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More than a dozen killed in Serie A's ongoing anti- Government


protests. -- Serie A's. Also ahead, terror alert in Nigeria. Unprepared


and taken unawares. The Nigerian Government tells the BBC the latest


attacks by the militant group Boko Haram took it by surprise. And with


Rok's biggest earners approaching their twilight years, are


tomorrow's musicians being denied Hello and welcome. The new teams


hoping to lead Greece and Italy out of their situation are hoping to


take shape today. Greece has sworn in Lucas Papademos. Here is our


correspondent with a look at the latest developments. In Greece, the


economy that put the Eurozone under threat, a new prime minister is


sworn in. Lucas Papademos is an Economist. Formerly with the


European Central Bank. Three is opting for a safe pair of hands.


Italy seems to be choosing the same as. Ushering a pause to the era of


flamboyant leadership. Their choice, a former low-key European


Commissioner, and seen as low He was given a hero's welcome


inside the chamber. Then came speeches underlining the pressure


on Italy to change direction. We do hope that this act can pave the way


to a government that will enable Italy to come out of this critical


situation. The argument won the day. 156 votes its four, 12 against and


one abstention. Opposition senators did not take part, nor did they


block. The austerity package hopes to save almost 60 billion euros. It


it aims to balance the Budget by 2014. Measures include an increase


in VAT, and increasing the retirement age for women to match


that of men. To 60 in 2014 and 65 and 2026. There will be measures to


fight tax evasion. The cuts will be tough, but the markets, and many


Italians welcome the change he symbolises. I think he will be good.


I think he is capable. I think he has the right capabilities. I hope


he does better than the last lot. I hope things improve. Greece and


Italy, to ancient cultures. By the time the markets are open on Monday,


they may have very different styles of leadership.


In the midst of the debt crisis in Italy, the outgoing prime minister


Silvio Berlusconi famously said the Italian economy was doing all right


because the restaurants were full. He has survived sex scandals,


corruption scandal and votes of no confidence. In the end, the


Eurozone crisis meant he could no longer cling to power.


Three-times prime minister, multi- billionaire. Silvio Berlusconi has


been the consummate survivor of Italian politics. He never seemed


to suffer embarrassment on account of his sometimes I'd read as public


behaviour. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel was clearly irritated


when asked to wait for him to finish a phone call. On a visit to


Moscow, he famously referred to the American President as tanned. On


another occasion, he publicly proclaimed it was better to like


girls and be gay. His time in office has been tainted by scandal.


He has been called before the courts on fraud and corruption


charges although never actually convicted. He is currently facing


trial on charges of paying for sex with an under-age prostitute. A


charismatic speaker and notorious womaniser, he has been nicknamed


the Sultan on account of the babies of young women at his parties. On


December 2009, he was assaulted in the street in Milan. A man through


a many statue into the Prime Minister's face, leaving him


bleeding and shaken. It has been the economy, rather than scandal


which has underlined his premiership. He thought his allies


would stand by him, but his popularity slowly ebbed away as.


To take stock of Silvio Berlusconi's life and career, we


are joined by a columnist who also teaches at Princeton University.


He's a vied the rows over there parties, in the end it was that the


economy that got to him. Critics say he never got to grips


with it? That is exactly what a few of us have been saying for years.


Berlusconi's coalition did not give a damn about his personal behaviour.


Eventually the economy got to him. Now, we hope that the two Super


Mario has can do the job. But it is going to be very difficult.


Focusing on Silvio Berlusconi, on what could be the final day of his


premiership, he has still got about three television stations,


newspapers and so on. Will he still have influenced in Italy? It is


funny because Silvio Berlusconi has a conflict of interest, at which he


has used to promote his own political party in the last 20


years. Will he unleashed his media empire against his opponent? If he


does, eventually his media empire will pay a price. In the last hour


of Silvio Berlusconi running the country, they lost 12% on the


Italian Wall Street. He would have to be wary of running too much


trouble. I get the idea of where you were coming from when you talk


about Silvio Berlusconi. But how do you think the Italian people might


be reflecting on his career, positive or negative? The country


is neatly divided into three factions. One-third of the country


still think that Silvio Berlusconi was a godsend and will keep the


voting for him so. This does not mean they will vote for his party,


but they voted for him. One third of the country think that he is the


Devil and anything he says or does is terrible. One-third of the


country desperately wanted an alternative for Mr Berlusconi, but


never got it from the centre left until they split, some voted for


Silvio Berlusconi and some voted against him. I hope now that we


will have some sort of national unity. We were looking at pictures


of Silvio Berlusconi on the world stage. Do you think... What do you


think Italy's image has been like under Silvio Berlusconi and do you


think it can change? I do not think that Mr Berlusconi was's clownish


performance which damage the country. It was the economy and


that is where the future generations will pay. He could have


done a lot better running of the economy. The country will bleed for


this. Activists in serious say at least 14 people have been killed in


the latest protest against the Government in the capital Damascus.


