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This is World News Today. As racist murderers Gary Dobson and David


Norris are sentenced for their part in the killing of black teenager


Stephen Lawrence, what now for the other suspects still evading


justice? The other people involved in the murder of Stephen Lawrence


should not rest easily in their beds.


A winning start for Mitt Romney in the Republican race for the


presidency, but the one-time darling of the Tea Party who came


last pulls out. Tribal violence in South Sudan mean


it's more than 150 people are dirt and tens of thousands flee for


their lives. -- Andy and 50 people are dead.


Also, the new reality for Chinese reality TV. Satellite entertainment


is slashed by two-thirds, tune in force more socialism and less froth.


And it is many more than two by two. Counting the animals, birds and


Hello, and welcome. There were shouts of two down, three to go


outside the Old Bailey today as a judge sentenced to of Stephen


Lawrence's killers to life sentences for their part in his


murder. It was, the judge said, and evil crime motivated by racial


hatred. Moments after sending them down, Mr Justice Treacy urged


Scotland Yard to hunt down the remaining members of the gang


involved in Stephen's London -- murder. The Commissioner warned


that other people involved should not rest easily in their beds.


Stephen Lawrence's name has never been forgotten. Today, finally, a


penalty was handed down for taking his life. David Norris and Gary


Dobson are detained at her Majesty's pleasure. They will not


be released until the late 20 twenties at the earliest. Stephen's


mother reached the end of this trial satisfied by what justice had


delivered, to a point. sentences that happened, it may be


quite a low. But at the same time, the judge's hands were tied. And


for that, as much as he can do, I was very grateful. The court was


packed. The convicted men said nothing when the sentences were


handed down, though afterwards, there was a shout from a supporter


in the public gallery. Shame on all of you. The judge, Mr Justice


He told the two men they may not have held the knife, but they did


The pair were juveniles when they murdered Stephen, and when police


put them under surveillance. Under law, they received lower sentences


to reflect their ages at the time. But several years were added to the


totals because of the racist nature of the crime. And the public


reaction to it. The judge also said he hoped the conviction of David


Norris, he -- here being interviewed by police, and Dobson,


would not result in the case file being closed. Stephen's father said


he hoped the pair would co-operate with police. These people have been


found out. They have realised that now. It is now going to go and lay


down in their beds, and think that they were not the only ones


responsible for the death of my son. And they are going to give up the


other people. The other people involved in the murder of Stephen


Lawrence should not rest easily in their beds. We are still


investigating this case. I would like to take this opportunity, if


anyone has any more information or evidence, even after all this time,


please tell us and we will do the rest. Nine people remain of


interest to police. They include Luke Knight, Neil a court and his


brother Jamie. They have never been convicted of violence despite a


series of allegations. In 1993, David Norris and Neil were said to


have attacked the use. Norris were acquitted and Neil was never


charged. This is Darren Giles. In 1994, he intervened in a nightclub


row that Jamie was having with his friend. Jamie stabbed Darren Giles


in the heart. My heart stopped for about 12 minutes. There was no


oxygen getting to my brain. I do not remember a thing and I was dead


for cold minutes. But Jamie, who has refused to we speak to the BBC,


was acquitted. The jury decided he had acted in self-defence. These


investments -- these incidents do not provide evidence that any of


the three men killed Stephen Lawrence. They denied that and


police have no information to act on currently. The Lawrences left


court this afternoon to begin their return to normal life, but they


expect to meet detectives again next week.


We can speak to the opposition justice secretary Sadiq Khan. If I


can start for the sentencing. The judges' hands were tied, but what


you say to people who think that the sentences seem unduly light?


sat through the evidence over 50 days, he is well aware of the


sentencing guidelines and options open to him. It is not for me to


second guess why the judge reached his conclusion. I think a life


sentence, which is what both men received, with a minimum tariff of


15 years before they can even go to the Parole Board, is one that I


think all basically mean a very long sentence. The words from the


judge, Mr Justice Treacy, urging police to hunt down the others in


the gang. Also very strong words from make police commissioner, but


how realistic is this 18 years on? I have been involved in the


campaign and no Doreen Lawrence pretty well. Over the last 19 years,


there have been periods of huge pessimism and some optimism. Even


when the previous government changed the law to allow the


prosecute -- possibility of a second prosecution, prospects were


bleak. The advances in science, and the fact that the new team after


the Cold Case Review worked so hard, made it possible for two men to be


found guilty. I am optimistic. Science is moving very fast. And we


had the lead -- words of Neville Lawrence, the father, pleading with


the two men found guilty today to search their conscience and come


forward because they know what really happened. You had the


commission of the Met Police say in, there are other people who must


know what happened on that night. Papery they will think very


carefully and come forward and give evidence to the police which will


lead to further convictions. Dobson and Norris were at -- were


to agree to co-operate, how difficult would it be to bring a


prosecution given that they are convicted lyres and murderers?


