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This is BBC World News Today with me Kirsty Lang. Terror strikes at a


Christmas market in Belgium. Five people are dead and dozens injured


after a gunman opens fire and throws grenades in Liege.


Vital to life, but have they found it? Scientists report tantalises


glances of the list of Higgs Boson article.


Canada goes cold on stopping climate change - it pulls out of


the Kyoto Protocol which caps greenhouse emissions, Colin it


unworkable. It is now clear that Keele tour is


not the path forward to a global solution to climate change.


Anything, it is an impediment. Also coming up: His own party


chairs has British bulldog spirit, but across Europe, Prime Minister


David Cameron is accused of poor diplomacy. In politics there is one


golden rule - you only walk away if you are sure that the others will


come up after you to win you back. And offensive or inspired? The plan


skyscraper in Seoul that is bringing back memories of 9/11.


Fay hello and welcome. A grenade and gun attack in the


Belgian city of Liege has left five people dead, including a baby girl


and two teenagers and the attacker himself. Officials say 75 others


were injured. A man opened fire in a city centres where that was full


of Christmas shoppers, before killing himself.


They ran for their lives this afternoon. 1230 in a European city


centre. As rumours swirled that one possibly two or three gunmen on the


loose. Shots were fired in the main square, next to Liege's Christmas


market. And grenades were thrown. They were at least two large


explosions. It is very terrible. I am still shocked. I just saw one


man shooting people. And some explosion, two were three. All the


people ran from there to here. Some people went into the shopping


centre. Special forces won the city centre. Cutting it off and sealing


off office and shop workers indoors. The attack happened just outside


the main court house here. Many of the wounded were taken there. As


ambulances struggle to get to them in time. I saw in the market all


the people lying down bleeding. I stop my card to seek if I could


help some people. All the people must have gone inside. By this time,


it was becoming clear there was just one gunman. And now he lay


dead, just off the main square. He killed himself, the police said. A


33-year-old, he had previous convictions were gun and drug


offences according to local media. This evening the Belgian King and


Queen arrived in Liege to see the misery for themselves. Prosecutors


say they do not know yet why this happened. What everyone here does


not is that this was a day of panic, of death that few will forget.


Let us go live to the city of Liege. Has any more emerged about who this


gunman was? We know that he was a 33-year-old. He lived in Liege,


Nordine Amrani. He was known to police and has previous convictions.


He was due today to be having an interview with the police about


other matters related to drug trafficking. But clearly that did


not take place. He ended up in the square behind me, carrying out this


terrible attack. Shooting from a rooftop and throwing explosives as


well. We have heard from local media. It is believed five people


in addition to the gunmen are dead. A two-year-old baby has now died,


as has the 20-year-old. That is an addition to a 15-year-old boy, a


17-year-old Beryl and his 75-year- old women. -- a 17-year-old goal.


Thank you very much. Also this afternoon at man in the


Italian city of Florence opened fire and killed two Senegalese


street vendors. He also winded four others before turning the gun on


himself. He was described as a far- right militants. Around 200


Senegalese street vendors demonstrated after the shootings.


It is perhaps the toughest question in physics - how did the universe


start. Today scientists at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland say they


may be close to an answer. They believe they have found evidence of


the mysterious particle known as the Higgs Boson. It has the


nickname the God particle because it is thought to be the original


building block of the universe and explains why objects have last. Our


science correspondent reports on what could be one of the more


scientific breakthroughs of all time.


In an underground laboratory near Geneva, the world's largest


experiment is homing in on one of the greatest mysteries of the


universe. Firing particles through a circular tunnel, scientists are


closer to understanding the basic building blocks of life. This


afternoon, a long-awaited announcement.. Her we are here


today to hear the latest. Some of the brightest minds in physics


gathered in one room, comparing findings from two experience that


both point to the existence of a fundamental and -- fundamentally


important article that it remained hidden until now. We will get a


definite answer on the Higgs. We saw some tantalising hints today.


To explore how the universe works, scientists have delved deeper into


atoms and the strange world inside them. First there is the nucleus


with electrons orbiting around it. That has been known for over a


century. Inside the nucleus there are protons and neutrons. The


journey goes on, inside them are quarks and other minute particles.


But what gives these tiny thing substance or mass? The theory is


that the smallest particles travel through force called the pigs field


and they get slowed down by it. This is how the Higgs Boson works.


