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This as a BBC World News today. At least 268 dead and the death toll


likely to arise. A frantic search for survivors after the earthquake


in eastern Turkey. More than 1,000 are injured and many others remain


unaccounted for. Their great concern is that many people who


survived the earthquake may not have survived the freezing


temperatures last night. A free and fair democratic vote -


international observers hail the success of the Tunisian election.


A backbench rebellion for David Cameron, who insists that the UK as


that a heart of the European Union. When your neighbour's house is on


fire your first impulse should be to help them put out the flames.


And a poignant story of a maternity hospital next up. The two young


girls swapped at birth. Now the best of friends, although with the


divided loyalties. And the Adventures of Tintin are


taken to another dimension. But just what has Hollywood done to the


Good evening. Turkey, sadly, is a country which is no stranger to


earthquakes. And the 7.2 earthquake which hit the city of Van on Sunday


has left at least 268 dead. Rescues are struggling to reach victims. --


rescuers. Our correspondent has this report. Hammering, cloying,


cutting. Pulling frantically at the ruins of reinforced apartment


At the centre of the rescue effort is a 29 year-old man trapped


beneath the rubble and pinned between a car and a wall. He has


been there for over 24 hours. Amongst those attempting to get him


out are his brothers. They form a human chain and pass source hands


full of rubble away from their injured brother. -- sauce pans. We


have all been here since yesterday. We slept in the car overnight.


This young girl is also one of the collapsed flats. Her uncle told me


she was out playing at the time of the earthquake and nobody has heard


from her since. My sister's husband is dead. We by


Reda Hanna and then just got back here and there are hoping that the


code will come out. -- we buried him and are hoping the kid will


come out. This toddler war is pulled out alive.


CCTV footage shows the moment that the earthquake struck. A full scale


aid operation is underway. Encampments have been set up for


the homeless. But with the rescues, including that of the 29 year-old,


going on into a second night, many people are choosing to sleep


outside in order to be close to trapped relatives. He our


correspondent joins us now. You are in the city of Ercis. Give us an


update. I can tell you that the 29 year-old man we were talking about


has been freed. Just within the last hour. We watched as he was


taken out of the pile of or rubble and handed down through it to the


rows of the volunteers. His mother was weeping openly. A son everybody


thought was a lost 24 hours ago, brought back to life almost.


Some of the area is mountainous rural territory. That must be


making it harder for the rescuers. The rescue effort has been focused


on the city of Van and here at the Ercis. We do not know about the


outlying villages but there has clearly been damage to village


houses. But the death toll may be law in those villages because


people live in a single houses rather than multi-storey apartment


blocks. -- may be lower. The real issue is the cold temperatures. It


could be Sub Zero tonight. Better late, bitterly cold. Snow believed


to be on its way. So far the authorities are saying


they can cope. Is that the situation as you can see it?


In all honesty it looks like they are on top of it. Clearly aid is


being delivered. We saw it on huge lorries. Food parcels, water. The


aid situation is not critical at the moment. As far as the


earthquake Turkey has faced in the past go, this is relatively minor.


They are quite proud that they are handling this themselves at the


moment. If there will be -- if there were to be some big changes


they might request international Thank you very much. Daniel


Reporting there from the town of Van, near where the earthquake hit


in the town of Van. -- reporting The National Transitional Council


in Libya have removed Colonel Gadaffi's body from public display


and his writer. The senior US diplomat to Syria has


been withdrawn amidst fears for his safety. Opposition figures are


still calling for the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad. Syria


has withdrawn its ambassador from Washington.


Flooding in Thailand could last another six weeks. More residence


in and around Bangkok have been told to head for higher ground.


More than 350 have died across the country so far.


Wikileaks say that they are suspending publishing operations


because of financial problems. The move follows what the group calls a


financial blockade from US companies after it published


hundreds of thousands of secret American government files and


diplomatic cables. Tunisia is once again leading the


way in the revolutions which sparked in the Arab world this year.


Voting is underway for an assembly to appoint an interim president and


a draft a fresh constitution. Authorities say that 90% of


registered voters took part in the poll. There were more than 100


party's standing. It is the first free election to emerge from this


year's Arab uprisings. The Islamist party, Ennahda, is expected to make


the strongest showing. I am joined now by a professor of politics from


Tunis University. It looks more like a festival than an election.


Tell us about the mood surrounding these first free elections.


It is a celebration of the revolution. Three elections for the


first time. Yesterday, whilst a voting, the massive participation


of people, there, the voters, they were all in a kind mood. It went


smoothly and peacefully. I was there as was every Tunisian. We


were celebrating, despite it being ahead of the outcome of the results.


But in terms of happiness, the feeling of achievement, it was


definitely something for our democracy. As individuals. So, yes,


it is true to say that we were celebrating democracy yesterday.


Only 50% of those eligible to vote registered to vote - does that hint


at scepticism in regards to what politicians can deliver?