compelling criterion is to be there has to be fresh evidence. The


conviction is fresh but you also have two eyewitnesses who will gain


nothing for themselves by giving his evidence to the police. The


Police will certainly look into that. Also, we know today the


Metropolitan police have revealed there are other blind of inquiry


they are pursuing. We know that there are 11 people of interest to


the police. Two of them have been found guilty. I am an optimist.


What is important is the words of the judge today. He looked at the


investigating officer in the eye and ask him to make sure that the


Met Police keep open all lines of inquiry and do not close this case.


And I think the family and the British public deserve nothing less.


Given all of the mistakes and errors made by the police, is this


a moment of atonement for the police today? I think so, that is


well put. The Met Police and other institutions, the CPS and the


complaints authority, made queued - - made huge errors and were


culpable from 1993 onwards. The weight that they have been behaving


recently was exemplary. This was a good example of how the British


justice system should work, rather than what we saw in the 1990s.


She was, at one point, the darling of the American right and a


favourite for the Republican nomination for the race for the


White House. Today, after coming last in the Iowa caucuses, Michele


Bachmann pulled out. It was won by a whisker by Mitt Romney. And just


before we came on air, John McCain gave his backing to Mitt Romney.


Get used to this base. A year from now, he could be the most powerful


person on earth. Mitt Romney won here in a photo finish when he took


to the stage for the final boat, they were still being counted.


is a campaign night where America wins. We will change the White


House and get America back on track. Mitt Romney remains the best funded,


the best organised candidate in this race. The favourite. But this


result makes it clear that the more Conservative Republicans are


looking for an alternative. Game on. And that alternative is called Rick


Santorum, who came between -- with eight votes of Mitt Romney with the


support of evangelical Christians. For giving me his grace every day,


for loving me, warts and all, I offer a public thanks to God.


the race moves on, who are the names to watch? There is Mitt


Romney, a businessman who governed Massachusetts with former Senator


Rick Santorum a close sent it -- second. 76 year-old Ron Paul would


slash government spending and end foreign walls. Newt Gingrich, a


former heavyweight in Congress, is hanging on in four. These contests


are charmingly simple. Grassroots democracy in the world's only


superpower. The people of Iowa were voting on values and who could beat


Barack Obama. I am supporting Mitt Romney because I think he has got


the best part -- chance to win the general election. I am supporting


Rick Santorum because of his Conservative stance on gay marriage,


he is pro-life. He does not support gay marriage. For some candidates,


like 6th place Michele Bachmann, I'll let -- Iowa was the last dance.


She dropped out today. Last night, the people of Iowa spoke with a


clear voice. So I had decided to stand aside. And I believe we


should rally around the person that our country, our party and our


people select to be that standard bearer. But others have already


knew -- moved on to New Hampshire, which votes next Tuesday. And there,


just a short time ago, Mitt Romney won the coveted endorsement of John


McCain, the Republican defeated by Barack Obama four years ago. This


nomination is not a done deal, but Mitt Romney is the man to beat.


The rent is warning that tens of thousands of people who half -- at


the UN is warning that tens of thousands of people who were


fleeing for their lives in South Sudan after ethnic buyers there are


in dire need of emergency aid. The violence erupted when 6000 members


of the Lou Nuer tried marched on the town of Pibor, which is the


home of the rival Murle people, who are blamed for cattle raiding.


This is Pibor in South Sudan, remote, undeveloped and home for


crisis. United Nations troops and south Sudanese closes -- soldiers


of protecting a ghost town. Last week, the Murle people who lead


here fled on mass fearing an attack by a rival tribe. A few families


have trickled back but tens of thousands are living out in the


bush. With no one to protect them from an army of men baying for


their blood. These are the Lou Nuer. Around 6000 people have been


attacking the Murle, torching villages and shooting in the people


they find. Rewind to August, and the roles were reversed. Then the


victims were the Lou Nuer. 600 people were killed and dozens of


children abducted. The Vice President of South Sudan tried to


intervene to stop the deadly cycle of revenge attacks. TRANSLATION:


