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A tale of miraculous survival in the devastation of the Turkey


earthquake. A mother and her child are rescued.


TRANSLATION: When the earth quake struck, my mother and daughter in


law were with me. Colonel Gaddafi has finally been


buried at a secret location in the Libyan desert.


Italy's Government is threatened with collapse. They cannot agree on


austerity measures. Shakespeare is in the limelight -


did he really write off 36 plays attributed to him?


Comedy? By whom? By anonymous, your Majesty. Anonymous? I so admire his


verse. A new film rewrites history


challenging the authorship of Rescue workers in Turkey have


pulled a two week-old baby, her mother and her grandmother alive


from the mountain of concrete that was once there home. It is two days


since the earthquake struck this predominantly Kurdish area in the


east. 430 people are known to have died. In the past few hours there


has been a big aftershock in the same area. The epicentre is in the


city of Van and Ercis from work Tim Wilcox reports.


It is a day of great joy as well as sadness in Ercis today. It started


with the discovery of three generations of one family. The


first contact was made at noon, rescue workers dug this channel


down to the apartment. The family of Azra, her mother and grandmother


had been trapped underneath two sofas for the past 48 hours. One by


one they were brought out into the open. Cheered and applauded by


rescue workers and inhabitants of this town which has been hit so


badly. Since then the news has not been so bright. Many more bodies


have been recovered from the same apartment building. Work is


continuing their tonight. You can see the machinery digging away at


the piles of rubble which those rescue teams have now cleared in


terms of being clear of any live bodies. The equipment is pulling


double a way and as bodies are recovered, rescue workers bring


them down. At least three has been found in the past hour. The rescue


work continues. We have heard at about an hour's drive away from


here a ten-year-old boy was found in the rubble of his house. But


despite the lift of finding three generations of one family, the rest


of the people they find it will unfortunately be dead.


The third day of this rescue operation began in the best


possible way. Is 16 day-old baby was gently brought out through a


tiny hole in the broken concrete. Azra was premature and had been


born a month early. And then, two weeks into her life, she had only


just escaped death. With the tiny baby now safely on its way to


hospital, rescuers are working hard to bring out through the same small


gap, its mother and grandmother, both of whom are still alive. In


the crowd, sheltering from the cold and the rain, we found the baby's


grandfather nervously waiting for news of his wife and daughter-in-


law. TRANSLATION: At the moment the


earthquake struck my wife and daughter-in-law were with me, but


the baby was in another room. We ran to leave the building but then


they rush back inside to lead the - - rescue the baby. I have been


waiting for a miracle. For the next few hours, the rescue


teams expand at the hole in the rubble, working their way towards


the two trapped women. This man told me they could not bring the


women out. Then the breakthrough. The baby's mother, Semiha was


brought out and carefully carried down to safely. 10 minutes later,


the baby's grandmother, Sevim Yigit was also brought out alive. Azra is


in an incubator and has been taken away for treatment at a specialist


hospital. Doctors say she is doing well and better than expected. But


her family is not complete. Her father has not been heard from


since the earthquake struck. Like hundreds of others, he is still


under the rubble. Exhausting rescue effort continues.


In the past couple of hours it has been hampered by a huge aftershock


measuring 5.4, cars and buildings wobbled in the aftershock. Many


people ran out into the streets in panic, fearful about what could


happen next. Does rescue workers stopped for five minutes when the


aftershock happened. You see the building behind me, in the


background, it is a listing to the left and it has shifted several


inches more to the left, making it even more precarious. The


rebuilding of this town is going to take some time.


We can now look at some other news. Official results from Tunisia's


first free election showed the moderate Islamist party has taken


the lead and is on track to win most seats in the new assembly. The


electoral Commission said the left wing party looks like it will take


second place. Gunfire and explosions have been


heard in the Yemeni capital despite the announcement of a new ceasefire.


Government sources say the deal was agreed by the President and the


general backing the mission. Advancing floodwaters in Thailand


have breached the barriers protecting Bangkok's second largest


airport. The capital could be swamped by up to 1.5 metres of


water. Cosmic mystery that battles --


baffled astronomers in ancient China might have been solved. In


185 AD, an exploding star, a Super Nova lit up the sky Fage months.


Astronomers say they may have been able to explain why it expanded so


rapidly. It is 88,000 light years from us.


After five days of display, Colonel Gaddafi's body has been buried.


Libya's National Transitional Council confirmed the colonel and


his son, Mutassim Gaddafi have been buried at a secret location in the


desert. Became at night to take the corpses


away from the market complex on the outskirts of Misrata. For days, the


former Libyan leader had been on display, and prayers we were told


was said over the bodies. But no more details were forthcoming about


where and how the burial took place. Libya's new rulers do not want the


final resting place to become a shrine for those who supported his


regime, nor do they wish to see his grave become a focal point for the


kind of frenzied fury that surrounded his capture and killing


outside his home town of Sirte on Thursday.