You cannot see but you can see how it gives particle substance. The


creation of matter. That is why these first answer so momentous.


Every particle in your body at every Montes interacting with this


field. It is like a cosmic treacle that permeates the universe. That


is what gives particles mask and that it ultimately gives us


structure. They come from two channels. One is a Higgs Boson.


This results are being examined by signed is all over the world. Here


are the students watch the events unfold. People have been waiting a


whole is for this. I feel this is a special moment. It is nice to be


part of the group that has had a big part in this. This


extraordinary machine is so vast they lent me a bicycle to go round


it. It has not given us a definitive answer. They may come


next year. But these detectors have revealed vital clues about how the


universe got started. I am joined by a professor Steven


Weinberg, the Nobel winning Prize physicist who first predicted that


Higgs Boson. How excited are you buy if what they announced today?


It is extremely exciting. It is always amazing when things that


were emerging out of mathematics and a theoretical way turn out to


exist in Riyait -- existing in the real world. I must admit that it is


always exciting. Did you expect to see this in your lifetime? Yes. I


expected it to see it earlier. There was a large accelerator that


was going to be built in Texas. Congress and this was done to


cancel the 1993. If that had been built, we would have seen this a


decade or so earlier. You were awarded the Nobel Prize for a


Theory there predicts the particle. Does this prove you're right, your


theory right? It proves that if this holds up, and we should add


that, it proves the simplest version of the theory right. Most


of the features of the Theory are well-established. There is a


fundamental cemetery in Nature that of unbroken would prevent any


particles, any element, from having masses. That symmetry has been


broken. This experiment, if it holds up, will confirm the simplest


idea of how that symmetry was broken. And how particles got the


masses. But we are not there yet? CERN have said we have seen hits.


Professor Higgs, after whom the particle is named, says he is not


cracking open the sound -- champagne yet. Is that them being


cautious? It is good to be cautious. Looking at the research articles


that CERN put out today, my guess is that the chance of this being a


statistical accident, a fluke, is probably less than 1%. But as every


insurance company will tell you, things that have a likelihood of


only 1%, do happened about 1% of the time. Thank you very much.


Staying with his subject, I am joined by another physicist,


Professor Jim Al-Khalili from central London. I am going to ask


you that very difficult question - what does this all mean? Why should


we all care? To begin with, it is not going to lead to some sort of


technological breakthrough that will change are the peoples' lives.


This is part of putting the jigsaw together of how the universe is


made up. The Higgs Boson is the fundamental particle that explains


why all the other particles, all the older building blocks have the


properties they do. As Professor Steven Weinberg mentioned, the


theory has been frozen for some decades. Finally we have some


evidence a weak heart on the right tracks. -- have been proven.


Brian Cox said it's like some cosmic trickle doubles as


altogether. Someone said it is like a celebrity walking through a crowd


of paparazzi. There was a competition. Almost 20 years ago


for physicists to come up with that explanation. The celebrity who


walks into a room with partygoers, the more famous there, the more


there is a huddle of wannabes gathering around them. In particle


physics, the equivalent is the more heavier particle is, the harder it


is from A to B. So, yes it is like treacle. Without it, all the


particles would travel at the speed of light. You can only travel at


that speed if you do not wear anything. But we know that some


particles are heavy and some are like. Why are they so different?


The Higgs Boson is the particle version of the field, the field


that permeates the whole universe explains why some particles are


light and some are heavy. So it fits everything into place very


nicely. And why is it called the God particle? This was a nickname


it was given some years ago by an American physicist in trying to get


across how important this article was to our fundamental theories.


Without it we would have to go back to the drawing boards and start


again. So the God particle is because it is a very powerful


explanation that helps describe the rest of the particles. They all


behave the way they do because of the Higgs Boson. It is a sort of


missing link thought. It is not the last piece of the jokes. If it is


confirmed, there are still more questions. There is still what is


dark matter are dark energy? There are plenty more puzzles to solve.


think I understand it a little bit The Russian President Dmitry


Medvedev has said the new parliament chosen in the election


earlier this month will have its first session on December the 21st


- that's despite allegations of fraud. In a meeting with party


leaders, Mr Medvedev acknowledged the complaints of malpractice, but


gave no indication that he was considering a re-run.


