -- fifth-


largest economy and it is running on empty. Spanish Jobcentres have


been bustling ever since this crisis began and it is not just a


problem for the individuals and the state as a whole. Spain has hurried


to shell out large amounts of money and unemployment benefit and there


are the increasing fears with youth unemployment so high, of a growing


lost generation. And you find it at Madrid's largest university. How


many of you are confident that when you leave university, you will be


able to get a job? Put up your hands if you are confident. Any


job? Just anything at all. About four or five people out of 28. How


many of you think you will have to leave Spain to get a job to live


the lives you want to live? There go most of the hands.


Meet the latest recruit to the brain drain of Spain. An economics


graduate, she worries about her country. It is our fault because I


do not think universities are preparing people and I do not think


the students are taking all the opportunities that they have.


Spain needs to change? Yes. Spain's caught up in the debt crisis


hitting Europe. The Government insists things will improve but


many fear without the young, it will take longer. For the country


to lose these group of people who could raise the productivity of


Spain, it is a tragedy. In the university canteen, many feel that.


Across Europe, youth unemployment is rising. And just like the


Amanda Knox is flying home to Seattle after a court in Italy


overturned her conviction for the murder of her flatmate Meredith


Kercher. Miss Knox and her Italian former boyfriend spent nearly four


years in jail for the murder of Ms Kercher. Both women were students


in Perugia. Miss Kercher's family are still seeking answers as to who


killed her. This was the moment when Amanda


mark -- Amanda Knox left Italy after almost four years in prison.


Last night she was cleared of murder. Grinning broadly she now


knew she was going home to Seattle. But the family of Meredith Kercher,


the British didn't find with her throat cut, said they felt they


were back to square one on who killed her. Today a tiny bouquet


was tied to the railings of a house in Perugia way she died.


What happened to my daughter of Meredith was every parent's


nightmare. Terrible. Basically, she was in the safest place, her


bedroom. Meredith's sister was asked if the


family was prepared to forgive. Until the truth comes out, we


cannot forgive anyone because no one has even admitted to it. So


until that happens we still have to wait and see what happens.


One person, Rudy Guede, remains in prison for the murder. But Italy's


highest court says he killed her with other people, and if that was


not Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, then


who was it? That prosecutors in the case say


they plan to appeal against yesterday's decision, and they are


preparing to take it to Italy's highest court, the Court of


Cassation. When Amanda Knox was cleared last night, it was a moment


of extreme emotions. She was led sobbing from the court. Her former


boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito was also freed, to return home to


southern Italy. Amanda Knox was driven out of


prison late last night into a world of exclusive interviews and booked


the -- book deals. She got VIP treatment as she changed planes at


Heathrow. She has become a celebrity in America, and can


expect to become rich from her ordeal.


Ecuador's share of the Amazon rain forest is one of the most bio-


diverse areas on the planet, home to a staggering number of plant and


animal species and two of the world's last on counteracted tribes.


Five years ago a new oilfield was discovered deep inside the


rainforest. But instead of just extracting the oil and destroying


this wilderness, the Government of Ecuador has given the world a


choice - in exchange for international corporation, Ecuador


will keep the drillers out. But the money is no way to be seen and a


deadline is fast approaching. On the eastern edge of Ecuador, the


National Park is said to be one of the most biologically diverse


locations in the world. There is more plants and bushes in a single


hectare here than in all of North America. It is also home to a


number of indigenous tribes that have voluntarily stayed in


isolation. But this Amazonian treasure-trove also sits on top of


another valuable resource - 1 billion barrels of oil, which


amounts to around one 5th of all oil the reserves in Ecuador. This


has the potential to be worth between seven and $10 billion,


money needed by a country still steeped in poverty.


All has helped Ecuador take its first step forwards, but also


brought environmental degradation to that oil-producing regions. Many


in Ecuador fear this could be a preview of what lies in store for


the National Park. Faced with a dilemma between exploitation and


the conservation, the Government proposed a solution - if the world


would stump up half of the oil's value, Ecuador would leave it in


the ground and the area untouched. The Government said an initial


payment of $100 million be paid by the end of this year, but this so-


called green oil deal is in trouble. Just over half has been raised and


several large countries including the UK and Germany are not willing


to support the plan. The Ecuadorian is are hoping next summer's 20th


anniversary of the landmark Rio summit will prick the conscience of


reluctant governments and breathe new life into the project.


To discuss that I am joined by the executive co-ordinator of the


United Nations Trust which is raising money for the project.


How are you doing so far? Have you had much success? We had a very


important meeting on 23rd September during the General Assembly whether


secretary-general of the UN co- hosted a meeting for a number of


countries, and I think at that meeting a lot of countries did


express support. We have raised about 53 million, we are on the way


into our hundred million mark. More important is how even private


individuals... They are responding to this initiative. So 47 million


still to be raised by Christmas, by January. By December actually.


you going to make it? I am certainly hope full facts we will


be making it, because countries are responding, although not as much as


we would have expected. We all understand the current economic


environment in which a lot of countries are in. But the stakes


are too high for countries not to respond. It would be a great


tragedy. Some countries like the UK and Germany have said it is a great


project, but this is Ecuador's business, not ours. Actually on the


contrary - this is an issue that belongs to all of us, a global


issue. Biodiversity, particularly this unique biodiversity in Ecuador,


is not just Ecuador's. If we lose to this to took exploitation it


will be an irreparable loss in terms of species that contribute to


scientific and medicine, like painkillers, antibiotics, in fact


recently a number of scientists visited that area and brought to a


very compelling insight into how this area has to be saved for the


good of the world not just Ecuador. But there is a feeling that say --


Ecuador say if you do not do not pay up the we are going to drill


here. It sounds like blackmail. That is one of the misunderstanding


is clouding this. In effect Ecuador is saying it is an issue of core


responsibility. We are a small country facing severe economic


difficulty, where one third of our population is in poverty. At the


minimum half of our resource, we are asking the international


community because of the global significance, in that spirit of


responsibility to come up with the additional amount. It is very fair,


it is not a question of blackmail. It is asking the international


community to work together in the spirit of coal responsibility.


wish you all the best in raising the summer by December.


He is regarded as one of the world's most influential composers


of the second half of the 20th century. At 86, Pierre Boulez is


still writing new works. In France he is a cultural icon which huge


influence on the music scene. To celebrate his controversial work, a


major retrospective is being held in London and the maestro was there


Pierre Boulez rehearsing Pli Selon Pli, his major composition that


took him more than 40 years to write. Today, it is seen as his


masterpiece, music that sums up his life and work. He is a giant in


musical terms because he is a conductor very famous as a great


conductor of the world's great orchestras. He is also a great


composer, but also he is a cultural leader. Boulez was a radical, burn


down the opera houses was his famous slogan. He started to


compose in World War II, and in the post-war years along with John Cage


and Stockhausen invented the musical avant-garde.


It is hard to give a definition to Pierre Boulez' music. It is so


original. So complex in the best sense of the term, so directly here


but also very hidden. His name is a classic, his presence, his


conducting, but not his compositions. The name is famous,


the music remains music that is shared and known by a small circle


of people. In the 1970s but there is founded


the Institute of electronic and experimental music at the Pompidou


Centre in Paris. He became a vehicle for the development of


musical innovation for generations of European and American composers.


People could do explore the use of musical space in a way that did not


involve musicians standing around. You could move a sound around a


concert hall by using lots of speakers and a computer program.


That idea that there were not established hierarchies, the idea


that any sound was equal to any other sound.


Baroness's repertoire is enormous and it varies from Bach to francs


apart. He said recently he regretted devoting time to


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