TRANSLATION: If the group of resolution Aires capture her killer,


or will they kiss his head? We want to tackle this issue naturally and


put it in a political framework. Abroad, there are questions being


asked about the manner of his death and the long delay to the burial,


contrary to Islamic custom. In Libya, few are concerned or


sympathetic. This is the freezer compartments were for four days,


Colonel Gaddafi's body had been on display, lying on this piece of


plastic sheeting. People queuing up to see with their own eyes. Now


they're gone, his body is in the ground and the spectacle is over


and Libya can start looking towards the future, rather than the past.


In Tripoli, as elsewhere, the euphoria of the past few days has


given away to a more measured practical mood. Life must now


return to some sort of normality. TRANSLATION: We feel our world is


safe now. Even though there are checkpoints, we feel the people


manning them are respectable. Different to Colonel Gaddafi


brigades. A line has been drawn in laying to


rest the body of Colonel Gaddafi, Libya hopes to exorcise the ghosts


of the past four days and turn to the hard work of building a


brighter future. With less than 20 var hours to go


before an EU summit on the debt crisis, Italy's Prime Minister,


Silvio Berlusconi has been struggling to pass austerity


measures through the Italian Assembly. His European partners are


demanding concrete action before the meeting tomorrow. With Rome


perhaps unable to agree economic reforms, the deadlock could force


him to step down. Silvio Berlusconi is manoeuvring


desperately for his survival. He is poised between a rock and a hard


place. The rock is the ultimatum he has received from Brussels. The


hard place is his coalition partner Umberto Bossi, head of the Northern


League. He was explicit about his demands are unquestioned by


reporters outside Parliament today. TRANSLATION: To retire at 67,


cancel old age pension, is not possible. Our pension system is in


better shape than France and Germany and we cannot make the


retirement age 67 years. People will kill us. So far, the Italian


leader has failed to get Umberto Bossi to agree to the immediate


fiscal and welfare reforms demanded by the EU. Yet, Mr Berlusconi has


been solemnly warned that he cannot return to Brussels to the next EU


summit on Wednesday empty-handed. We are in uncharted waters. It has


been clear for decades there is tension between sovereign states


and the European Union. This is the first time I think there has been a


direct conflict, tension between a single leader of an EU company and


a big leader -- the leader of a big country. For the first time, Mr


Berlusconi has hinted he might step down after dominating Italian


politics for the last 17 years. Frantic consultations are


continuing with the Northern League, but a contentious Cabinet meeting


and many hours of talks have so far failed to resolve what could


develop into a full-blown political crisis in Rome.


The TRANSLATION: What happens in Italy will have an impact on all


the other countries in the eurozone. Just as remade comments about the


budgetary policies of the other member states, we are doing the


same for Italy. There was no degree of humiliation involved.


Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel no longer bother to hide their


doubts about Mr Berlusconi's political skills, at a moment when


his popularity in Italy has plunged to its lowest level.


As the world's population officially passes the 7 billion


mark, the BBC has commissioned a special report from different


countries. We are looking at Jordan which faces a crisis due to its


rapidly rising population which has more than doubled in the last two


decades. It is one of the driest countries in the Middle East and


has depleted its supply and it is dangerously low.


Against the odds, he farms this arid land. Were his crops lack much


of the water they need. With no other supply, his family have to


bide their water from a private company. But the price keeps on


rising and business is drying up. TRANSLATION: Some people depend on


farming. If they stop, they won't be able to support their families.


We have high levels of unemployment and the holder generations want to


keep alive the traditions of farming. There won't give it up


easily. Like others in Jordan, he depends


on the endless flow of lorries which transport this country's


Liquid Gold. This is private water. Commercially owned wells have


become the source for many businesses and homes. We are living


in a water crisis. We have the Royal commodity of water. If the


strategy is implemented, we will be in a few years, well off. Unless


the strategy is implemented, the situation will be more serious.


Jordan's population with its steady flow of refugees is using more of


this vital resource. Despite Government initiative to extract


new resources, a bad situation is getting even worse. Farming in this


desert like landscape has always been a challenge. But as water


becomes more scarce and a shared by more people, the livelihood of


farmers will only become more uncertain. He used to have chic,


but because of a lack of water, these chickens, along with a few


rabbits are the only animals left. He says the Government should


supply what is, his farm's life blood. For others, life goes on


with what little water there is, in The funeral of the Saudi Arabian


crown prince has been taking place. Leaders from around the world paid


their respects. The Prince, who was the heir to the throne died in New


York on Saturday. Thousands are reported to be fleeing fighting


between the military and Muslim rebels in the southern Philippines.