The organisation Human Rights Watch has accused Syrian forces of


committing crimes against humanity and says Syria should have its


membership of the Arab League The cities and towns of Syria


remain killing zones. More than one week after the government promised


the Arab League it would pull out all of the security forces. This


battle near Damascus, one of many in recent days which have left at


least 100 people dead. For many opposition activists, the


city of Homs is the centre of the revolution against the regime of


President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The crackdown on protesters here,


particularly brutal. Up to 1000 civilians reported killed. This,


and allegations of widespread torture amount to crimes against


humanity -- humanity. We hope that the evidence we put on the table


today will galvanise those parts of the international system who have


been making excuses for months as to why it is not appropriate to act.


The time is now to act. We cannot tolerate the scale of human rights


abuses we have seen in recent months. As the international


community dithers, the protests on the ground in Syria were gaining


ever widening support. According to opposition activists, increasing


numbers of soldiers are defecting from the Armed Forces. Like this


man, now commander of a rebel force called the free Syrian army. He


told the BBC they were defending the people and said the President


Ali Abdullah Saleh regime would only be removed by force. That


could lead to even greater casualties. In a full-scale civil


war in which a brutal regime is confronted by an armed resistance.


Let's take a look at some of the day's other developments. There has


been an upsurge of violence in Yemen with a report saying at least


11 people have been killed. In fighting between government forces


and militia men in Taiz. This coincides with the return of the UN


envoy trying to end months of conflict between supporters of


President Ali Abdullah Saleh and supporter groups.


People across the United Kingdom have absurd two Minute silence to


mark Remembrance Day. Readers were laid at the Cenotaph. President


Sarkozy of France laid a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown soldier


under a bit Arc de Triomph in Paris. Barack Obama has marked Veterans


Day at Arlington cemetery. London has won its bid to host the


World a lot -- Athletic Championships in 2017. The decision


was announced by the International Athletic authorities in the Monaco.


In September, as you may remember, at the UN assembly Mahmoud Abbas


made a speech requesting full state membership of the United Nations.


Today the UN Security Council has taken a decision that affects that


particular hope. Be Security Council report shows that only


eight of the 15 it backed the move, leaving the Palestinians just one


vote short of the majority they needed. But the US had indicated it


would have used its veto power to block the move even if a majority


had been reached. Let's get more on this. Where does this leave the


Palestinians, could be a press for a vote? Yes. We have seen it


committee which has been looking at their application over the past


couple of weeks, it has come up with a report saying it could not


recommend for or against because the security council is divided. It


summed up everyone's positions and now at the Palestinians must decide


what to do yet -- now. They had been thinking of calling for a vote


because they knew the Americans would veto. And they were hoping


for a moral victory, if they could muster the nine votes needed to


pass a rare but -- resolution, it would be clear that the Americans


were the obstacle to then getting membership. In fact, it looks as if


they only had eight votes, not the nine needed. They have to decide


whether to drop the Security Council approach, or whether to


push ahead for a boat as a symbolic step because they say this is a


legal right that they have. They could press to become eight non-


member Observer state of the UN. Is that likely? I think it is probably


one of the more likely options. The Palestinians have said today they


will consider what to do. They are going to discuss amongst the


Palestinian leadership. They will consult with the Arab League next


week about what to do. There are leaders who would prefer this


option because it means you would not have a confrontation with the


Americans at the Security Council and you could possibly come up with


something, even if it is not full membership. It would upgrade


Palestine's status. They could ask to be upgraded to a non-member of


server state. That would probably strengthen their hand at legally


and politically to challenge the Israeli occupation within an


The Nigerian defence minister has told the BBC that last week's


attacks by Boko Haram caught his troops by surprise. Bello Haliru


Mohammed said despite the large military presence in North eastern


Nigeria, Boko Haram had given it the slip. It lost an attack on the


town of Damaturu. -- launched. The damage in the town of Damaturu rule


was clear to see. Police stations and banks were bombed, churches


burnt to the ground as young men went on the rampage. More than 100


people died. The bodies have been buried and thoughts are now turning


to what more the Government could have done to stop the deadly rise


of Boko Haram. When they became a problem, the Government issued


legal strategies. In the long run it only gives the group a measure


of support from the populace. who have dealt directly with Boko


Haram say their key demands are that their leaders are released


from prison, that there be justice for their members killed by the


police, and the security forces pulled back from their heartland in


north Nigeria. They do not sound impossible, but the military say


for them to withdraw there must be stability first. The important


thing is to reduce or stop the killings. I believe we are working


to do that. Once the killings are stopped, the issue of the


grievances will also be addressed. Government critics say there has


been too much emphasis on the military option, which has damaged


the chances of talks taking place. Brute force can never solve a


political problem. Brute force can never kill an idea. What can kill


an idea is negotiation, dialogue and understanding. Do you think the


current Government is capable of doing that? No! They have no idea.