If you are talking about those who are not registered on the last I


think it really was a matter of choice. -- registered on the list.


Yesterday, for instance, there were hundreds of people who had not


taken part in the voting but still, it was a matter of personal choice.


It was not down to the process itself.


Reports that the moderate Islamist party, Ennahda, perhaps has as much


as 30% of the vote. Does that suggest Tunisian democracy will


have an Islamist tinge? Everyone expected an Islamist party


would take the lead in the elections. That can be explained by


the fact that we have experienced a different model of government here


in Tunisia. It was, maybe for the people here, time to choose the


Islamists. To give them a chance to govern the country. But now the


chance is to know whether Ennahda or those -- to know whether Ennahda


will play by the rules of the democratic game. This is the main


concern of the people here in Tunisia. Mainly the secular and


modern parties. Ennahda will have no choice but to


enter into a coalition with secular parties, will it not?


The thing about coalition is that we need a basis to govern the


country. So this is a twofold question. This constituent assembly


was called to the elaborate on a constitution, to draft a


constitution. So if we make a constitution on the basis of common


programmes then on an objective basis this would be a good thing.


Even a hoped-for outcome. If it is to govern the country, which is the


other aspect of the problem, then we have to respect the role of


majorities and minorities. The majority will rule and the me now


or the Tate will play its role as a minority and an opponent. -- the


The spectre of Europe has haunted the Conservatives for years and led


to end fighting and an undermining of the ability of Conservative


prime ministers to govern. Europe is again proving a challenge to


David Cameron's leadership as he faces a possible revolt of 70 MPs


on the topic of A E U referendum. - - and he you referendum. As he


addressed the House of Commons he said that the timing for such a


vote was wrong given the current economic crisis.


When your neighbour's house is on fire your first impulse should be


to put out the flames, if only to stop the flames reaching the your


own house. This is not the time for arguments about walking away - not


for their sake, for hours. And crucially, by raising the prospect


of a referendum we may miss the real opportunity to further our


national interest. Fundamental questions are being asked about the


future of the Euro zone and the shape of the EU itself.


Opportunities to advance hour national interest are clearly


apparent. We should make the most of this and not pursue a


parliamentary process for a We are joined by a big two. What


was the point of this debate? It is just symbolism, isn't it, by the


Euro-sceptics? It puts into the blood scream -- blood screened the


fact that the public must be consulted this time. We have an


unsatisfactory relationship with the European Union that pretty much


everybody wants to change. There is now an opportunity to do that.


do you know everybody wants to change? I am in business. I am not


an MP any more but the people that I meet wanted change our


relationship. We are not self governing any more. The crucial


element is to ask people what they want. In a democracy, that is what


it is all about. The concept of a referendum must be right. But would


you like to see a proper one? would. I do not want and in or out


a referendum, because we should always have a relationship with


Europe but it should be based on trade, Corporation adopting into


things we want. You don't think the operations -- opt-outs that Britain


has at the moment are enough? You want to go back to the old Free


Trade? Three trade plus. A don't you think the eurozone crisis has


made Euro-sceptics out of a lot of people, and that people like you


might feel a bit more comfortable in that kind of a union where


everyone is a bit more sceptic? least we stayed out of the euro.


But this is all the more reason to listen to some dissident voices on


the backbenches, who have maybe got valid views on what we want out of


Europe. There is an element of public consent, which we have not


got. People have not been asked and that is wrong. What about David


Cameron's response to this? it could have been a harmless


backbench debate, people say. has got the talent and


determination to do it but he needs behind him a public that wants to


make the change. Therefore I think that he should not be scared of the


very idea of having a referendum. This is only advisory. This vote is


not going to call a referendum. The timing and wording of that


referendum would still be chosen by the government. But instead of that,


he is making rebels out of people who are only speaking for the


majority of the country. I think that is a mistake for the


Conservative Party. They ought to be grasping this opportunity. It is


going to torment British politics for ever unless we resolve it and


here is an opportunity. Now for a poignant story about two


young girls and their families. Police in Russia investigating a


maternity hospital after it emerged that two babies had been mixed up


at birth 12 years ago. From the town of Kopeisk, 80 rather details.


Family photos normally bring back happy memories, but for Yulia


Belyaeva the past has turned into a nightmare. She has discovered that


her 12-year-old daughter Irina, the girl she thought she had given


birth to, is not a child. TRANSLATION: My ex-husband refused


to pay maintenance. I took him to court to prove that he was Irina's


father. The DNA test results were a total surprise. It not only did my


ex-husband have no biological been to Irina, but neither do I. Police


believe that 12 years ago, there was a terrible mix-up at the local


maternity hospital, where two babies were given the wrong name


tags and the wrong parents. TRANSLATION: At first, I thought it


was a joke but then I could not stop crying. My whole world had


turned upside down. If Yulia Belyaeva had been given the wrong


baby, then where was her real daughter? She was desperate to find


out, so she went to the police and they began their search for her


biological child. Within weeks, they had found her, living just a


few miles away, in this house. Anya had been brought up a devout Muslim.