When you talk about someone else's mistake, do not commit the same


attack. You cannot say you were going to revenge or destroy an


entire community. But his advice was not heeded. The Lou Nuer were


too angry to put down their guns. And this is why they are all


fighting, up to steal each other's cattle. These animals are like the


bank. It is how people steal -- have their world, and large numbers


of cattle are needed to pay dowries or manage -- marriage. During some


raids, tens of thousands of cattle are taken. All this violence is


coming in a country which is just six months old. There was euphoria


in South Sudan when it broke away from the north after years of civil


war. But the two new nations could not decide whether Border delay or


how to divide up the money from oil fields, so it was a many -- messy


divorce. The government of South Sudan needs to work hard to prevent


a return to civil war, and also needs to build bridges between


rival ethnic groups. Only then will they have the chance of keeping


We can speak now on the phone to Melinda Young from Save the


Children, who's in South Sudan. You have people on the ground in


Pibor, what is the situation there? We do not have people on the ground


in Pibor. One of our staff members flew him today for a reconnaissance


mission adequate assessment and then flew out. -- add a quick


assessment. People have gone out to the bush of. She saw villages that


had been burnt to the ground. We have still got thousands of people


hiding out in the bush and we are not sure of the casualty numbers


yet, numbers injured and killed. The bill of children that have been


separated from their families. Presumably no help is being allowed


through because of the situation regarding security? Exactly. It is


one of the problems, groups with guns moving through the landscape


postop just physically getting there is hard enough, but


delivering the aid is quite difficult. Thank you.


Now a look at some of the days other news.


Unions in Nigeria have called for a national strike and mass protests


against the removal of a government fuel subsidy. The decision to scrap


the subsidy has already caused clashes between police and


protesters. The federal government says it can make better use of the


money elsewhere. Doctors say surgery on Argentina's


president Cristina Fernandez to remove a cancerous thyroid gland


has been successful. Ms Fernandez flew by helicopter to the hospital


north of the capital where hundreds of supporters held a vigil for her.


Vice President Amado Boudou was put in charge shortly before the


operation. Germany's president, Christian


Wulff, has vowed not to resign despite causing a national scandal


when it emerged he warned a newspaper editor against publishing


a story on a loan he received from the wife of a wealthy businessman.


Germany's president, Christian Wulff, has vowed not to resign


despite causing a national scandal when it emerged he warned a


newspaper editor against publishing a story on a loan he received from


the wife of a wealthy businessman. The Syrian government has told the


US to stop meddling in Arab League affairs after the US said it was


past time for the UN Security council to act as torture and


murder continues in the country. Reports from activists tell of grim


conditions on the ground. The injured often too scared to go into


government hospitals so they are smuggled into Lebanon for treatment.


Our correspondent Paul Wood has been meeting those that have made


it to Tripoli in northern Lebanon in the last couple of days.


The win did from Syria are flowing into Lebanon. -- of the wounded.


They are smuggled across the border. This man was shot by a government


so I per they said. Pet twice, his chances of survival a fifty-fifty.


-- government sniper. For those who make-up, there is treatment in


Lebanese hospitals. No one shows there face, not even a six-year-old


boy. That could mean an knock-on the door for relatives back home.


His family say he was shot as they tried to escape the latest fighting.


This man was also shot at a demonstration. He tells me he does


not believe government promises to the Arab League to allow peaceful


protest. Recent pictures from the city of Homs show that people are


still being killed in their streets. I was hit in the leg, I am told,


people tried to help. One is to drop -- once stood up and was shot


in their head and died instantly. Another was dragged away and hit.


Syrian rebels are smuggling people out for treatment because they say


protesters have been murdered in hospital. One former nurse told us


he witnessed four patients being killed. They shouted, come to see


this spy and they beat him. They stabbed him to death with needles.


The people doing this were doctors and of nurses. The chances of a


peaceful end to this are dwindling. We met a soldier injured in one of


these fire fights. He told me he had witnessed summary executions of


soldiers refusing to should protesters. Some of us shot in the


air, he told me, but one of us just refused to should at all. He laid


his gun on the ground. A security officer killed him there and then.


We cannot independently verified such allegations, but big go a long


way to explaining why the Syrian army has not already split. If that


happened, everything would change. But for the time being, there


remains a bloody stalemate on the streets between government and


protesters. How would you feel if your


favourite soap, talent show or reality dating TV programme was


ordered off air by the government? Well, that's what has happened in


China where the state has ordered satellite broadcasters to cut the


amount of low taste entertainment by two thirds. Instead they'll be


showing programmes which promote traditional, socialist values.