The Burmese opposition party led by Aung San Suu Kyi has been given


official permission by the government to re-register - paving


the way for it to re-join the political system. The party was


declared illegal after it boycotted last year's election, which was


widely criticised as unfair and undemocratic.


Tunisia's new President Moncef Marzouki has said he will remain


faithful to the goals of the country's revolution. At his


swearing-in ceremony, Mr Marzouki said Tunisia was being watched as


"a laboratory of democracy". Tunisia's mass protests were the


trigger for the Arab Spring revolts across the region.


The Palestinian flag is flying for the first time at the headquarters


of a United Nations agency. It was hoisted at a ceremony at the Paris


office of the cultural agency, UNESCO. The admission of Palestine


as a member in October represented a symbolic victory in the


Palestinians' push for an independent state. It sparked fury


in Israel and the US. There's a confrontation in Papua


New Guinea between two men who both claim to be prime minister. Sir


Michael Somare was deposed in August while recovering from heart


surgery in Singapore. But Peter O'Neill, who replaced Mr Somare and


is recognised by parliament as the legitimate prime minister, has


rejected a court ruling asking him to step down.


Canada has pulled out of the Kyoto Protocol on reducing emissions of


greenhouse gases. The announcement comes the day after international


climate talks in Dublin finished without agreement on a successor to


Kyoto which expires at the end of next year. Canada's Environment


Minister said that staying in the treaty would be harmful to his


country's economy. It is the world's largest car-borne


emitter, so China may not be the obvious candidate to lead criticism


of Canada's decision to withdraw from kilter. Hence, from the


Chinese foreign ministry, this response to the Canadian move.


TRANSLATION: Canada's decision to withdraw it is against the efforts


of the international community as - - and is regrettable. We also hope


cannot double face up to its two responsibilities.


But Canadian Government is unapologetic about its decision


which was saved the country billions of dollars in fines for


missing its Kyoto targets. They Kyoto protocol does not cover the


world's two largest emitters, the United States and China, and


therefore cannot work. It is now clear that Kyoto is not the path


forward for a global solution to climate change. If anything, it is


an impediment. The Government says it is still


committed to addressing climate change in a way that is fair and


does not harm the Canadian economy, but its move, the first formal


withdrawal from Kyoto, has been attacked by environmentalists and


opposition at home. Many see Canada's bombing past vans Industry,


opening the way to death vast oil reserves, opening the way to that


its move. Canada was already on the defensive


at the latest international climate change talks in South Africa which


a volley just concluded, but it says the deal which there is a way


forward, aiming for a new pact covering all the big emitters,


including China. The President of the European


Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, as attacked David Cameron's use of the


veto at last week's EU summit. He said that Britain's demand to


exclude its financial institutions in the City of London had made an


agreement impossible, and it would have harmed the EU's internal


market. Gavin Hewitt reports. At the European Parliament, David


Cameron was today the man who everybody seemed to want to talk


about. His use of a veto to protect British interests has already drawn


comment from that French President and the German Chancellor. Today it


was the turn of the President of the European Commission to


criticise the British for demanding safeguards.


The United Kingdom, in exchange for giving its agreement, ask for a


specific protocol on financial services, which was a risk to the


integrity of the internal market. This made compromise impossible.


Downing Street denied the Prime Minister had any intention to


undermine the single market. But the prevailing view here at least


was that Britain was now on its own. It politics there is one golden


rule - you only walk away if you are sure that the others will come


after you to win you back. French member of the European


Parliament when father and demanded Britain be punished for acting


selfishly. TRANSLATION: I think the British rebate is now offer


question. Tax money should be spent on something other than selfish


nationalism. He was referring to the rebate negotiated by Margaret


Thatcher, and worth about 3 billion euros a year to Britain. Some


British MEPs saw the crisis leading to Britain's exit from the EU.


Britain is going to make the Great Escape, we will be the first


European country to get our freedom back. There are is no question


David Cameron and his use of the veto has irritated many people in


Europe. But increasingly other national


politicians in Parliament have raised concerns about the deal to


enforce budgetary discipline, struck here last week.


Back in London the Cabinet held its first meeting since the divisions


emerged within the commission over Europe. Although the differences


remain, David Cameron insisted the collision had been not been damaged.


The condition is very strong, and the condition came together for a


good reason, which was to put aside party interests and act for the


national interest, particularly when there are so many challenges


to a our economy. There are increasing doubts as to whether


last week's summit has eased the the eurozone crisis.