She thought her father was Naimat Iskanderov. When the police told


him about the mistake at the maternity hospital, he did not want


to believe it. TRANSLATION: The detective showed me a photo of the


other girl, Irina it, the one they said was my real daughter. When I


saw her face, it was like seeing myself. The two families are


getting to know each other, but after a lifetime apart it is not


easy. TRANSLATION: I try to show at Anya motherly love but she does not


accept it. When your own daughter treats you like a stranger, that is


so painful. The girls say they do not want to swap parents and are


just happy to have found each other. TRANSLATION: We were a bit shy at


first, but we are now the best of friends. They were born 15 minutes


apart. Now the truth about what happened in hospital has brought


them together. What an amazing story.


He made Jaws, Close Encounters, Indiana Jones and Schindler's List


to name but a few but now Steven Spielberg says his latest film, The


Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn, is one of his most


challenging. He is describing his first fully animated movie has a 28


EDL labour of love. He has been speaking exclusively to the BBC are


all about it. -- 28 a year. A world famous comic-book hero,


visualised by a world-famous director. Filled with typical


Spielberg flourishes and elaborate set-pieces. Before he lost


consciousness, he tried to tell me something. He has stretched on


technology further than before. As a result, he regards this as the


biggest challenge he has faced in his 40 year Korea. Never have I


just made a purely animated movie until now. Three years of active


animation, and so not being a part of that universe until now I found


difficult. I was able to make two movies while they were animating


Tintin. The he has used technology using sensors to capture actors'


movements. That is used as a guide to recreate the character's


performance on screen, enabling him to make a film he has wanted to


make for nearly 30 years. I was waiting for technology to come


along that would better equip the style of my adaptation to the style


of Herge's illustrations. It was as -- important to me to be as close


to the original as possible. stories inspire huge infection and


the reviews so far have been mixed, some applauding Spielberg's


adaptation, but others are thinking it does not do justice to the


original. He if they had gone for live action, it might have worked.


Of the problem by using performance capture is that the actors feel


eyrie and weightless and it detracts from the slapstick that is


important to be tumour. Spielberg practically invented the computer-


enhanced Blockbuster with Jurassic Park's computer at enhance to


dinosaurs. Audiences will us decide whether this is a similar success.


What do Belton's make of Tintin's Hollywood treatment? Let's get the


view of one at least. We are joined by a bee film critic and Tintin fan


Hugues Dayez. Tintin is a very famous Belgian export - are you


happy with the fact he is getting the Hollywood treatment? We were


very nervous and very curious, because it is a long story and a


long adventure. But happily eat, when we saw the movie, the film


critics and this Saturday the first fans since, there was a great joy


in Brussels. We feel that there is much loved behind this story and we


feel that Steven Spielberg tries really to understand this all of


this Belgian myth -- the soul. You explained in the images I saw that


the technique is the key. The performance capture is a good


mixture between realism and poetry. In the world of Herge, it is that a


mixture - this hybrid world between realist backgrounds and fantasy


characters. This technique allows one to put on screen the world and


the salt of Jose. -- of Herge. there a sense that one of the


world's most successful comic book characters should have stayed as


just that? I think the big challenge of the movie is not the


European audience. In Europe, France and Belgium, I think it will


be a huge hit. The great question mark is about the state. In the


States, Tintin is completely unknown. What will be the success


of the movie at the box-office? Large audiences don't know it


Tintin and this retro world. We will discover that at Christmas


because at Christmas, the movie will be released in the United


States. I think that in the United States, they will put their name of


Spielberg and the name of the producer, Peter Jackson, first,


before Tintin. Clearly, you like the film - one Belgian who does.


Thank you for talking to us. A reminder of our main used: Turkey's


government says more than 260 people were killed by the


earthquake that hit the east of the country on Sunday.


Rescue work is continuing as emergency services try to reach


victims trapped under collapsed buildings.


That's it. Next, the weather. We have seen some very heavy


rainfall today across western areas of the UK. Some places have seen up


to 50 mm of rain macro and we still have an amber warning out four per


there are persistent rain. -- for further persistent rain. On Tuesday,


a very different looking day. A wet start through eastern areas of


England but much drier further west. In parts of Norfolk, Lincolnshire


and Yorkshire, things turn dry and bright after eight wet start.


South-westerly winds not as strong as today allowing temperatures up


to 16 degrees. The south-westerly winds will continue to bring the


risk of a few showers through the afternoon. Scattered showers and


then sunshine returns behind. Across much of Wales, a few showers


around but the positive is that it is a much drier day for Tuesday.


Much drier across Northern Ireland, too, but with the risk of further


showers. For Scotland, central and southern areas fairly cloudy. The


north-east windy with that rain and it will be fairly persistent,


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