The army launched a second day of the air strikes on what it called a


renegade faction. They said ground troops had encountered heavy


resistance. More than 20 soldiers have been killed in fighting in


recent days. Conversationalists say the Javan rhinoceros has become


extinct in one country. There are only a small group left. One of the


world's leading conservation charities says they are now extinct


in the second last country which was keeping them, and Vietnam. The


evidence of its alarming status comes from scientific evidence on


dung. The reason for the disappearance of the species can be


found in markets like this one. Eastern medicine creates a huge


demand for rhino horns. The last rhino was found with its core no


messing. It can cure many diseases including heart disease, blood


clotting and mental illnesses. is a view dispelled by a modern


scientists and conservationists alike. It is made mostly from a


substance called keratin. That is what our hair and nails are made of.


It has no medicinal properties whatsoever and is incapable of


curing cancer. There are now thought to be less than 50 of these


rhinoceros left worldwide. They all live in a single national park in


Indonesia. Despite spending millions of dollars trying to


protect them poachers are still telling the few that remain.


Efforts to protect them are likely to be stepped up once again. What


is in a name? That is a famous quote from Romeo and Juliet and it


has now been directed at Shakespeare himself. His home town


has been protesting a film as an attempt to rewrite British cultural


history. The film suggests some words were actually written by the


Earl of Oxford. Since when did words ever win a kingdom? Leave


that to me. A my God, the Earl of Oxford does not write plays.


this is to be done, it must be done carefully, skilfully. In my world


one does not write plays, people like you do. Congratulations, you


have had an epic poem published today. What, do you mean like in a


book? To debate this I spoke to several Shakespeare specialists. I


asked one if he believed the Bard wrote his masterpieces? I believe


he had something to do with the plays but I do not believe he wrote


all of the pieces contributed to him. There are a whole group of


people who believe Sir Francis Bacon wrote the plays. Another


group believe Sir Christopher Marlowe wrote the plays. I do not


buy into those although I find their ideas interesting and unlike


many people from Stratford upon- Avon I am quite happy to listen to


what they have got to save. You are willing to agree to the thesis that


all 37 plays are not written by the man known as William Shakespeare?


am. And what do you make of it? Sniffing it is as ridiculous as the


conspiracy theory it is supposed to be based on. It gives as an idea of


someone who commits incest with the reigning monarch arc which I think


is a strange way of championing him. Is there any proof? There is lots


of proof that he did write some of the plays or had and in some of the


plays. Around the edges there are lots of interesting gaps that allow


people to question whether he did write the plays or not. A lot of


that is to do with his lack of education. Many records suggest


somebody else wrote one or two of the plates, such as Romeo and


Juliet and Hamlet. If you put all the records together at areas a


case for doubt or a discussion about doubt. The director of this


film said that he thought there were two key reasons which made him


think Shakespeare could not have written these plays. One was that


his father was the literate and his daughters were illiterate and there


are no letters in existence of from him. It is not odd that none has


survived. A lot of documents from that period do not survive. Central


London was wiped out by a fire 50 years after his death. Many people


from his time did talk about how he had written these plays and how


great he was. 200 years after he died suddenly people start saying


these plays could only have been written by an aristocrat. I think


people would have to work very hard to take this film at face value. It


is one thing to make a film based on a ludicrous premise, what


bothers me I think is the publicity material suggesting that you ought


to see this film because it is based on fact. That does strike me


as unethical and a by-election -- a violation of our responsibility to


the past. I do not know why the Shakespeare Birth Trust are getting


so worked up about it. If they are worried about historical fact and


evidence they need only look at themselves. They are championing


one portrayed as an accurate one of Shakespeare's when their chairman,


before he became chairman, said that was ludicrous. Yet it is on


their publicity material when there is no evidence for that being him.


I do not work for that organisation and I do not agree with that


portrait being him either but I do by the plays of William Shakespeare


as being written by William Shakespeare. I cannot understand by


the same token you did not get worked up about Shakespeare in Love


which is ludicrous and fictional. That is true, a lot of people to


that film at face value. I think this row could run and run. Thank


you both. A quick reminder now of our main news story tonight.


Rescuers have pooled at two week- old baby, her grandmother and


mother from the earthquake which struck eastern Turkey on Sunday.


Within the past few hours there have been aftershocks in the same


area. Officials from Libya's new leadership say that the body of


Colonel Gaddafi has been buried at a secret location in the Libyan


desert. The place is being kept secret in order to prevent it


becoming a shrine for Gaddafi supporters. His son was buried with


him. That is all from the programme. Next up, the weather. From now, --


for now, from me, goodbye. Today's forecast was sunny spells and heavy


showers. It is more of the same for tomorrow. The last of power rain


will clear through north-eastern parts of Scotland tonight. Showers


will slowly track across the UK. There will be some showers in


western counties of England and Wales tomorrow morning slowly


marching northwards. For most of eastern England it is looking like


a fine afternoon. Through southernmost counties of England


and on into the Midlands expect those showers to track through


during the afternoon. The showers will not be as heavy as today but


there is still a risk of some thunder and he'll in Wales. In


Northern Island it will be a drier day for quite a few places. There


will be a few showers and some brightness around. Across Scotland,


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