But is in Pakistan say they have freed almost 70 boys and men from a


religious school in the southern port city of Karachi. Many were


fined under grind in chains. The youngest was only seven years old.


Two clerics were arrested but ahead of the school managed to get away.


Pakistan's income a minister has ordered an investigation. Orla


Guerin reports. Descending into a torture chamber,


that is what local officials have called this basement. Still in


chains down below, the men and boys who police say were kept like


animals. Shackled, starved and beaten. It was known locally as the


jail to madrassa. For those trapped here, that is what it was. They


which tie us up, and chained asked 200 times. They were beating


everyone too much, and they would not give us any food.


The cleric insure charge of all this managed to make a getaway.


Police are investigating any links with militants, as some pupils have


claimed. Some -- so far there is no proof.


After they were freed from the madrassa, the students were led


away still chained together, because police could not find the


keys. Some were said to be drug addicts or petty criminals. Sent


there by their families for rehabilitation. Some parents even


provided the chains. Others were enrolled at the madrassa for a


religious education, some could not hold back the tears. Police say


children as young as eight were beaten and shackled for


disobedience. By day, parents gathered outside


the police station, some angry that madrassa was close. We are not here


to take our children back, this man said. We cannot control them. They


will start stealing and misbehaving again.


Their ordeal may be over, but these students will bear the scars. The


madrassa is the only option for many of Pakistan's poor. This one


was unregistered and unregulated, like thousands of others.


Architecture is often a controversial subject, especially


when a new building goes up. But plans for a new skyscraper in this


South Korea capital of salt have been dismissed as tasteless. Why?


Because many who have seen the design for the first time say it


reminds them of New York's Twin Towers being demolished by the


terror attacks on 9/11. Sol's city skyline, it never stays


the same for long, and it is getting harder for new buildings to


stand out. But this one has, before it has even been built. Two


apartment blocks linked by what developers called a pixelated cloud.


But which critics say it resembles the collapse of New York's will


trade centre during the 9/11 attacks. TRANSLATION: Went I heard


that, I was totally surprised and bewildered. It felt like something


out of a novel, and because this is just one of many buildings in the


development, I wondered whether it was a conspiracy.


So embolism in building design is important in South Korea. The front


gate of the main palace here was actually moved and rotated a few


years ago to wipe out changes made under the an old Japanese colonial


rulers. So the company says this latest row is not about


insensitivity, it is about different cultural perceptions.


TRANSLATION: Even if it does remind people of 9/11, there is no law


saying it cannot be built. TRANSLATION: I know there has been


criticism of this because it looks like the 9/11 attacks, but in my


view it is in a piece of architecture at and I think it is a


fantastic design. The apartment complex is part of a


flagship project to redevelop a major site in central Seoul. The


design will not be finalised until next year, but for now the


pixelated cloud is here to stay. But even some at the development


company admit they might feel differently if they were at New


Yorkers themselves. Be interesting looking building. A


reminder of our new its stories tonight.


A man has opened fire and thrown grenades from a rooftop in the


Belgian city of Liege, killing five people in a Christmas market before


killing himself. 75 others were wounded, some seriously. The


attacker has been named as Liege Western Nordine Amrani.


Scientists working at the CERN Laboratory in Geneva say they have


found signs of the elusive Higgs boson. They say they will have to


carry out more work over the next few months to find conclusive


evidence. That is all from the programme.


From me, Kirsty Lang, goodbye for This evening we are at in for wet


and windy weather, a company by gale-force winds. First this


evening, us no warning affecting Northern Ireland, Scotland and the


north-west of England. These tightly squeezed isobars mean we


could have some treacherous driving conditions, but also a band of


heavy showers sweeping through the South East of England, and


Wednesday's forecast yet again dominated by frequent heavy showers.


Many northern areas reasonably sheltered, but through the Midlands,


showers and a rising by the afternoon. Southern counties of


England are in the firing line to pick up a frequent heavy showers,


but it is likely as we head through the day for southern areas they


will mostly be of rain. Heavy showers across Wales, the risk of


the odd rumble of thunder, and perhaps a little bit of sleet over


the top of the high ground. Adding further north we are back into the


cold air. There is increased risk that the showers affecting western


areas of Scotland will fall as snow on the high ground, but nothing as


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