Boko Haram has hit Abuja twice this year and has promised to strike


again. Nigeria's militants are now the entire country's problems. --


problems. The rise in the popularity of music on YouTube may


be good for listeners, but it is causing a problem for young


recording artists. The Performing Rights Society says there is an


imbalance with older bands dominating the music sector, and


younger artists lacking support. It must be strange going to school


and coming home poking about album deals? Yes, it is! Today has been


really weird, going from science division -- revision to recording.


Birdy, still at school and this week in the top 10 with her first


album. Her Rendition? Travelling around the world and playing at


huge concerts. I love performing. She is just 15 and it is looking


good. What about 18, 21, 25? The music industry has real fears. The


real money is being made... There is a problem, age. There is quite


an imbalance of heritage bands dominating the live music sector.


The figures are startling. The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Paul


McCartney, 40% of those top hats are over 60. 19% and like you to


and Madonna, now in their fifties. 96% were over 40. Britney Spears is


the only twentysomething. The X Factor may create fame, but long-


term success? If you do not have a hit with your first single, it is


all over. It is extremely fickle. A quick turnaround. The number of


songwriters is at a record high. Long-term, who will be the Heritage


at softer moral? -- the Heritage acts of tomorrow?


She has got a nice voice. I have got company now. I have got David


McAlmont, a singer-songwriter, and Jon Webster, Chief Executive of the


Music Managers Forum. Record labels are understandably worried about


taking risks, aren't they? Haitink they are at the moment. The


economics of the recording industry has changed drastically. I think it


is easier perhaps for young artists to make records. There are a lot


more of them out there but getting traction in the worldwide market is


very tough. David, despite that, you are seeing good at coming


through -- axis. Adele is one of the fortunate ones who has been


given some clue as to what the industry and tails. One of the


problems the industry does have is that it does not really coach its


act correctly. A lot of people who come into the industry are


attracted because of their talent and made to understand that talent


is all they need. An awful lot more is involved. The graduates of the


Brit School are doing better. you saying managers are not doing


right by artists? I can only speak from my own experience. Certainly I


was not coached. I have had to learn a lot for myself. I am now


releasing independently and funding my music through touring. I had to


learn that the hard way. I am without a label and without


management. I have to survive as an artist. Is this a typical story?


Yes. We get phone calls every day from artists he do not necessarily


know about the internet or the business. They do not want to learn.


We encourage artists to learn the basics. Find a manager who cannot


do all of the work to relieve them so they can be creative. Are you


basically saying to them, this is the business and we have to make


money? I have always said it is the music business. That is what we are


in. That is what people need to appreciate. They have to go a long


way today as an artist before they get a manager. If they are not


making income, a manager is not making a living. The industry is in


a bit of a crisis because the distribution has been ruptured by


the internet. People can attract attention without having to go


through those channels. I think the industry is closing ranks around


the business. And not appreciating the creative? People just want to


hear great music. Slowly the corporate ties Asian has taken over.


There is that tension between the corporate and that the business


side. You have to make money. --? That is true. There are many


different models coming through these days. You can dine with the


band, you can get signed CDs etc. There are many innovative ways. And


they are working. I did have a meeting with the raffle and manager


a couple of days ago and he said the CD was basically dying because


of downloading. You have to find other ways of making money?


advice I was given was to work in social networking so that people


engage with you without having to listen to the radio or watched


television, because that was not a given any more. Problems like X


Factor, Good or bad? On balance I would say that. They are to short


term, they do not really developed acts. And once people get into one


Act, the next series comes along and they get into the next act.


Very few serious artists come out of those talent shows. I think the


X Factor has been excellent television for a while. It is about


getting people to watch television. That is it. What about the idea


that you see people like David getting a fan base on the


internet... That is the way of the world. That is how music industry


executives are finding out. They look for the YouTube hits and all


that stuff. Thank you both. A reminder of the


main news. The Italian Senate has approved at reform package to end


the Country's debt crisis. Parliamentary approval should lead


to the promised resignation of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.


Hello. Behind the band of rain moving east across the UK overnight,


there is plenty of dry weather to come. Much of the UK will gradually


brighten up. This weather front is moving through overnight. Behind


that, rain. A lot of cloud in the south-east. Elsewhere, the


brightening up process continues through the morning. A fine


afternoon in northern England. Variable cloud and sunny spells. In


East Anglia and south-east England there will be more clout than sun.


-- more clout than a son. A few early sharp showers in to south-


west England and Wales. They will be done by the afternoon. For her


Northern Ireland, plenty of sunshine. -- Northern Ireland. It


is fine across Scotland. In the north-west there will be some


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