Philip Dodd is director of Made in China, which promotes Chinese


culture abroad and European culture in China. He's also a former


director of London's Institute of Contemporary Arts.


Is this all about control, is it about end circling Chinese culture


or is it a about the emancipation of people? We need to see it as


defensive. There is a major change in leadership coming. There is


increasing inequality and inflation. The Chinese government wants


harmony. You cannot be harmonious if you have dating shows, talent


shows. It does not responded to the Chinese government's idea of


Chinese culture which will be there glue tying all these desperate


Chinese people together. But will not people miss them? I don't think


this is going to work. On street corners in China, you can buy DVDs.


The Chinese Government cannot really control what the people want.


When it comes to the glue, there has to be political consent as well.


Is that the Chinese government concerned about the wave of


demonstrations around the World? The West has Abu of Chinese society


is calm, but it is full of revolt. Over the next year or so, those are


revolves are going to go more and more. There is not the political


consent that the Chinese government wants. Will it was a resolve those


problems? No. There was an attack on the Westernisation at of Chinese


values. Is there any element of Western values they are allowed to


encourage? The truth is, you can buy a copies of any Western show on


its streets in China. This is more noise-than substance. Two-thirds is


quite a cut. Is there any attempt to clamp down on social media sides


as well? I think there is, but the Chinese live in a push and pull


culture. They will one day, lose the next. The Chinese Government


know they will not win this battle in the long run. Thank you for


coming in to talk to us. If the animals went in two by two,


the keepers at London Zoo would be in for an easy day. Unfortunately,


their annual stock take is not quite that simple. Thousands of


animals live at the zoo and they all have to be counted up every


year. Not too difficult for the big ones but very tricky if you think


about the insects and the small fry. Here's Graham Satchell on a big day


for the zoo. They are counting all the animals at London Zoo.


Welcome to the steamy, humid world of the giant Galapagos tortoise.


These animals are rather easy to count. Ready, Grant? 1, 2, 3.


The llamas are even helping out. Other animals are a little more


tricky. Butterflies. Frigate beetles. Stick insects. He's in


there somewhere. Adrian Walls is totting up the penguins. Come on,


guys. It is not an easy job to count them. With 60 plus penguins,


black-and-white, they all look similar. It is important to know


exactly what we have got so we can input all of the information into


databases, run stock programmes, and make sure we have all the


genetic side of the penguins mapped out in order that, in the future,


we can release vibrant, genetic, good stock back into the wild.


head count at zoos across the world has been going on for decades.


These pictures of London Zoo are from 1940. Accurate global


databases allow zoos to track breeding programmes and effectively


swap and share animals. Some of the animals, like these jellyfish, are


so beautiful, so mesmerising, the last thing you want to do is count


them. But they will be counted along with the rest.


A reminder of our main news. Prison sentences have been handed down to


two white men for the racist murder of the black teenager Stephen


Lawrence, in 1993, a crime which the judge said had scarred the


nation. Gary Dobson was given a minimum sentence of 15 years, and


David Norris 14 years. Stephen Lawrence's father said he hoped the


two men would now turn in the other members of the gang who stabbed his


son. Stephen Lawrence's mother said the sentences were low, but she


realised the judge's hands were tied because the men were juveniles


at the time of the murder. The UN is warning that tens of


thousands of people who are fleeing for their lives in South Sudan


following ethnic violence are in dire need of emergency aid. The


conflict erupted last week when around 6,000 armed members of the


Lau Nuer tribe marched on the remote town of Pibor to the north


east of the capital Juba. Pibor is home to the rival Murelay people


home to the rival Murelay people who are blamed for cattle raiding.


Well, that's all from the programme. Next the weather. But for now from


me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


Good evening. We have had some very wet and windy weather around today.


Tonight, the weather system will shift southwards. Tomorrow's


forecast stays a fairly windy but some sunshine as well. Here is the


weather front moving towards of the Continent. Isobars close together


and the wind direction north- westerly. That will mean that


scattered showers drifting their way so the eastwards on the breeze.


Strongest end up north eastern areas. Some of the showers clipping


the Suffolk coast. And on the heavy side. Through the day, southern


counties seeing more sunshine. The wind will ease off in the western


areas of the country. Again, a better chance of seeing some


sunshine. A brighter day in Northern Ireland, again windy. The


showers in Scotland can fall as snow for some time. But again a


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